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After donning the red kryptonite ring and leaving Smallville, Clark goes to a bar in Metropolis where he fights with the patrons, and meets a girl named Chastity. After rejecting her, Clark tries to join Intergang only to be turned down. At the farm, Jonathan and Martha have to cope with Clark's absence and the damages to the farm.


Clark Kent busts into a members only bar and picks up a girl named Chastity. The bar patrons don't like this, so they attack him. Clark throws them about, uses his heat vision, and stops a man who shoots him off panel somehow (it's almost implied that he's shot).

At the hotel room Clark has, Chastity readies for an encounter and Clark tells her about Smallville. When she suggests he might be a good man to stick around, he kicks her out.

At home, Martha and Jonathan worry about their son.

Chastity had previously recommended Clark go to meet a guy named Mick. Clark found a guy on the phone talking to Boss Moxie, and he's met with a hostile attack. Instead of attacking, he simply reads about a flight in a manila envelope nearby with his X-ray vision, shows up for the flight, and hijacks the diamonds aboard after fighting the men on board.

Meanwhile, Jonathan goes to look for Clark and Lana and Chloe discuss Lana's deception with regards to her dating Clark.

Later, at the Savings and Loan, Jonathan shows up to resolve the issue of the explosion and Clark misses him, barely, depositing the diamonds. Jonathan thinks he sees Clark, but he's not sure.


  • Sojourn is a temporary stay; a brief period of residence.
  • This story shows the start of Clark's long, but temporary stay in Metropolis.



Chastity: Aren't you a little young for a tough place like this?
Clark: Aren't you a little hot for fat losers like them?
Chastity: So, you're a charmer, then?
Clark: Let's not play games. I saw the way you were looking at me. And if all I wanted was a warm beer, I'd find a place that didn't stink.

Lana: Chloe, I know Clark took too long to tell you about us, but--
Chloe: Clark didn't tell me. Like you, he was too chicken.
Lana: We were just afraid to hurt you...
Chloe: Well clearly, your fears were well-founded. Just answer me this: Do you love him? 'Cause I know you can have any guy you want, and if this is just some fling--
Lana: I love him Chloe.
Chloe: Then I guess that's that.

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