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Star City is a port city and is most notably the home of young billionaire Oliver Queen and headquarters of his world-wide company, Queen Industries.


Current Residents

  • Oliver Queen - Oliver has his home in Star City and currently only partially lives there while also living in Metropolis.

Former Residents

  • Chloe Sullivan - moved to Star City after marrying Oliver. By 2018, she and their son had moved to Singapore.
  • Lois Lane - Lois was living in Star City while Jimmy received treatment for his injuries.
  • Tess Mercer - Tess used to live in Star City while she was romantically involved with Oliver Queen.
  • Robert Queen - Robert made his home in Star City along with his family while running his business.
  • Laura Queen - Laura lived in Star City with her husband Robert helping him with his business and looking after their son Oliver.
  • Bart Allen - It is known that Green Arrow found him stealing a meal in the streets before recruiting him, but is unknown if he lived in Star City or if he was just passing through. (Justice)


Queen Industries

See main article: Queen Industries

Queen Industries is an electronics manufacturing company based out of Star City and founded by Robert Queen and now run by Oliver Queen. Robert and Laura Queen were killed after their plane was sabotaged by Lionel Luthor; later, their son Oliver became heir and CEO to the company. The company's headquarters is based in Star City while it has other bases all over the world. (Arrow)


See main article: LuthorCorp

LuthorCorp owns the Star City Towers after they bought them from under the noses of Queen Industries due to Tess Mercer spiting Oliver Queen for their previous relationship.


Star City Post

The Star City Post is mentioned when Lex Luthor made a clone of his dead brother. He implanted memories and also created a false backstory that "Grant Gabriel" was the editor at the Star City Post before he got his job at the Daily Planet.

Star City Register

The Star City Register is the newspaper where Chloe goes to work after she left Smallville.

Medical Centers

Star City hospital

After Clark met Tobias Rice and he and Lana helped Tobias escape from Lex and Dr. Robert Bethany who were eliminating 33.1 subjects and Oliver arranged for him to have the surgery needed for him to see again in Star City.

Jimmy Olsen was transferred to Star City hospital from Metropolis General Hospital after he sustained severe chest injuries after an attack by Doomsday at his wedding. Lois Lane then traveled with him after his wife, Chloe Sullivan went missing. Chloe was found and Brainiac was removed from her body. She traveled back and forth between Smallville, Metropolis and Star City to help Lois care for Jimmy until he returned to Met Gen a month later.


Star City is also the first place that the vigilante known as Green Arrow was sighted, before a brief stint in Metropolis.


  • Oliver Queen Chronicles
  • Season Six
    • Wither (Mentioned only) - Lionel tells Oliver to go back to Star City.
    • Rage (Mentioned only) - Oliver tells Clark that while on patrol in Star City, he could save somebody.
    • Justice (Mentioned only) - Oliver mentioned that he found Bart Allen taking a free meal in Star City.
  • Season Eight
    • Committed (Mentioned only) - Oliver mentions that Tess used LuthorCorp to buy out a deal for the Star City Towers under the nose of Oliver for his company Queen Industries.
    • Bride (Mentioned only) - Jimmy is transferred to a hospital in Star City so that he can receive specialist treatment for his injuries by a transformed Davis Bloome. Lois goes with him, saying she will wait with Jimmy until she hears from Chloe.
  • Season Ten
    • Fortune (Mentioned only) - Chloe and Oliver moved to Star City.

In the Comics

The current Star City

Star City is also home to Green Arrow and much of his family, friends and partners operate there including Roy Harper (the first Speedy) and Dinah Lance (AKA Black Canary who has recently left Star City since her divorce.) Green Arrow's son Connor Hawke, the current Speedy Mia Dearden and Roy Harper's daughter Lian. In the series Cry for Justice the villain Prometheus set off a device that would teleport the city but it failed causing the destruction of the city killing over ninety-thousand people including Roy Harper's daughter leaving a giant star shaped crater in the center. However the mysterious power of the White Lanterns causes a forest to grow in its place.



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