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Smallville: Lantern is a comic book miniseries from DC Comics that follows the continuity of the Smallville: Season 11 comic book series, which in turn follows the continuity of the television series.


The Green Lantern ring for space sector 2813 was inactive for years after Krypton’s end, until the creation of the Argo colony recalled it to service. As none of Zod’s former followers are suitable candidates, the ring’s search brings it to the nearest Kryptonian it can recruit!


  • Smallville: Lantern #1 (Released on April 16, 2014)
    • Smallville: Lantern - Chapter 1 (Digital Release March 14, 2014)
    • Smallville: Lantern - Chapter 2 (Digital Release March 21, 2014)
    • Smallville: Lantern - Chapter 3 (Digital Release March 28, 2014)
  • Smallville: Lantern #2 (Released on May 14, 2014)
    • Smallville: Lantern - Chapter 4 (Digital Release April 4, 2014)
    • Smallville: Lantern - Chapter 5 (Digital Release April 11, 2014)
    • Smallville: Lantern - Chapter 6 (Digital Release April 18, 2014)
  • Smallville: Lantern #3 (Released on June 11, 2014)
    • Smallville: Lantern - Chapter 7 (Digital Release April 25, 2014)
    • Smallville: Lantern - Chapter 8 (Digital Release May 2, 2014)
    • Smallville: Lantern - Chapter 9 (Digital Release May 9, 2014)
  • Smallville: Lantern #4 (Released on July 9, 2014)
    • Smallville: Lantern - Chapter 10 (Digital Release May 16, 2014)
    • Smallville: Lantern - Chapter 11 (Digital Release May 23, 2014)
    • Smallville: Lantern - Chapter 12 (Digital Release May 30, 2014)


Chapter One[]

Smallville Lantern 1395495972778

Zod is transported to New Krypton.

In a flashback, Clark battles Zod at the crow's nest, where Zod stabs him with a knife made of blue kryptonite. In that battle, Clark makes ​​the sacrifice of letting himself get stabbed in order to make Zod leave the knife from his hands, so he can be transported into New Krypton, where he would be imprisoned by his people in the Phantom Zone for the murders and deception he committed. After the Kandorians arrived to their new home a green light soars over the surviving clones.

As it happens, the light is actually a Green Lantern power ring of the space sector 2813, where Krypton belonged to, and because of the formation of the new kryptonian colony it detected Kryptonian life forms returning to its sector. For that reason, the ring begins its search through space for a suitable bearer of its power to protect this new planet. Unfortunately, none of the inhabitants of Argo serve as suitable recruits, because they are artificial lifeforms, being clones of the original Kryptonians, so the ring has to search elsewhere.


Chloe and Oliver talk about their child.

In Metropolis, Oliver and Chloe talk about their upcoming child. Oliver, seeing his equipment says that he misses the action. Chloe responds by saying that even though they don't like the fact that they are away from any action and danger, as they decided to do, they have to stay that way so their son would have an intact set of parents when he is born. Chloe also reminds to Oliver that they both lost their parents, who weren't even directly in the line of daily fire. Oliver agrees but says that at least Chloe had the opportunity to go to Gotham City.

Smvllantern01300-016hdjpg-e31816 960w

Clark and Lois see a green light in the sky coming towards them.


Clark becomes a Green Lantern.

Meanwhile, Clark and Lois step out of the cinema, where they just watched a brand new superhero film. While they talk about the movie and the crisis, that still concerns Clark, a green light suddenly appears the sky. Seeing its trajectory and speed makes Clark worry for a possible attack. Clark can not tell what the object, wrapped in the green glow, is so he throws Lois on an abandoned old sofa in the street, when he realizes that the unknown object goes straight against him. Hit by the light, Clark is surrounded by green light and sees before him the projection of a being, who identifies himself as Tomar-Re. The alien says to Clark that if he is seeing him, it is because he has received his ring and his duty. Together they recite the oath of the Green Lanterns and when the light fades, Clark is revealed, wearing a green and black costume along with a glowing ring on his finger, which welcomes him to the Green Lantern Corps.

Chapter Two[]

Smallville Lantern 1395491077929

John Stewart learns about a new Green Lantern.

