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Smallville: Chaos is a comic book miniseries from DC Comics that follows the continuity of the Smallville: Season 11 comic book series, which in turn follows the continuity of the television series.


When Lex Luthor attempts to invest in Ted Kord’s new experiments, the scientists working on the supercollider are skeptical. But Lois Lane is at the Antarctic compound to cover scientific achievement, not corporate espionage, so it’s not until things go massively awry that her fiancé gets sucked into the action!


  • Smallville: Chaos #1 (Released on August 13, 2014)
    • Smallville: Chaos - Chapter 1 (Digital Release June 06, 2014)
    • Smallville: Chaos - Chapter 2 (Digital Release June 13, 2014)
    • Smallville: Chaos - Chapter 3 (Digital Release June 20, 2014)
  • Smallville: Chaos #2 (Released on September 10, 2014)
    • Smallville: Chaos - Chapter 4 (Digital Release June 27, 2014)
    • Smallville: Chaos - Chapter 5 (Digital Release July 04, 2014)
    • Smallville: Chaos - Chapter 6 (Digital Release July 11, 2014)
  • Smallville: Chaos #3 (Released on October 8, 2014)
    • Smallville: Chaos - Chapter 7 (Digital Release July 18, 2014)
    • Smallville: Chaos - Chapter 8 (Digital Release July 25, 2014)
    • Smallville: Chaos - Chapter 9 (Digital Release August 1, 2014)
  • Smallville: Chaos #4 (To Be Released on November 12, 2014)
    • Smallville: Chaos - Chapter 10 (Digital Release August 8, 2014)
    • Smallville: Chaos - Chapter 11 (Digital Release August 15, 2014)
    • Smallville: Chaos - Chapter 12 (Digital Release August 22, 2014)


Chapter One[]

Smallville Chaos 01 1402187597648

Superman fights the possessed professor.

In Metropolis, Superman tries to contain Professor Bryce Gordon, who's been possessed by an evil spirit after he found a strange black diamond in Africa a few days ago, that has turned him into a violent monster. Tess informs him about the Professor and Superman tries not hurt him but he has to use force to battle him.

Smallville Chaos 01 1402187755527

Lois meets Michael Holt and Ted Kord's new partner.

Meanwhile in Antarctica, Lois is touring a Higgs Boson supercollider facility created by the combined efforts of Michael Holt and Ted Kord, with the financial assistance of Bruce Wayne. As proud as they are of their accomplishments, they tell Lois that none of it would've been possible without the last minute contribution of Lex Luthor. Lois accuses Lex that because of him her fiance almost died back in Russia. She also warns them that no one should trust Lex and she hints that Lex stole alien technology from D.E.O.'s secured area in Chernobyl. However, Luthor calmly tells his partners that he is only there to give.

Smallville Chaos 01 1402187926677

Otis sabotages the experiment.

At the same time, Otis secretly places a device in a darkened corridor in Section 31 of the facility moments before the experiment begins.

Smallville Chaos 01 1402188041247

A portal to the Bleed opens.

Sadly, things don't go as planned for Kord and Holt, because when the scientists start the experiment, a violent gateway opens pulling everyone and everything into the Bleed, the rift between parallel universes, with Lois clinging to a railing. The only one who seems happy about the incident is Lex who obviously has planned everything.

Smallville Chaos 01 1402188240434

Lex's plan succeeds and Superman and Lois disappear.

Back in Metropolis, Superman decides to end the fight by smashing the black diamond, shattering it to pieces. After that, the Professor gets back to normal but suddenly Superman hears Lois call for help and flies to Antarctica at super speed. He arrives in time to catch her just before the vortex pulls her in, but they're both caught in the rift just before it closes thanks to Holt. Moments after their disappearance, Ted wonders where did Superman and Lois went and Lex remarks he's just killed two birds with one stone.

Chapter Two[]

Smallville Chaos 02 1402694159512

Chloe, Oliver, Diana and Steve find out about Clark and Lois' disappearance.

