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Smallville Special: Titans is a comic book from DC Comics that follows the continuity of the Smallville: Season 11 comic book series,[1] which in turn followed the continuity of the television series. Following the tradition of the Season 11 parallel stories, the four-chapter arc features a story independent but chronologically parallel to the story arcs in Olympus and Alien.


The arc focuses on Jay Garrick and an assembled team of "gifted" youngsters from the Smallville universe, including Conner Kent/Superboy, Mia Dearden/Speedy, Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle, Zan and Jayna/The Wonder Twins,[2] and Megan Morse/Miss Martian.[3]


  • Smallville Special: Titans (Released January 29, 2014)
    • Smallville: Titans - Chapter 1 (Digital Release October 4, 2013)
    • Smallville: Titans - Chapter 2 (Digital Release October 11, 2013)
    • Smallville: Titans - Chapter 3 (Digital Release November 8, 2013)
    • Smallville: Titans - Chapter 4 (Digital Release December 6, 2013)


Chapter One[]


Superboy confronts Doctor Phosphorus.

At San Francisco, a prisoner of D.E.O. with the power of fire manipulation, named Doctor Phosphorus has just escaped from its headquarters in Alcatraz island and causes havoc in an amusement park nearby, asking for someone to stop him. While he terrorizes some children and their parents by making fires starting all over the place, Conner Kent, now called Superboy, suddenly appears and engages into a fight with him. Phosphorus then sets a Ferris wheel on fire and forces Superboy to choose between stopping him or saving the people on the wheel from the fire.


The team arrives to deal with Phosphorus.

Surprisingly, Megan Morse, Blue Beetle, Speedy, Zan and Jayna, who along with Superboy are all members of Jay Garrick's team, appear and Megan says he must go and save the kids on the wheel and leave Phosphorus to them. Jayna asks from her brother to activate their powers but Zan says that he won't be very helpful around fire because he will turn to steam. Then they activate their powers, with Jayna transforming herself into a gorilla and going to help Superboy with the flaming wheel. Blue Beetle fights with Phosphorus with the Scarab saying to Jaime that their opponent is made on fire. Speedy asks from Blue Beetle to get clear and she then shoots at Phosphorus two arrows with fire-fighting foam to suppress his fire but Phosphorus proves that the foam cannot stop him, saying that he can run hotter than that.


Jay saves Megan.

Meanwhile Megan telepathically communicates with the tourists and the citizens, that are at the scene, assuring them that the situation is under control and that D.E.O. is on route but when Phosphorus fires at Megan, because of her pyrophobia she accidentally changes into her real Martian form. She then changes back into her more humanoid appearance and proceeds to try to communicate with the civilians but Superboy tells her to watch out as some wreckage are going to fall on her. Jay Garrick then appears on time and saves her leaving both Conner and Megan surprised.


Jay tells the team that they failed.

At the same time, the rest of the team confronts Doctor Phosphorus with Speedy, Blue Beetle and Jayna combining their abilities to defeat him and knocking him into the water. After the fight Jay appears saying that they actually failed on their mission, making them feel very disappointed about themselves. Conner argues with Jay, saying that they did stop Phosphorus, but Jay responds by saying they didn't deal with the fire or the destruction. He then tells them to return to the school, wondering how Carter Hall thought that was a good idea.


The D.E.O. recaptures Phosphorus.

Later, some D.E.O. agents proceed to recapture Doctor Phosphorus from the bottom of the ocean, putting him in a containment box. One of them wonders how he could actually escaped from the prison in the first place and says that he knows it didn't happen from the inside, so that means that someone outside of the prison helped him. Hidden in a roof close by, a mysterious woman who is watching the agents reveals that she was the one who let Phosphorus escape and she only did it so she can observe Garrick's team in action.

Chapter Two[]


Jay expresses his disappointment to the team.

At the team's headquarters Garrick talks to his students a little bit about Bart Allen's life, how Bart was the inspiration for the creation of the team and the Titan Corporation, which funded the school. He tells them he is very disappointed about their first mission and he is not sure if they ever will be ready for field work. Mia says that they couldn't just sit there and do nothing while Phosphorus was causing havoc and Conner says that Garrick is not fair with them. Jayna and Zan also say that they had to stop Phosphorus, but Jaime says that Garrick has a point. Megan says that the discord is clouding her mind but Garrick tells her to toughen up. Garrick then informs them that the D.E.O. wrangled Phosphorus back to prison and that they would probably succeed stopping him themselves, without the team's interference. Conner asks if he knows how Phosphorus escaped in the first place but Garrick says it's not their problem and if they make some more mistakes like this one it won't be even possible for Superman to convince the public that this team should not be locked away, too. Conner then angrily asks Garrick if the reason he treats them like this is because he is jealous they are younger and faster than him. Jay suddenly speeds towards Conner pushing him to a wall and says to him that the "S" on his chest means his teammates look to him for leadership and none of them actually know that he is a clone of both Clark Kent and Lex Luthor, so he must choose which of his sides of his DNA will win out.