In New York, detective John Stewart among a few other police officers is chasing a criminal into an abandoned alley. As the thug begins to fire on John, the Green Lantern ring creates a bubble to protect him, which then allows John to create a Green Lantern fist which he then proceeds to use to knock the perp into the cop car in front of the baffled police officers who wondered what just happened. As John proceeds to walk away, his fellow Lantern teammate Salaak proceeds to contact him to let him that there is a new recruit in need of orientation and adjusting on Earth. John questions the decision of having another human as a member of the Corps which Salaak mysteriously says "who said he was human?"

Smallville Lantern 1395491181420

Clark tries to get rid of the ring.

In Metropolis, Clark tries using his heat vision and arctic breath in attempt to remove the ring while Lois is contacting Emil Hamilton at S.T.A.R. Labs for help. As Clark attempts to remove the ring, various constructs in the form of a jackhammer, a crowbar and a plunger appears which a confused Lois refers to as ghost props. A relieved Clark finally is able to remove it and throw it into the atmosphere where Emil begins to track it. As he does the ring makes a U-Turn back to Earth to Clark's finger which Clark flies to catch. Oliver sees the bright green glow and tells Chloe he's going out for a jog. Clark then hears a loud siren coming from Metropolis National Bank where he goes to intervene, telling Lois to inform Emil that they should worry about his wardrobe change later.

Smallville Lantern 1395491698724

John meets the newest recruit of the Green Lantern Corps.

At Metropolis National, Dan Turpin and Maggie Sawyer as well as other members of the Metropolis police department are pinned behind the car wondering where Superman is at, to which they see him fly in his new Green Lantern uniform. Superman begins to use his heat vision warning the criminals to stand down. As he does the ring proceeds to create missile constructs of its own as a shocked Clark warn the criminals to watch out. As the criminals duck in shock, they proceed to fire their missiles. Clark and the police look on in shock as Superman attempts to get all the missiles, when all of a sudden the ring creates a giant Superman construct thus destroying the remain weaponry, causing the terrified bank crooks to flee surrendering to the police. Superman begins to apologize as he flies off in order to figure out how to properly control his ring. As he does he flies into John Stewart who tells Clark they need to talk.

Chapter Three[]

Smallville Lantern 1396123105736

Oliver tries to get information from the police.

Oliver confronts Officer Turpin and Sawyer at the crime scene that Superman intervened in. He questions the officers trying to figure out what were the criminals trying to steal in the first place. Both officers refuse saying that they can't because then they have to tell their superiors they told capes sensitive information. Which leads Ollie to bluff, saying that his tech team is sifting through their crime data as they speak. Turpin revealed they don't know much, and Maggie says the amount of cash didn't warrant the giant robot, leading Oliver to wonder the motives of the mastermind. Meanwhile Chloe realizes that Ollie's "jogging" excuse was just a sham.

Smallville Lantern 1396123205882

Prometheus reveals that he was behind the bank robbery.

Meanwhile at an undisclosed location, Prometheus is discussing the events that has happened at the bank while using a few men as target practice. Prometheus's henchmen say the MPD bought the bait even though it caused more attention to their intended distraction. Prometheus tell his men that they will receive their fees, which have been transferred into various offshore accounts. As the men leave, one of them tells Prometheus that they confiscated the mech, leading a confident Prometheus saying that he thinks he can manage.

Smallville Lantern 1396123339875

Tomar-Re reveals the origin of the Corps to Clark.

At Watchtower, Clark is discussing his new powers and the history of the Green Lantern Corp with a projection of Tomar-Re while Lois, Tess, and John Stewart watch. Tomar reveals he died in attempt to defend Krypton from destruction and now his ring, sector and duty is handed down to Clark which is mainly due to the return of the Kryptonian species the Argo colony. He also reveals that the now severely damaged planet Oa, is the base of the Green Lantern Corps, which is an elite force, patrolling and protecting the cosmos, created by the now-deceased Guardians. In their first attempt to enforce their will and guard against all menaces, about 3.5 billion years ago the Guardians created a legion of robotic sentinels called the Manhunters. However one of the Guardians was possessed by a cosmic entity known as Parallax and then re-purposed the Manhunters as weapons of fear. So as a response the Corps was created to combat the threat. However, Earth's first Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, was possessed by Parallax and turned against the Corps. As a result, the ensuing Parallax War nearly decimated the Corps leading the thousands of Lanterns who protected the universe, to just a dozen of Lanterns, including Clark. Clark tries to explain to Tomar that Earth is the home he has sworn to protect but Tomar tells him that his assigned sector is 2813. Clark then tells him that he knows for a fact that he doesn't suppose to interact with the citizens of New Krypton. He asks why not choose someone worthy from the Kandorian army?