In D.E.O.'s headquarters, Diana is helping Chloe through the base, and admires the pregnant Chloe saying that it is a thing of wonder and indicating that she hadn't seen any pregnant woman up close, before her arrival in the men's world. When Chloe asks how is that possible and how the Amazons were created, Diana simply remarks that Themysciran affairs are complicated at best but she is sure that she will raise her young "warrior" well as he is in good hands. A surprised Chloe asks her how does she know her baby's gender and Diana says it is just women's intuition. Meanwhile in the same facility, Director Steve Trevor is talking to Oliver about his victory over Prometheus and asks him to help in the training of a new elite branch of D.E.O. field agents, as it was suggested by the President of the United States, strictly until the baby is born and Green Arrow is able to suit back up. Before Ollie can give an answer, they meet with Diana and Chloe, who was revealed that she was already aware of the proposal and then suddenly the entire group receives a call from Watchtower, alerting them of Superman and Lois' disappearance.

Smallville Chaos 02 1402694232642

Booster Gold and Skeets search for clues while Otis sneaks out.

Back in the Antarctic facility, Otis desperately tries to make his way out of the facility without Booster Gold and Skeets, who are examining the supercollider for signs of sabotage, notice him. Booster, who is talking with his allies in D.E.O.'s facility, informs them that Clark and Lois were sucked in some kind of tear in reality, which Chloe identifies as the Bleed. Skeets says he is able to detect traces of unknown alien technology and they will continue tracking. While Booster tells them he will keep them posted, Otis finds the opportunity to get out. Booster then asks Skeets if there's anything in their historical database about Superman or Lois' disappearance, and the droid says there is not, even pointing out that he is having trouble accessing his archive. Booster can only express his distaste for the situation and continues his surveying.

Smallville Chaos 02 1402694343584

Emil and his fellow scientists learn more about the gem.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Emil Hamilton's team have completed their analysis of the shattered black diamond. It seems the gem gives off a unique pattern of Alpha brainwaves that influence the mind of the one in contact with the gem. Moreover, every shard of the gem is emitting its own series of signals, which are talking to each other. Disturbingly, not every shard of the diamond is accounted for. Emil then tells them to call the C.D.C. and scramble a team back to the crime scene so they can prevent anyone else from getting infected.

Smallville Chaos 02 1402694429172

Lombard is influenced by one of the shards of the gem.

On the crime scene in Metropolis, a reporter named Lombard tries to get a scoop, saying he just can't sit down and watch Clark Kent stumble onto headline after headline. Suddenly one of the shards finds its way into the skin of Lombard, immediately influencing him and saying "I am the wrath of God".

Back at D.E.O., Zatanna is attempting a locator spell to discover where Clark and Lois have gone as the others look on. When the ritual is complete, she announces that Lois and Clark are in Metropolis. When the others tell her otherwise, the sorceress smirks and points out she never said the pair were in this Metropolis.

Smallville Chaos 02 1402694587825

Superman and Lois wake up in a parallel Earth.

On a parallel Earth, Superman and Lois emerge from the wormhole to find themselves in a destroyed Metropolis under siege by the Monitors. Superman takes Lois and they fly to a higher ground. Lois asks if they time-traveled but Clark says the rift they fell through was just like the one Chloe from Earth-2 crashed through. Clark then asks Lois why is she whispering and she says that this exactly the kind of place where you whisper, while also showing to him a man in a red and white costume, bound to the top of a building, similar to that of Daily Planet. Clark realizes they are lost in the Multiverse and Lois asks how are they going to return back but Clark says he doesn't know if they will, starring at the sky, which is full of the Monitors' ships.

Chapter Three[]

Smallville Chaos 03 1403299248955

Lex wants to take over the super collider.

In Antarctica, Lex is ready to leave, saying to Kord and Holt that "he's out" as the facility is unstable, given the fact that Superman and Lois Lane disappeared. Otis informs him that the Monitor's device has already started to lose charge and Lex says that he was hoping not to reveal his new security force so early but now he doesn't have a choice. Holt says that he doesn't need any security force as their own private security, Booster Gold, can escort his plane back to domestic airspace but Lex reveals that he lied to them and that he intends to buy Holt and Kord out. Kord says they are not selling but suddenly Lex's private security, which is revealed to be powered by rings of the Yellow Lanterns, fires at them and Lex then says they should consider it more of a hostile takeover.

Smallville Chaos 03 1403299407368

The possessed civilians attack the Metropolis P.D.