Mia and Jayna talk about their past.

Outside the building, Mia and Jayna are talking and Mia says she is here only because Dinah and Chloe told her to be. Jayna asks what was Oliver 's opinion on the matter but Mia says that he wasn't actually there for her. Mia also says she is used to have men in her life that do not make good on their promises and at least her pimp was straight enough with her. Then Jayna says that they haven't really had it all that bad, revealing some of the problems she and Zan had to come through in the past and how important her brother is to her. She also reveals that even though they had problems they were pretty well on their own. Mia then asks her why did they join Garrick's team and Jayna responds that they felt lost and they needed some guidance and gear.


Jay tells Mia and Jayna that they should outrun their past.

Suddenly Garrick appears and says that they don't always need gadgets and gear and that Bart Allen outran his past so they can do the same. He then says to himself that he won't let Bart down by giving up on his students no matter how often he feels they want him to do so.


Megan and Conner meet at Golden Gate Bridge.

Meanwhile at the top of Golden Gate Bridge, Conner meets with Megan and they talk a little bit about his powers, Megan's home planet, Mars and her "uncle", J'onn, who is on Mars and tries to reestablish their atmosphere so that the planet can be someday humanity's second home. Conner asks Megan if she and J'onn really are the last two Martians and she says the age of Mars has passed with J'onn being the sole green and her being the last white, while she is transforming into her real Martian form. Conner then comforts her by saying he knows how she feels and reveals to her he is half-Luthor but Megan responds by saying that she already knew it from the time they first met, because of her mind-reading ability. After that they kiss and then continue their conversation with Megan saying she will join Martian Manhunter on Mars once her tenure on Earth has ended and that she enjoys the opportunity to make amends for her actions. Conner says that Martha Kent tried to raise him the same way she did with Clark but he didn't want to be a burden so they both decided he would be better at the school. He then says that he needs to be his own man and be responsible for his own actions so he can make Superman proud and be the kind of leader Jay Garrick thinks he has the potential to be. Megan asks him what stops him from doing it and Conner responds that he is afraid of doing something wrong and getting everyone killed.


Jaime finds Zan wounded and an unknown woman attacks him, too.

Back at the school, Jaime enters his room but he slides on some blood that there is on the floor and sees his roommate, Zan severely wounded. Jaime immediately turns on his armor but before he can transform an unknown woman, who was behind the door, attacks him with some kind of sonic waves and wonders if the Blue Beetle will be more cooperative than Zan.

Chapter Three[]


Conner finds out that someone has attacked the team.

While Conner and Megan return to the team's headquarters, Megan feels that something is wrong at the compound. When they arrive they find Mia trying to calm down Jayna, who is lying on the floor screaming her brother's name. Mia asks what is happening to Jayna and Megan responds that this reaction is caused by her connection to Zan, meaning that something has happened to him. Conner uses his super-hearing and hears Jaime, inside the building, talking to a young woman asking her why she is doing this. Conner then says that they've got trouble.


The mysterious woman reveals her identity.

Inside Jaime and Zan's room, the woman reveals that she is Slade Wilson' s daughter and that the reason she is attacking them is because of her father, she is continuing his task, which was to stop and imprison the vigilantes, like he did with V.R.A. and when he killed Hawkman. She is also blaming the superheroes for his current comatose state. Jaime asks her what that has to do with them and she tells him that her father tried to stop the next generation of heroes from rising into power and now she makes sure that they will "die in the crib". Jaime asks her how she knew where to find them and she says that Stargirl went door to door, selling cookies and subscriptions for the team and one of the houses she visited was actually hers. She also implied that she might had hurt Courtney. Then she asks him why would he want to join this team but Jaime replies to her by asking why she doesn't just kill him and she says that he and Zan were just practice for her. Suddenly Conner appears and strikes her with his heat vision throwing her through the window, outside of the building and saying that she will need the practice.


The team fights with Rose.

Outside, Rose lands on the ground and says she got caught off guard and it won't happen again, while catching an arrow Mia throws on her. Jay, Mia and Megan confront her with Jay saying to her to leave his lawn. He then runs towards her but she uses a gravity bomb, which immobilizes him. Mia then fights with her seemingly defeating her but Rose manages to poison Mia with a needle full of a drug called, "Vertigo", making her sick. Conner then arrives and Jay tells him not to worry about him and waste any more time but get to work. Megan asks Rose what did she do to Mia and she says to Megan not to worry because the drug will run its course before long. Then Megan says she is not the one she should be worried and mentally attacks Rose but before Megan can actually do to her any damage, Rose reveals that she also knows about her weaknesses and attacks her with fire.


Jaime reveals that he has a bomb placed on his scarab.

Back in the boys' room, Jayna finds her brother hurt but she realises he is not yet dead because he has a pulse even though its very weak. She then tells to Jaime to armor up so he can either help the others in their battle against their attacker or fly Zan to S.T.A.R. branch at Berkley. Jaime reveals then that he can't because Rose has placed a bomb on his scarab.


Rose says that Conner is her primary target.