Smallville Lantern 1396123609541

John tells Clark that he is a soldier now and has the duty to protect his sector.

John tells Clark that this isn't how it works, the rings are powered by the willpower of their wearers which is why they chose people like himself, Kyle Rayner and Hal as Corps members. Lois and Tess disbelieve that John Stewart has a stronger will than them or any of the 6 billion people on Earth, with Tess wondering how did someone like Alan Scott get hold of one of their rings, with John admitting he doesn't know what loophole Alan used to get a ring of his own. Clark then questions what gives a Guardian or whoever is left the right to force other sentient beings into service. John retorts that orders are orders and Superman is a soldier now.

Smallville Lantern 1396123751677

The Manhunters are reactivated.

Meanwhile in another place in the galaxy, something detects the multiple Green Lanterns on sector 2814 and thus the terms of the agreement have been violated. A mysterious voice says that it was only a matter of time and then sends the Manhunters on Earth as a way to quell the resurgence and let them know the meaning of fear.

Chapter Four[]

7db4e60a8b3cc70d9d7a179be7df8940 m

Lex reconsiders Bruce Wayne's offer.

Lex wonders why hasn't any of his other counterparts in the multiverse communicated with him yet and Otis suggests that there might not be any of them left. Otis also thinks that his own counterparts are probably all dead too. Lex says that he can't regain access to the Monitor's ship in Russia because of the D.E.O. but Otis suggests that they should put a larger battery in the Monitor's transmitter, which gives an idea to Lex. He tells Otis to put a meeting to the books withKord and Holt, as he is starting to rethink Bruce Wayne's offer about the super-collider endeavor. Then, Lex watches Superman on TV and says he recognizes the symbol on his ring, but can't actually remember from where.


Clark decides to ask for advice from an expert.

In the Fortress of Solitude, Clark tries to control the functions of his power ring but he finds it very difficult. John Stewart, not being able to answer his questions, tells him to be patient, trust the Corps, as it is, like the Guardians, older even from Earth, and not question the rules. But Clark gets frustrated on carrying a weapon so powerful, without knowing how to use it, so he decides to visit "the closest thing to an expert" he knows.

JK-Smallville - Lantern 004-013 (1)

Oliver, Chloe and Tess find out the truth behind the mysterious robbery.

Meanwhile at Watchtower, Oliver and Chloe ask Tess to help them investigate a mysterious robbery but Tess questions whether they will keep their promise to abstain from "hero work" until the baby is born. They both insist that this has anything to do with "hero work" and Chloe says that they are just sleuthing but Tess notes that "sleuthing" got her into trouble with Batman weeks ago. Tess decides to help them with their investigation but she warns them that she will keep an eye on them both. She reveals, as Oliver suspected, that the heist was just a faint. At the same time the alarms were tripped at the bank, silent alarms lit up at an unregistered address in the Suicide Slums and even though Tess couldn't find out what was stolen, she found that it led back to the D.E.O.

JK-Smallville - Lantern 004-019

Clark and John suit up to discover what is causing the alarm.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Stewart says he doesn't know a lot about his ring even though he wears it for a decade. Dr. Hamilton explains that the ring enables the user to tap into power from beneath the fabric of reality and that the mind tells the ring how to filter and implement this power. Furthermore, the energy is traceable and acts as a locator. Suddenly, an employee of the lab says to Emil that a signal was detected similar to the one of the ring outside of the facility. John says he hasn't invite anyone from the Corps there, so he and Clark change back to their Lantern costumes and go to check what is going on. Much to their surprise they find an army of Manhunters waiting outside.

Chapter Five[]

906f5882a8c3dcb7349ec9a4084836b0 m

Lois and Oliver talk to Diana and Steve about the theft.

