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Clark Kent in the cemetery, Pilot.

Clark at George Fordman's funeral, "Crush".

Smallville Cemetery is the final resting place for many of Smallville's former residents, including members of the Kent and Lang families.

The cemetery is adjacent to the Kent Farm.

Known Graves

Clark investigating the grave of Emily Dinsmore "Accelerate".

Among those buried at the cemetery are:


Clark at his father's funeral "Reckoning".


Lana: Are you okay?
Clark: I'm hanging out in a graveyard. Does this strike you as okay behavior?
Lana: Hey. I'm here, too.
Clark: Good point. What's your story?
Lana: Can you keep a secret?
Clark: I'm the Fort Knox of secrets.
Lana: I... came out here to talk with my parents. You must think I'm pretty weird. You know, conversing with dead people.
Clark: No, I-I don't think you're weird, Lana. Do you remember them?
Lana: They died when I was 3.
Clark: I'm sorry.
Lana: It's not your fault, Clark. Come on. I'll introduce you. Mom, Dad -- this is Clark Kent. Say "hi".
Clark: Hi.
Lana: Yeah, he is kind of shy. How should I know? Mom wants to know if you're upset about a girl.
Clark: No.
Lana: Dad wants to know if you're upset about a guy.
Clark: No, no.
Lana: (laughs) He has a twisted sense of humor. Seriously, Clark... why are you out here?
Clark: Lana, you ever feel like your life was supposed to be something different?
Lana: Sometimes I dream I'm at school, waiting for Nell to pick me up, but she doesn't come, so my parents drive up. They're not dead. They're just really late. Then I get in their car and we drive back to my real life in Metropolis. That's usually when I wake up. But for a minute, I'm totally happy, until I realize I'm still alone.
Clark: What's that, Mrs. Lang? Yeah, I'll -- I'll tell her. Your mom wants you to know that you're never alone, that she's always looking over you, no matter what. What's that, Mr. Lang? Your dad thinks you're a shoo-in for homecoming queen.
Lana: They really say all that?
Clark: Oh, yeah. They're quite chatty once you get them started.
Lana: Thanks for walking me home.
Clark: Beats creeping around the woods.
Lana: You realize this is the longest conversation we've ever had? We should do it again.
Clark: Yeah, we should.
Season One, Pilot

Lana: (to Clark) That night, at the cemetery when I introduced you to my mom and dad, you told me that I would never be alone, that my mom would always be watching over me. We're in each other's hearts, Clark. I will always be with you... no matter what. I love you.
Clark: I love you.
Season Eight, Requiem


  • Nearly every time Clark visits the cemetery, he is seen in the same frame with a statue of an angel.
  • The cemetery was the location of Clark and Lana's first real conversation. Lana told Clark she often went to the cemetery to talk to her late parents. (Pilot)
  • Lana later referenced that conversation in her last conversation with Clark. (Requiem)
  • Several other cemeteries have been seen in the course of the series; Lex visited his mother Lillian Luthor's gravesite at an unknown cemetery in Crush, Lionel Luthor was buried in Metropolis (Descent), Henry James "Jimmy" Olsen was buried at unknown cemetery (Doomsday) and Carter Hall was buried in a tomb in Egypt (Icarus).

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