Meanwhile, Rose threatens the rest of the team to stand down or she will kill their teammates by detonating the bomb Jaime has on his back. Conner tells her if she wants a real fight she should confront him and leave the rest of his team out of this. Rose then says that his proposal makes it easier on her because he is the reason she is there in the first place, while revealing that she has a green kryptonite sword especially for him.

Chapter Four[]


Rose fights with Conner.


Rose wounds Conner again.

Outside the team's headquarters, Conner confronts Rose, who carries a green-kryptonite sword. While Conner speeds towards her, Rose says that he might be strong but he is also careless, and then wounds him with her sword. Seeing him hurt, an obviously worried Megan calls his name but Conner tells her and the rest of the team to stay back. As Rose gets ready to attack him again, she says that the problem with most of the heroes is that they aren't willing to kill. A weakened Conner, both from the green kryptonite and his wound, tries to prove her wrong as he attacks her with his heat vision but he misses. He then tries to attack her again but the effect of the kryptonite on him has also weakened his powers. Conner then asks Rose that if she is so better than then why she haven't killed Jaime, Zan or even Stargirl yet. He also says that she might not be the big bad killer, she wants everyone to think of her but while Conner talks to her, Rose proceeds to attack him once again and this time she wounds him in the belly. Rose tells him that he should not think she is just playing with him because she is the one to blame for all the innocent people that got killed when she freed Phosphorus and she also says that she is a real killer and every person who has an "S" on his chest is just as bad. Then Conner asks her why she did not go after Superman in the first place, before he hits her in the face.


Megan frees Jay so he can find some help.

Meanwhile, Conner telepathically communicates with Megan and tells her to coordinate the team and free Jay Garrick so she uses her ability of intangibility to free Jay from the gravity bomb. After Jay was freed, he says to Megan to watch over the rest of the team until he gets back and he then speeds away heading to Alcatraz island.


Jaime finds a way to save Zan's life.

Inside the team's headquarters, Jayna tries to keep the wounded Zan awake, telling him not to die on her, but Jaime tries to calm her down by saying she needs to take a step back and focus. Jaime says that Zan needs to activate his powers but Jayna is not sure if he can activate in his condition. Then Jaime asks her if Zan can still transform into ice so he would stop bleeding out until he gets into a hospital.


Conner saves the day and D.E.O. arrests Rose.

Meanwhile, Mia, who is still suffering from drug poisoning, says that she can't fight in her condition but Conner, through the telepathic link, tells her to just start shooting arrows. While Rose is ready to kill Conner with her sword, Conner uses his telekinesis to control Mia's arrows aiming Rose. Rose then threatens Conner that if he kills her she will blow up his friends and their home base. Suddenly Jay appears in a helicopter bringing D.E.O.'s soldiers with him and telling them that Rose is the one who freed their prisoner. Conner says to Rose that the "S" on his chest means "Hope" not "Murder" but he can't just let her walk away. Rose says that he must go ahead and kill her because she won't get sent to a prison, like the one her father was sent and then proceeds to commit suicide but Conner uses the arrows with his telekinesis and destroys Rose's sword. Conner succeeds to take the detonator from Rose and then the D.E.O. arrests her. Suddenly Zan, who has been transformed into an ice man, along with Jaime appear being on top of a huge pink dinosaur, in which Jayna has been transformed. Watching them the team shouts to the D.E.O.'s soldiers that the dinosaur is with them.


Clark visits Conner.

Later, Superman visits Conner and tells him that Jay told him he was proud for him. Superman also says they are lucky they had people like Jay in their lives. Conner also says that he might visit Rose in Alcatraz because he wants her to know that just because her father was a tool, it doesn't mean she has to be one too and Clark says he believes he and his team of Titans are going to be fine. Conner then asks Clark why he came to visit him and Clark says he is going to have a very important conversation with the President. Conner asks what this has to do with him and Clark says it is going to change the way people look at that "S" on his chest.

Main Characters[]

Recurring Characters[]



  • The title is a reference to the long time DC Comics team, the Teen Titans.


  • It was hinted by Bryan Q. Miller that Conner Kent and Megan Morse will be romantically involved in this story arc. The first time these two characters were depicted as a couple was in the animated TV show Young Justice.[3]
  • Jaime mentions one of his friends as "Pac..", in the comics Jaime's best friend is Paco.
  • The drug, called "Vertigo", that Rose uses on Mia is a nod to a famous enemy of Green Arrow, Count Verigo. Usually in the comics, Count Vertigo appears as a foreign dignitary, who had a small electronic device implanted in his right temple, which could affect other people’s balance. The nod is most closely to the version of the character that appeared in the TV series  Arrow, where he is the head of large narcotics operation known only as "The Count", later as "Count Vertigo" and his drug, "Vertigo", produces highly disorientating effects.



  • In Idol, Zan and Jayna talked about their father being a good person, however in Titans, Jayna tells Mia that he kicked them out once he learned that they were different.


  • San Francisco
    • Pier 39
    • Jay Garrick's school
    • Golden Gate Bridge


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