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Smallville: Season 11 is a comic book series published by DC Comics that maintains the continuity of the Smallville television series and details Clark Kent's adventures as the costumed hero Superman after the events of the Season 10 Finale.

The series features a unique publishing model, split between traditional print publication and digital release online and through mobile apps. For the primary story arcs, referred to as "episodes," digital chapters are released each Friday for a three-week period. During the fourth week, the three chapters are collected in a print issue released on the industry standard Wednesday new comic day.[1]

On January 4, 2013, the series moved to a weekly release schedule without breaks. The primary story arc cycle is maintained with additional digital chapters of supplemental "parallel" story arcs released every fourth Friday.[2] Following the parallel story week, the primary cycle would begin again.[3] This scheduling has since been modified.

It was announced on September 6, 2013, that the Season 11 title will end, but that the continuity of the series would continue through various miniseries.[4]

Season Summary

Six months after Clark Kent donned the cape and took to the skies to save Earth from Apokolips ... enter Season 11! New allies abound! New enemies a-foot! Old friends return where they’re least expected, bringing new challenges.

Parallel Stories

Originally planned to be released every fourth Friday, these digital chapters of supplemental story arcs were introduced following the third primary story, Haunted, to feature other heroes and supporting characters in an effort to expand the Smallville universe.[2]

While considered a separate "episode," these "parallel" stories[5] are comprised of only four chapters and run chronologically parallel to the primary long-form story arc.[3] (ex. the Effigy parallel story arc was released amidst the Haunted primary story arc and its events occurred concurrently with the events of Haunted.) While there isn't a set practice for when the parallel story chapters break up their partner primary arc, often two of the four chapters of each story will run in consecutive weeks.

As originally conceived, the chapters were to be released exclusively in digital format and not published in print editions to preserve the regular printing schedule of the primary story arcs.[5] However, on February 8, 2013, it was announced that Effigy would be released in a collected print edition called Smallville: Season 11 Special #1 on May 29, 2013.[6] Subsequent parallel stories have since been released in print edition "specials."

Though the Season 11 title banner will cease with the conclusions of both the Hollow parallel story and the Olympus main arc, the continuity will be continued through various mini-series that will continue the current digital-print format. Parallel stories will be printed under the title Smallville Special.




Title Chapters Story Features
Guardian thumb.jpg 11.1 Guardian 1-12 Main Hank Henshaw (Guest)

Detective thumb.jpg 11.2 Detective 13-24 Main Batman and Nightwing (Guests)

Haunted thumb.jpg 11.3 Haunted 25-27; 29-31; 33-35; 38-40[7] Main Impulse (Guest)

Effigy thumb.jpg 11.4 Effigy 28, 32, 36, 37[3][8] Parallel Martian Manhunter and Batman[2][5]

Argo thumb.jpg 11.5 Argo 42-44; 47-49; 51-53[6] Main Supergirl, Booster Gold and Legion of Super-Heroes (Guests)

Valkyrie thumb.jpg 11.6 Valkyrie 41, 45, 46, 50[6][9] Parallel Lois Lane and Lana Lang

Olympus thumb.jpg 11.7 Olympus 56-58; 60-62; 64-69 Main Wonder Woman (Guest)

Hollow thumb.jpg 11.8 Hollow 54, 55, 59, 63[10] Parallel Tess Mercer and Lex Luthor


Main arcs

Parallel stories

Trade paperbacks


Through an interview with TV Guide, it was announced by series author Bryan Q. Miller on September 6, 2013, that the Smallville: Season 11 moniker would not be used any longer after the Olympus arc. Subsequent stories will be released as their own miniseries, maintaining and furthering the continuity of the previous title (i.e. what was originally planned as Season 11 Episode 9: Alien is now known by the title Smallville: Alien). Each miniseries features unique chapter numbering. The format of nine-to-twelve chapter main stories interspersed with four-chapter parallel stories also continues.[4] In the covers of many of the issues of the miniseries the sub-title "SEASON 11 CONTINUES" appears, indicating that even though there is a unique chapter numbering for each miniseries, they are all still included in Season 11. Moreover, in the printed issues of each main storyline the Season 11 moniker is still used on the title, even though it is not used in the digital issues (for example the first digital issue of Alien is inscribed as Smallville: Alien #1 but its first printed issue is inscribed as Smallville Season 11: Alien #1). Also the printed issue of each parallel storyline continues the previous numbering as it is considered an one-shot and does not have subsequent issues (for example the first digital issue of Titans is inscribed as Smallville: Titans #1 or Smallville Special: Titans #1 but its printed issue is inscribed as Smallville Season 11 Special #4).


