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Image Replacement

If you're wondering why some images are being deleted, I am replacing old screen-shots (from the TV broadcast) with similar ones from the DVD. Once uploaded, I've begun deleting the images that are orphaned after I replace them and aren't linked to. I am also going to re-write certain summaries (the ones lifted from are a mess). This project will take a while but I'm confident it will make this Wiki look that much better when I'm done. I've already began with Season 8, and the episodes from it. I'm replacing the images first. Any feedback is appreciated! RedBlueBlur 00:41, September 7, 2009 (UTC)

Spoiler sources

Every effort is made to make sure accurate spoilers are properly credited from their sources. Due to the actions of other websites, the Admins at the Smallville Wiki are committed to making sure spoilers are properly credited to their original sources with new larger, more visible links. Please do not remove these links until the episode airs, and ask an Admin or comment on this discussion in the talk page if you have any questions or suggestions.

Hiatus cleanup

During show hiatuses, cleanup efforts are intensified. Season 8 summaries on character and relationship pages need to be in past-tense. See the Smallville Wiki:Community Portal for a list of characters that need work.

Featured Articles

There is a box for users to vote on the upcoming Featured Articles to be displayed on the Main Page. It is located on the Talk Page of the Main Page.

Articles for Deletion or Merge

  • Users please contribute opinions on the talk pages for Articles under consideration for deletion. Also, the community is in the process of creating a Deletion policy. Please visit the Policies talk page to contribute an opinion on this policy. Please log in first and don't forget to sign your comments.