At her office in the Daily Planet, Lois and Oliver hold a video-conference with Steve Trevor and Diana Prince of D.E.O. about the theft on their premises. They suspect that LexCorp had something to do with this as they routinely attempt to break D.E.O.'s firewalls in order to get access to the Russian crash site. Oliver asks what did they keep in the warehouse and Steve responds that there they kept debris that fell through the atmosphere during the contact with Apokolips, probably wanting to use these weapons like Intergang did a while back. They then say that D.E.O.'s mystics were able to conjure an image of the person responsible, an unidentified man wearing a big armor with highly advanced weaponry. Steve says that they dispatched Agent Chase and a field team their way and Oliver along with his "alter-ego" are invited to join the investigation. Suddenly, Lois and Oliver see a bright green light and realize that Clark is fighting something. Oliver asks her if she is worried about him and Lois says why should she be afraid, he is Superman after all.

JK-Smallville - Lantern 005-012

John and Clark fight the Manhunters in Metropolis.

JK-Smallville - Lantern 005-018

John and Clark realize the Manhunters are powered by yellow rings.

Superman and John Stewart try to contain the Manhunters' attack without putting in danger any civilian in Metropolis. Since they can not beat them, as their rings can't make a dent in them, Clark quickly decides to take the fight to a non populated area to avoid causing any casualties, so they fly to the Moon, where Justice League's new Watchtower base is still being built by S.T.A.R. Labs' drones. While fighting with them the two heroes hear the Manhunters saying that the Green Lanterns have violated a treaty, but Stewart says he has no idea what they're talking about. To aid Superman and Green Lantern in their battle, Tess takes under her control the drones and commands them to attack the Manhunters. During the battle, John realizes that the Manhunters are powered by yellow rings and that is why their rings can not work on them so he tells to Clark to fall back. Superman tells to Tess to stand down and then ends the battle with a powerful blast of heat vision destroying the remaining Manhunters. Clark asks John if this is the last of them and he says there's always more.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Lex visits Abigail Hunkel, the housekeeper of the former headquarters of the Justice Society, containing Alan Scott's former power battery, to ask more about the history of the Green Lanterns.

Chapter Six[]

Smallville - Lantern 006-002

The Lanterns discuss their battle with the Manhunters and the yellow rings.

On the Moon, a group of Green Lanterns explain to Clark and John and that there is no treaty between the Guardians and the Manhunters, and one of them suggests that these Manhunters were rogue units that have gone mad without a purpose. Superman asks who created the yellow rings that powered the robots and the Lanterns explain that in order to battle the Manhunters, the Guardians took extreme measures, as the rings powered by the emerald energy of will were not enough, so they created the yellow rings, that are powered by fear. Every time the Manhunters seized a planet and started to exterminate its population, the new Yellow Lantern Corps arrived and powered by the fear of the population, became much stronger. Unfortunately, the yellow light also drew something from the darkness, the ancient fear entity Parallax. After this revelation, the Lanterns decide to return to their sectors and report to their post. Before leaving, Salaak, says something to John, requesting not to reveal it to the other Lanterns.

Smallville - Lantern 006-013

Green Arrow and agent Chase, along with the soldiers of D.E.O. fight Prometheus.

Smallville - Lantern 006-014

Prometheus takes out the D.E.O. unit.

On Earth, Tess tells Lois and Chloe about the fight on the Moon. Lois says that Oliver might have been right to tell her to be a little more concerned about Clark and then Chloe asks where is he with Lois being surprised that he didn't tell Chloe. Meanwhile, Oliver joins D.E.O.'s team, led by agent Chase in their search for the man who stole from its facilities. Chase asks what could Green Arrow bring to the table and Oliver says that he was the one who disabled all the traps they already walked through. When they find Prometheus, the mercenary attacks them with all kinds of weapons making them temporarily lose their hearing and sight. As he goes through D.E.O.'s soldiers he leaves Oliver for the end and after he takes him out, he says "Game on" and passes through a boom tube.

Smallville - Lantern 006-021

Parallax sends his yellow rings to find new hosts on Earth.

Traveling to an unknown part of the galaxy, John still cannot believe what Salaak has told him, but suddenly he and Superman come face to face with Parallax. The entity says that he could feel John's fear from miles away. The two Lanterns see that Parallax has imprisoned the presumed dead Guardians and feeds from them. Parallax says that they offered themselves to him as part of a trade, a treaty, their fear as eternal fuel for his hunger for the power they siphoned from his domain with the promise of never hunting him again. Clark tells Parallax that the terms of the treaty haven't been violated but Parallax says the Lanterns are gathering to destroy it, with Clark being the newest member of the Corps as proof of it. Threatening Clark, Parallax says that the Guardians have lost their luster and the Manhunters have failed so he seeks to feed from the population of Earth. He starts vomiting yellow rings and sends them across the galaxy to find recruits for his own Corps.

