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The Smallville Torch, often referred to simply as The Torch, is Smallville High School's student newspaper. The paper is managed by aspiring student journalists and reports various news in the school and around the town of Smallville.


While attending Smallville High, Chloe Sullivan was the editor of the Torch. Chloe considered the paper her pride and joy, and her editorial was a big part of her school identity. Especially during the freshman year, it was the only place where Chloe could regularly interact with her fellow reporter and unequited love interest, Clark Kent.

In addition to Clark and Chloe, other reporters for the Torch included Pete Ross (sports columnist) and Lana Lang, who briefly served as the substitute editor when Principal Kwan suspended Chloe from duty for writing unverifiable meteor freak stories. Chloe's cousin Lois Lane also reluctantly started writing for the Torch during her short time at the school in 2004, in order to accumulate missing extracurricular points for admission into Metropolis University.

By 2010, Zoe and Clayton, the new Torch reporters, ran the newspaper, doing things like taking up Chloe's Wall of Weird legacy and making it viral online.

Ironically, former Torch staff have a long history of becoming psychotic and committing murder:

  • Greg Arkin - used to work as a science columnist and had a strong entomology interest. He killed his own mother and kidnapped Lana.
  • Justin Gaines - illustrated a serialized comic Flaming Crows Feet for the Torch. He eventually killed Principal Kwan and attempted to murder his former colleague (and romantic interest) Chloe.
  • Van McNulty - used to service the Torch computers. He shot and killed two people, Leonard Wallace and Jake Pollen, and attempted to kill Clark Kent and Lex Luthor.
  • Tim Westcott - occasionally submitted op-ed articles for the Torch. He attacked Lana Lang and Jason Teague, framed Alicia Baker and later murdered her.
  • Brendan Nash - one of the photographers for the paper. He built a replica of Smallville High in a warehouse and kidnapped six of his former classmates from the school yearbook's senior "Who's who" list, including Chloe and Lana. He turned them into wax statues and murdered one of them when they attempted to escape.
  • Gabriel Duncan - serviced the Torch computers. He murdered his own father (a USAF colonel), hijacked a missile silo (killing two silo workers), shot and killed a de-powered Clark (who was later revived), and launched a nuclear missile aimed at the town of Smallville.


The Torch was burned down by Coach Walt Arnold during Chloe's freshman year (Hothead). It was rebuilt, and Lex Luthor donated computers for a new lab at the Torch (Craving). The Torch was again wrecked a year later by Eric Marsh to get back at Clark (Witness). Eventually Lionel Luthor seized the computers back to get Chloe Sullivan's hard drive, revealing that the computer had not been donated but leased (Delete).

Wall of Weird

Main article: Wall of Weird

Chloe's Wall of Weird

The Wall of Weird was a mural made of magazine and newspaper articles detailing the strange and bizarre things happening as the result of the 1989 meteor shower. It started out as a scrapbook that Chloe Sullivan kept but she eventually began to hang the articles up in the darkroom of the Torch office. She later took down the Wall of Weird permanently when she graduated. Even after it was dismantled, Clark and Chloe would sometimes speculate on whether or not strange events were "Wall of Weird material". [citation needed]

By 2010, students Zoe and Clayton had continued the Wall of Weird legacy by uploading it online.


The Torch

The Smallville Torch website was regularly updated during the time Clark and his friends attended Smallville High School. It currently remains defunct, but many back issues can sometimes be viewed on the UK-hosted site.

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

  • May 19-Jun 2, 2004, Volume 53 Issue 22- Junior Year wrap-up. Bidding goodbye to Lana as she departs for Paris, 22 Things Chloe learned that year, Smallville's sister city in Spain.


  • The name of the paper might be a reference to The Glenville Torch, a high school newspaper that Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joseph Shuster collaborated on or Torchy Blane, a 1930s movie character, who inspired the character of Lois Lane.

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