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Clark absorbs rays emitted from the Sun.

"Maybe my strength and my speed... all the things I can do they come from the sun""
— Clark, Perry

Solar battery is the ability to store and metabolize solar radiation from suns, like the Yellow Sun or Red Sun.

Powers and Abilities

When Kryptonians reach Earth, their cells become storage components for solar radiation, absorbing the sunlight, which in turn, runs all of their abilities. As is the case with Kryptonian vessels, such as Jonathan and Lionel, who also absorb and store the energy to power Kryptonian abilities. Such energy, when properly utilized, can heal, strengthen, and power-up Kryptonians. It appears that even a relatively small amount of solar energy can provide Kryptonians with a vast quantity of energy as was shown when, after barely a minute of exposure, the Disciples of Zod were able to project powerful blasts of heat vision as well as being invulnerable to a hail of bullets.

Solar energy ripped from Clark's body.

Kryptonians, as seen many times throughout the show, don't necessarily need to be directly exposed to or even under Earth's sun (though, they must normally be on a world with an active yellow sun) to sustain their superhuman abilities.

Kryptonian DNA can be modified with blue kryptonite to remove Kryptonian powers; in this case, energy from a red sun (or energy from a yellow sun filtered by a LuthorCorp satellite) can instead be used to power a Kryptonian's solar battery. (Pandora) However exposure to a large enough quantity of solar radiation has been shown to be sufficient to restore and revive a depowered Kryptonian.


  • Green kryptonite seems to minimize the amount of solar energy a Kryptonian can utilize, while in the presence of the rock.
  • Certain cosmic influences like solar disruptions and deficiencies, such as a solar flare, can weaken this ability in Kryptonians. (Perry)
  • Blue kryptonite appears to hinder the ability of Kryptonians to store and/or access solar energy, as the mineral strips them of their powers under a yellow sun.
  • Gold kryptonite has been speculated to strip Kryptonians of their abilities forever; this would also prevent Kryptonians from processing and storing solar energy.

Characters who have displayed solar battery powers




Brainiac: (to Clark while on the planet Krypton) There's no yellow sun to charge you here. (throws Clark Kent' to the ground)
Season Seven, Apocalypse

Lois: The Red-Blue Blur - he'll stop you.
Basqat: Not under a red sun. Look around you. Your Blur is dead.
Season Nine, Pandora


  • Through kryptonite and electricity, in the form of a power swap, solar energy can be transferred from a Kryptonian into someone else.
  • Bizarro gained an inverted version of this ability to absorb and metabolize energy allowing him to draw power from Kryptonite.
  • It stands to reason that because Davis could be affected by kryptonite, even though it would only affect his once before adapting to it, that his powers were in someway fueled by the yellow sun.
  • Just because a Kryptonian has more solar energy inside them, doesn't mean they're more powerful than a Kryptonian with less solar energy inside them. This is proven on three occasions: when Clark fought Zod, Zod easily beat him, despite the fact that Clark had a lot more solar energy in him. When Raya first came to Earth, she raced Clark and was faster in raw speed than he was, forcing him to take a shortcut to win, and when Faora was able to nearly immobilize Clark with one punch even though she had just arrived on Earth.
  • Jor-El methodically flechettes Jonathan with presumably all the powers of the his ancestors, which is way more than his body can handle, to get him out of the way so he can be Kal-El's one and only true father.

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