Image Number Title Chapters Story Features Continuity
Titans thumb.jpg 1 Titans 1-4 Parallel Jay Garrick and Teen Titans Ep. 11.9; Special #4

Alien thumb.jpg 2 Alien 1-12 Main Rocket Red Brigade, Monitor, Batman and Nightwing (Guests) Ep. 11.10; Vol. 6

Harbinger thumb.jpg 3 Harbinger 1-4 Parallel Zatanna Zatara and John Constantine Ep. 11.11; Special #5

Lantern thumb.jpg 4 Lantern 1-12 Main John Stewart, Parallax and the Green Lantern Corps (Guests) Ep. 11.12; Vol. 7

Chaos thumb.jpg 5 Chaos 1-12 Main Eclipso, Hank Henshaw, Supergirl, Superboy and various characters from parallel Earths (Guests) Ep. 11.13; Vol. 8

Continuity thumb.jpg 6 Continuity 1-12 Main Justice League, Teen Titans, Legion of Super-Heroes and many more (Guests) Ep. 11.14; Vol. 9


Main arcs

Parallel stories
Trade paperbacks

Main Characters

The number of appearances (in parentheses) counts all 19 print issues of the regular Season 11 comic, the three print Season 11 specials, all 16 print issues of the miniseries comics, and the two print miniseries specials.

Recurring Characters

The following Recurring Characters appear in more than one issue this season (number of appearances in parentheses). The list also does not include flashbacks:

The following Recurring Characters appear only in flashbacks this season but also appear in other seasons:


  • Hyper-Solitary
  • Coast of Cameroon, Africa
  • Mumbai, India
  • Paris, France
  • Utah
  • Jay Garrick's House
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Colorado
  • Over the Atlantic Ocean
  • London
  • Tinasha, Africa
  • Themyscira
  • Washington DC
    • Dulles International Airport
    • Martha's Washington home
    • Washington mall
    • Washington National Cathedral
    • Hall of Congress
  • Alexandria, Virginia,
  • Moon
  • Earth-2
    • Metropolis
    • Watchtower
    • Smallville High School
    • The Torch
  • 31's Century
    • 31st Century Metropolis
    • 31st Century Kent farm
    • 31st Century Loft
    • 31st Century Earth and space
    • 31st Century New Krypton


  • Smallville: Season 11 was released as both a digital and print comic book.
  • The new digital first series was first released on April 13, 2012, with new digital chapters released weekly thereafter. Additionally, the online chapters were offered in a print periodical, along with an episode guide to the series. The first print issue was released on May 2.[11]
  • The first 12 weeks are the "season premiere", titled Guardian. As the TV episodes, each story arc has a one-word title.[12]
  • Season 11 featured the cast of characters moving into the next phases of their lives: "Work, love, heroics and villainy all play a part in how they're settling into a very 'Look! Up in the sky!' world."[13]
  • Miller describes each Season 11 "episode" (or arc) as "bigger" than the show. He likens each to a "mega-episode" or a TV movie that continues the Smallville saga.[13]
  • Clark is more comfortable in his skin, still much like his television counterpart but with a dash of "Reeve-Supes Zen". He gets to shake hands with those he saves, enjoys flying, and sees his abilities more as a job now that he really likes.[13]
  • The changes to the Superman costume - from the traditional/Superman Returns-inspired look in Finale, Part 2 to a look similar to the "New 52" style featured in the current DC Comics Superman titles - are explained during the second chapter of the first arc, Guardian.[13]
  • Bryan Q Miller publicly announced on Twitter that the "regular" characters for Season 11 include, and quote: "Clark, Lois, Lex, Tess, Oliver, and Chloe." However, Otis Berg appears in more episodes throughout the season than Oliver.
  • Bryan Q Miller used bits and pieces of terminology from the New 52 universe, as well as take from the wealth of original things and from DC stories past and make what would be a fun story to see through that “Smallville”-colored lens.
  • Season 11 took bits and pieces of Infinite Crisis, Crisis on Infinite Earths, among other crisis events in the comics.[14] Even though not every episode's about it, but we'll come back to it regularly as the season progresses and we'll see what the Monitors want and why they want to destroy the Multiverse and the "Crisis" might be to big for Superman to handle it alone.[15][16]
  • Wonder Woman debuted in print issue 16. Miller revealed that he took elements that best embody the best from each interpretation of Wonder Woman. But when we first meet Diana, she isn't being called "Wonder Woman" just yet. She's got a very specific mission. There's a very big reason that she left the island, which we'll eventually cover. She will have elements of her classic costume she might get into a more traditional look around the end of the episode.[16]
  • Marionette Ventures was set to return in some form as time goes on. However the team did not appear in any issue of the series, besides a flashback sequence in Valkyrie.[17]
  • Bryan Q. Miller announced at New York Comic Con 2014 that Continuity would be the series finale of Smallville Season 11.[18][19]
  • The writer revealed there are no plans for Smallville: Season 12.[20]
  • Marc Guggenheim, creator of Arrow and DC's Legends of Tomorrow, confirmed that Season 11 is considered part of the Arrowverse's canon.[21]


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