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St. Louise's Orphanage was run by Granny Goodness.

Season Ten

After having had nightmares about her childhood, Tess Mercer and Clark Kent traced her origins to St. Louise's Orphanage. They soon discovered that Tess had spent some time there, prior to being adopted by the Mercer family. They also discovered that the orphanage was a training ground. Training the orphaned girls into an army for Darkseid.[1] They managed to get the orphanage shut down.[2]



  • The building used for the orphanage is the Riverview Hospital, a mental hospital in Canada. It had previously been used as Excelsior Academy in the episode Reunion and interior of the Black Creek facility in the episode Odyssey.


  • A deleted scene from Abandoned shows the girls at the orphanage being taken to a new one, owned by Oliver Queen.