Chapter Seven[]


The rings approach Earth.

The yellow rings dispatched by Parallax enter Earth's atmosphere.


The Titans watch as the rings approach their base.

In San Francisco, Jaime is woken up by the Scarab, which informs him about an alien threat but neither the Scarab nor the Titans know what exactly it is. He and the others observe, while the rings approach their base, and even one of the rings identify one of them, Megan, as a potential harvester but she is deemed incompatible by the ring, which then moves on in search of another host. After that, Conner says they need to get Watchtower on the line immediately.


Batman and Nightwing watch as the rings are heading to Arkham.

In Gotham City, Batman and Nightwing are just finishing off some members of the Mutants, when suddenly Nightwing notices the bright light on the sky, thinking that it's just a storm but Batman says it is not, while he is watching them making a beeline for Arkham Asylum. While they are heading to Arkham, Nightwing calls her boyfriend to postpone their plans for tonight and tells him that he should lock his doors.


Clark and John try to stop Parallax.

In space, Parallax has captured Clark and John and says that his yellow rings have arrived on Earth, by now, and his "harvesters" will provide him with the fear of the humans, so he can feast on it. One of the imprisoned Guardians, Ganthet, communicates telepathically with the two Lanterns and informs them that the other Guardians are keeping Parallax distracted, so he can tell them that in order to defeat Parallax, they should find something the beast fears. He has more to say, but he's unfortunately cut off by Parallax, who promptly tears him in two. Clark says that Ganthet bought them some time, by distracting Parallax, and they need to fall back. They both create a cage around the asteroid Parallax resides, preventing him of leaving it. John then says that Clark must return to Earth to stop these yellow rings, because the more fear they generate the stronger Parallax will become but Clark doesn't want to leave him behind. John says that he doesn't have a choice and that he will buy Clark some time in order for him to get back on Earth, so Clark wishes John good luck and leaves but while he is leaving, Parallax manages to break though the cage he has been held in, ready to face John.

Chapter Eight[]

Smallville - Lantern 008-004

Chloe and Oliver talk about the attack and what doing next.

Oliver wakes up in Metropolis General Hospital after he got beat up by Prometheus, being left with a few bruises but survived. Chloe is by his side and instead of giving him a stern lecture, she says she is not mad because he is alive. She informs him that Agent Chase is in critical condition and another member of D.E.O.'s team is dead. Oliver then asks Chloe what they will do next and she says they will go after Prometheus.

Smallville - Lantern 008-009

Lex threatens Mrs. Hunkel to tell him what she knows about the Green Lanterns.

Meanwhile at the JSA Brownstone, Lex is making no progress in his search for answers on the Green Lanterns from Mrs. Hunkel. He wants to know about Alan Scott and comes to the point of threatening Mrs. Hunkel, but she tells him nothing, and also warning him that she will call Ted Grant. Suddenly, the power battery on display in the room lights up, relaying Superman's distress signal for all available Lanterns, informing them of the situation with Parallax and the yellow rings.

Smallville - Lantern 008-012

Superman learns about the yellow rings from Dr. Hamilton.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Emil and his fellow scientists receive Clark's message and inform him that the yellow rings have landed in Gotham City, specifically at Arkham Asylum.

Smallville - Lantern 008-021

Superman, Batman and Nightwing are ready to face the Yellow Lanterns.

In Gotham, Batman and Nightwing are doing their best to contain the newly powered inmates of Arkham, who have already been transformed into Yellow Lanterns. Luckily, Superman arrives just in time to offer assistance.

Chapter Nine[]

Smallville - Lantern 009-006

John fights Parallax.

In space, John engages in battle with Parallax while the entity continues to provoke him to give in to fear. Parallax taunts John about Hal Jordan's past deeds while under his control, like the deaths of two other human Green Lanterns, and says that he can bring them back. Moments before overtaking him, Parallax tells Stewart he's been deceived by the Guardians, that he should let all of that go and embrace his fear.

Smallville - Lantern 009-013

Oliver and Chloe focus on other threats unrelated with yellow rings while Oliver gets ready to face Prometheus.

