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Smallville High School, or Smallville High for short, is Smallville's local high school for grades 9-12. All students are required to complete 30 hours of community service.[1]

Clark Kent attended Smallville High from 2001 to 2005 with his close friends Pete Ross (who left in his Junior year), Chloe Sullivan and (his long love interest) Lana Lang. Clark had once run for Class President for the 2002/2003 school year, but lost the election to fellow student Paul Chan, who won soundly despite being injured and absent for most of the campaign. Chloe's cousin Lois Lane also briefly attended as a senior student in 2004 to gather study points for entering Metropolis University.

The school's varsity football team is the Smallville Crows, for which Clark played during his senior year, and its school colors are crimson and gold. The school football field, the Arnold Stadium, is named after famed coach Walt Arnold.

The Smallville High marquee was struck by a meteor in the May 2005 meteor shower that struck Smallville.

Smallville High held a five-year reunion in 2010, that was attended by Suzanne Capra, Maddie Haroldhaus, Greg Arkin, Clark and Lois and many other alumni, although both Pete, Chloe and Lana were absent.

Known Classes


Faculty members seen or mentioned include:


  • James Kwan - principal, until his death in 2002
  • Martin Gibbons - vice-principal to Kwan, briefly interim principal in 2002
  • Terrence Reynolds - principal since 2002, presumably still currently, a former headmaster of Excelsior Academy


  • Mr. Summers - Geology
  • Desirée Atkins - Biology, briefly in 2002 until her arrest
  • Mr. Frankel - Metalshop, until his death in 2002
  • Mr. Jensen - History
  • Mr. Blair - History
  • Marianne Taylor - Literature, until her arrest in 2004, also voted Teacher of the Year for the 2003/2004 school year.
  • Mr. Gullett - Drama (See No Evil)
  • Mrs. Bartsen - Math (Dragon)
  • Henry Tait - Philosophy and English (Dragon)
  • Sr. Hector - Spanish (Buried Secrets)
  • Lillia Sanchez - Spanish, acting as temporary substitute for Sr. Hector (Buried Secrets)


  • Walt Arnold - Football coach for 25 years until his death in 2001. The football stadium is named in his honor.
  • Wayne Quigley - Football coach, successor to Coach Arnold.
  • Jason Teague - Assistant football coach to Coach Quigley, briefly in 2004 until being fired for dating a student.
  • Joseph Altman - Cross-country and track coach, until his death in 2004


2010 Students



  • An alphabetical list of students who attended at the same time as Clark Kent is available here.



Pete, Whitney and Clark playing basketball.

Smallville High School also offers baseball, basketball, swimming, gymnastics, and track sports. The Smallville High School yearbook website can be viewed here (for Clark's freshman year) and here (for Clark's sophomore year) at Smallville High has a homecoming dance, spring formal and senior prom, at which they have hosted the rock bands Remy Zero and Lifehouse.



Smallville Scarecrow
Main Article: Scarecrow

Clark Kent is chosen as the Scarecrow

The Scarecrow is a (rather horrendous) traditional prank during Homecoming week in which Smallville Crows' senior players choose a male freshman to take into the Riley Field, strip him down to his underwear, paint a red "S" on his bare chest, and tie him on a cross like a scarecrow. Jeremy Creek and Clark Kent were both once chosen and tied as Scarecrows.

Lois Lane as the scarecrow

In an attempt to send a message to Clark, a degenerated clone of Lex Luthor kidnaps Lois Lane and deliberately strings her up as a scarecrow with a red "S" painted on her shirt in the exact same field the original Lex Luthor had found and rescued Clark.

Dunk Tank

Early each year, a chosen student sits above a dunk tank after classes, where a new student may attempt to dunk him/her into the tank by hitting the a target switch with a football passed out by a member of the football team. Lana Lang and Clark Kent have both been in the dunk tank (Facade) in 2001 and 2004 respectively. Clark was about to dunk Lana when they were interrupted by football player Brett Anderson bullying mascot girl Abigail Fine, and Lois managed to dunk Clark into the tank.

Alternate realities


Greg Arkin, Justin Gaines and Jodi Melville chased by Clark Luthor.

On Earth-2, Smallvile High was attacked on the graduation day of 2005 by Clark Luthor, who murdered several meteor-infected people including Justin Gaines, Jodi Melville and Greg Arkin. Chloe Sullivan was only spared due to her wearing a meteor rock necklace that unknowingly repelled Luthor.


Behind the Scenes

  • The filming of Smallville High School was located on two Canadian public secondary schools in East Vancouver, British Columbia — the Vancouver Technical School on 2600 East Broadway, and the Templeton Secondary School on 727 Templeton Drive.
    • Vancouver Technical School's front entrance, gymnasium, track field and basketball court area were used in Pilot, Metamorphosis, Hothead and Duplicity, while its side entrance on Penticton Street was used in Pilot (where Clark fell in front of Lana) and Homecoming (where Clark and Lois encountered the angry student counsellor).
    • Templeton Secondary School provided all of the school scenes in the first four seasons from Cool onwards, including the front entrance, playground, hallway and stairway. Templeton's real-life school colors, similar to that of Smallville High in the show, are maroon (a darker shade of red) and gold.
  • Smallville High School's home football stadium featured in Season 1's Pilot and Hothead is the Swangard Stadium in Burnaby, British Columbia. The stadium used in Season 4's Devoted and Jinx, however, is actually the Rotary Stadium in Abbotsford, British Columbia.
  • Smallville High's swimming pool featured in Cool, Nicodemus and Redux was set in the old Minoru Aquatic Centre in Richmond, British Columbia. The old pool is closed permanently as of 2021 and pending council decisions for demolition, and has now been replaced by a $80 million new Aquatic Centre that opened in 2020.

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