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Smallville: The Comic was a one-shot 64 page comic released in October 25, 2002.

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  • Raptor: Chloe has been going over some of the odd events occurring in Smallville. Meanwhile, a boy named Greg Fox sets an explosive to Lex's digging site only to be caught in the blast. Due to a piece of kryptonite present at the site, he starts to mutate into a raptor.
  • Exile and The Kingdom: Lex is told by Lionel to fire some employees from the most productive spot of the fertilizer factory. After a visit to Dr. Hamilton, Lex goes to discuss the situation with Clark. He then decides to stand by his employees.


Episode Synopsis

  • Welcome To Smallville (Synopsis on the Pilot)

Other Features

  • From Tempest To Vortex - explaining the situations that the characters found themselves in at the end of Season One

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