On Earth, Oliver, Chloe, and Tess are monitoring the yellow rings and the subsequent mayhem they're causing. They communicate with Superman, who is fighting with the Yellow Lanterns in Gotham and tells them to focus on threats that are unrelated to the rings and let him deal with them because a situation like this is the perfect chance for other minor threats to go unnoticed. Intent on joining the fray, Oliver programs a 3-D printer to create a new armored suit so he can go after Prometheus despite being recently beat up by him.

Smallville - Lantern 009-018

The Yellow Lanterns attack Superman.

In Arkham Asylum, Batman and Nightwing find it difficult to defeat the super-powered inmates. Superman tries to control the situation but his inexperience with his power ring doesn't help at all. Batman then tells him that the ring is not doing either of them any bit of good so Superman manages to break free of his Green Lantern armor and operate in his own suit once more, saying that he is more than just the ring. After this, all the Yellow Lanterns stand still and kneel before him. Superman is impressed and cannot believe that was all he had to do but he soon realizes that isn't the case. Parallax suddenly appears behind him, having John under his control.

Chapter Ten[]

Tess and the rest of team in the Watchtower monitor the yellow ring situation in Arkham Asylum.

Smallville - Lantern 010-006

Trevor communicates with Watchtower on Prometheus' whereabouts.

Meanwhile in an underwater facility of the D.E.O., Director Trevor confirms to Watchtower that there have been incidents related to the yellow rings in Washington, D.C. as well. According to Trevor, the rings focused on the U.S. Congress, with half the Senate and half the White House becoming the new carriers and starting attacking each other. Wonder Woman is already there, trying to control the situation but according to Trevor she will need all the help she can get. Then Trevor informs Green Arrow that new activity was detected by D.E.O.'s mystics in the boom tube Prometheus has been using. Steve asks Oliver if he is ready for the mission and he responds positively so Steve tells Zatanna to teleport him with one of her spells to where Prometheus was spotted.

Smallville - Lantern 010-009

Tess and Chloe work on finding a way to stop the Yellow Lanterns.

In Watchtower shortly after Green Arrow vanishes, Tess asks Chloe if she is really okay with Oliver being back out in the field and Chloe says that in a situation like this there is no other place for them to be. Tess and Chloe then contact Emil Hamilton at S.T.A.R. Labs, who informs them that unlike the green rings, the yellow rings actually control the people wielding them. Emil takes that notion a step further and determines that the ring may also share a single communication frequency and if they could isolate the communication channel, as they did with Superman's ring, maybe they could interfere.

Smallville - Lantern 010-017

Superman tries to get John out of Parallax's control.

Smallville - Lantern 010-019

Superman gets impaled by John.

In Gotham, Nightwing fights some thugs, who have taken advantage of the chaos caused by the Yellow Lanterns, and attempt to rob a woman and her child. Meanwhile, Batman receives a call from the ladies in the Watchtower, who ask him to secure a single yellow ring for them so Batman, who is in battle with Firefly, says he will see what he can do for them. Superman tries to convince John Stewart, who is possessed by Parallax, that it's okay to experience fear, that it's not an emotion anyone should repress or ignore. Superman's words about a soldier having the right to ask questions seem to have an impact on John, but surprisingly Stewart responds by impaling Superman with a sword constructed by his yellow ring.

Smallville - Lantern 010-020

The Green Lanterns decide if they will interfere.

In space, a small group of Green Lanterns observe the battle on Earth. Aya says that they had agreed to not interfere but Salaak confesses that he feels responsible for what happened, even though he had good intentions. The Green Lanterns are not sure if they can fight Parallax because the last time they did it, most the members of the Corps were killed and Oa was almost destroyed. Salaak then plays John's message about the one thing that frightens Parallax, so they decide to find it and stop the fear entity once and for all.

Chapter Eleven[]

Smallville - Lantern 011-006

Green Arrow fights with Prometheus again.

Smallville - Lantern 011-008

Green Arrow takes out Prometheus.

Prometheus and his men arrive at Fort Knox via Boom Tube, intending to steal the gold that is kept there, but Green Arrow is waiting for them. After taking out his men, an one-on-one battle ensues between Arrow and Prometheus. Prometheus wonders if Green Arrow cares about his real identity but Oliver says that if he is not his counterpart from a parallel Earth he doesn't really care about it. During the fight, Oliver succeeds to get the upper hand and start beating Prometheus, raging over what he had done to Agent Chase's team and the fact that he almost took him away from his child, finishing him off with a massive headbutt. After that, he reports to Steve Trevor that the area is secure.

