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"I have four shifts a week. You can stop by any time you like."
— Lana, to Clark Hothead

The Smallville Beanery, or the Beanery for short, was an old coffee shop on Main Street in Smallville.

The Beanery was very popular locally and was frequented by Clark Kent, Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan before Lana Lang opened the Talon. It tried to undercut the Talon out of business, but ironically went out of business itself after being exposed to have numerous hygiene violations.

Physical Appearance

The Beanery had an upright piano, and was known to close at 9:00 PM.


Season One

Lana Lang went to work for the Beanery as a waitress after she quitted being a Crows cheerleader, but was fired for clumsiness after just one day.[2]

After Lana converted the old Talon theater lounge into a coffeehouse with Lex Luthor's help, she came into fierce competition with the Beanery, which was stealing a majority of the Talon's customers with predatory business tactics. The Beanary's owner even went so far as to visit Lana and taunt that he would make it a personal mission to drive the Talon into the ground.

After hearing from a vendor about the Beanery covering up several Health Department violations, Lana informed her friend Chloe, who had a reporter friend look into it and confirmed the rumor. The revelation was then unflatteringly published on the Smallville Ledger,[3] causing the Beanery to be penalized by the authorities and subsequently unable to continue business. This unceremonious demise of the Beanery practically handed a market monopoly to the Talon, whose business boomed immediately afterwards.


  • The Beanery had a poster for the 1987 movie, The Lost Boys.[picture needed] In the movie, ironically, there is a comic book store that is full of Superman comics.



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