Smallville - Lantern 011-012

Batman takes Firefly's ring.

In Gotham City, Batman fights with Firefly and during the battle Batman tricks him into colliding to a building. There Batman finds the chance and takes the yellow ring, which tempts him to become his new bearer, from Firefly and then puts it on his analyzer on the Batplane and sends the data to Watchtower and S.T.A.R. Labs, who verify that they can't turn the rings off but they can reboot them. Unfortunately, that would reboot both green and yellow rings in the area.

Smallville - Lantern 011-019

The rings get rebooted and Superman gets his strength back.

Watchtower informs Superman, who is pierced by a sword constructed of yellow energy, about their plan, while Parallax leaves John's body intending to take over Superman's but he tells to his teammates to reset the rings. When they do the sword on Superman's chest disappears, he gets his strength back and all the Yellow Lanterns, including John, are released from the influence of fear and lose their powers with the rings turning black. Superman tells John, now he is free from Parallax, to get back up because they aren't done fighting yet.

Chapter Twelve[]

Smallville - Lantern 012-003

Superman saves the criminals while John confronts Parallax.

After their rings get rebooted and they lose their powers, the inmates of Arkham fall from the sky unable to do anything to escape from their eventual death but fortunately Superman manages to save them all. Meanwhile, the also depowered John Stewart distracts Parallax, who insists earth has enough fear to feed him forever. Stewart lures the cosmic entity into a junkyard and smashes the left side of its head with a wrecking ball. Parallax is about to counterattack but the real help comes when the other Green Lanterns arrive on the scene with the entity of willpower. The two entities begin to battle and with an assist from Superman, they banish Parallax to its realm, which was his greatest fear.

Smallville - Lantern 012-012

The Lanterns decide to choose their destiny on their own.

In the aftermath, the Green Lanterns reevaluate their mission parameters and as their rings finish their reboot, they decide to choose their own destiny.

Smallville - Lantern 012-015

John explains to Clark what will be done with his ring.

Later, Stewart explains to Clark that the Corps will endure and from now on no one will be conscripted against his will. John also tells Clark that his ring will be returned to the colony, where the Kryptonians will elect which of them will become the new Green Lantern of Sector 2813 and no one will know Kal-El was the ring's first choice. After that, Clark is reunited with Lois, who asks his help to cover the latest breaking story: Green Arrow's return to crime-fighting.

Meanwhile, Oliver and Chloe decide to be clear and promise to each other to not put their selves in danger anymore for real this time, at least until the baby is born.

Smallville - Lantern 012-021

Lex wants to assemble a team.

In LuthorCorp, Lex tells Otis that he didn't get any Lantern-related info from the Justice Society mansion. He then orders Otis to get a list of all the individuals who wore Yellow Lantern rings but Otis tells him that all of them are already in prison. Lex says that something about them was compatible with the rings, which are now on his possession, and he needs them to assemble a team in order to save the world.

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  • The concept of Superman becoming a Green Lantern is first featured in the Elseworlds mini-series, titled Superman: Last Son of Earth, where Superman's origin has been reversed, with him being sent from Earth to Krypton and discovering a Green Lantern power ring, which he uses to become a superhero. The premise of Superman becoming a Green Lantern on Krypton was visited in mainstream continuity in JLA #8-9, as an illusion created by the villain Key. Moreover in Action Comics Annual #3 (2001), Superman gets an opportunity to become a Green Lantern when he defeats a rogue Guy Gardner and, taking possession of his ring, is then offered a lantern/power battery from Hal Jordan and John Stewart but he passes on the opportunity and in the four-part storyline One Man JLA: From Krypton to Oa, Superman is also seen as a Green Lantern however this turns out to be another Elseworlds story. In One Year Later, after Superman loses his powers in Infinite Crisis, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) offers him an S-shaped Green Lantern ring but he declines the offer not wanting to resume his career as a superhero.
  • It is revealed that the good omen that heralded the arrival of the Kandorians to their new home planet, which was mentioned in Argo, the green light in the sky of a legend known as Flamebird, was actually Tomar-Re's former power ring.
  • The movie Clark and Lois watched was titled "Warrior Angels: United". The Warrior Angel franchise is very popular in the Smallville universe, being a long-running comic book series, which has also been adapted into other media, including successful series of films. Lois' mention on the movie's plot is a reference to the 2012 film The Avengers based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name.
  • John Stewart mentions to Salaak that in the past there was more than one human Green Lantern patrolling Sector 2814, alluding to the other Green Lantern Corps members from Earth in the comics, such as Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner and Simon Baz. It was later mentioned that Hal was the first human to become member of the Green Lantern Corps, with Kyle being the second and John the third one. Parallax also mentions that Gardner and Rayner were killed by Jordan, when the entity possessed him, meaning that Gardner was also a Green Lantern, probably joining after Stewart, making him the fourth human to join the Corps.
  • Some of the members of the Corps that appear in the projection of Clark's power ring, except from John Stewart and Salaak, are: Isamot Kol, Galius Zed, Brik, Hannu, Arisia, Garl Rathbone, Ch'p, Kilowog, G'Nort, Katma Tui, Penelops and Charqwep.
  • The Green Lanterns who appear along with Salaak and talk with John Stewart and Superman, except from the ones that had already appeared in previous issues, even though they were not named in their first appearance, are Aya and Soranik Natu.
  • The Yellow Lanterns that appear in a flashback are: Sinestro, Arkillo, Slushh, Maash and Karu-Sil.
  • Barbara calls her boyfriend to postpone their plans, referring to him as "Richie" and also mentioning tightropes. This is a nod to Richard Grayson, whose existence has also being alluded many times, in Alien.
  • The alien device Prometheus uses to open portals is called the Mother Box. In the comics, like in Smallville, the device is related to the New Gods of Apokolips and New Genesis and the portals the device opens are called Boom tubes.
  • The Guardian, who is killed by Parallax, Ganthet, is a well known DC comic book character and one of the most prominent members of the Guardians of the Universe. In most of his appearances, where most of the Guardians appear to be very stern 'by-the-book' characters, Ganthet has a kinder personality and is a prominent supporter of the human Green Lanterns, who are often looked down upon by his fellow Guardians and many Corps members.
  • The patients of Arkham Asylum, popular characters from Batman's Rogues Gallery, that became Yellow Lanterns, except from Mr. Freeze and Bane who have already appeared in previous story-arcs, are: Poison Ivy, Firefly and Man-Bat. Dr. Harleen Quinzel, who is mostly known as Harley Quinn, another foe of Batman, also makes an appearance in the same issue after first being mentioned in Alien.
  • Mr. Freeze's wife, Nora Fries, who appears as a creation of his yellow ring, was first mentioned and made a cameo appearance in Detective.
  • The costume John Stewart wears in the ninth issue, after he was possessed by Parallax is based on the costumes that Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner wore, when each of them were possessed by the entity in the Emerald Twilight and Sinestro Corps War storylines respectively.
  • Kilowog says "He ain't no poozer", referring to Superman. Even though the word "poozer" does not exist in the English dictionary, in the comics Kilowog uses the word usually referring to the new recruits of the Corps, whom he trains.
  • The entity the Green Lanterns bring to battle Parallax is Ion, who in the comics, is the symbiotic willpower entity birthed from the green of the Emotional Spectrum.
  • The realm from where the Green Lanterns bring the willpower entity is a reference to the Emotional Spectrum, an energy field that is fueled by the emotions of all sentient beings. The other entities that appear in that realm are references to the pure embodiments of the emotions comprising the emotional spectrum. In the comics, besides Ion who is the willpower entity and Parallax who is the fear entity, the others are; Butcher (The Rage Entity), Adara (The Hope Entity), Ophidian (The Greed Entity), Predator (The Love Entity), Proselyte (The Compassion Entity) and two more; Nekron (The Death Entity) and the unamed Life Entity.
  • John mentions that there are now New Guardians and he is one of them. This is a reference to the comics where the team, which is made up of a representative of each of the Corps that tap into a particular portion of the emotional spectrum, replaces the original Guardians of the Universe.
  • Luthor's interest in the deactivated Yellow Lantern rings, a storyline that continues in Chaos where he uses them to make his new security force, is a nod to the storylines, Blackest Night and Brightest Day. There Lex receives a power ring fueled by the orange light of Avarice and becomes a deputy of the Orange Lanterns and after he loses his ring and becomes infused with its power, he begins a universal quest to locate the energy of the Black Lantern power rings.


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