At Metropolis P.D., Dan Turpin asks Maggie Sawyer if Bryce Gordon, who is still in custody, has said anything but she says they are waiting for his lawyer and Dan suggests they should call for a priest instead, as the spell should have been lifted from Gordon when Superman smashed the gem. Suddenly, a possessed Lombard enters the police station saying "No spell can leave his wrath from this mortal coil" and then a group of also possessed civilians attack the surprised police officers. Sawyer and Turpin are ready to fight the intruders but they also get attacked by Gordon, who shouts along with the others "We are Eclipso".

Smallville Chaos 03 1403299625410

Lois and Clark try to escape the Manhunters.

On the parallel Earth, Superman and Lois are fighting some Manhunters, who are chasing them so they can kill them. After destroying some of them, Superman takes Lois and fly away escaping. Lois puzzles over why the Manhunters were hunting them given the fact that the Green Lanterns are their usual opponents but Clark says these robots were running on Bleed instead of Lantern energy, suggesting that the Monitors probably use them to deal with the "supers" and "metas" of each Earth while they move their ships into firing position. Lois then wonders where all the people of this Earth have gone and Clark after hearing some of them with his super-hearing heads to a church nearby.

Smallville - Chaos 003-017

Lois meets her doppelganger.

Smallville - Chaos 003-020

The Monitors start to destroy the parallel Earth.

They enter the church and they find a group of people hiding in there and one of them, whom Clark identifies as the Jimmy Olsen of this Earth but in fact he is called Hank, tells them to immediately leave as according to him the "capes" are the reason most of the civilians are dead. Suddenly, the Lois Lane of this Earth appears among the people and tells Hank that they should let them stay because there is nowhere else they can go. A shocked Lois looks at her doppelganger while Superman asks her what happened. The alternate Lois says that she watched the Manhunters murder Mister Majestic, the superhero who was alternate Lois' lover and whose body was bound to the top of a building, along with every other hero. Superman then asks how did it started and alternate Lois explains that the Monitors put one ship on each side of the planet and they did something to Earth's core and it's only a matter of time until they destroy this Earth once and for all. Suddenly, the ships above Metropolis begin to fire and a worried Lois tells to Clark they need to get out of there immediately, to which he agrees.

Chapter Four[]


Tess desperately searches for help.

In Metropolis at Watchtower, Tess contacts Emil to inform him about the effect of Eclipso that is spreading all over the city. Emil tells her that he is already aware of the situation as possessed citizens are attacking S.T.A.R. Labs, at the same time. Suddenly their link is terminated and Tess loses contact with Emil. An overwhelmed Tess is trying to contain the mess, launching an SOS signal to all the heroes who are available, even though all of them seem to be off-line, as havoc breaks loose in Metropolis thanks to the ever-growing army of Eclipso.


Lois watches everyone in the church commit suicide.


Superman and Lois search for this world's Fortress of Solitude.

On the parallel Earth, Lois says to everyone inside the church that they have to leave the place immediately, as the Monitors' ships are firing but the alternate Lois tells her that she doesn't even belong in this world. Lois says that no one belongs in this world anymore and that Superman can help all of them get out of the city. Her doppelganger says there's no hope, however, and this is just the next in line of numerous attacks on Earth's cities. The alternate Lois says that there is nothing left to live for, for any of them, while she grabs a gun under her jacket. Meanwhile outside, Superman is fighting with the Manhunters, preventing them from attacking the refugees. The Manhunters suddenly evacuate in preparation for the "purge," and Superman hears gunshots in the church. He returns and finds everyone but Lois dead, all as a result of self-inflicted gunshot wounds. Not being able to do anything more, Superman takes a shocked Lois and fly away, telling her this Earth also had a Kryptonian, in the form of Mister Majestic, and there is chance that his father built him an ice castle too. They then set off in search of this earth's equivalent of the Fortress of Solitude, as it is their only option.


Lex threatens to kill Holt and Kord.

Back on Earth, at the Antarctic facility, Lex demands from Kort and Holt to give him the access codes for the equipment but they refuse saying that he killed Superman and Lois Lane. Lex insists his actions are to save the world and commands his security force to shoot both men when they refuse him again. Then he orders his henchmen to find Booster Gold and eliminate him.

Booster Gold and Skeets listen in on the conversation, and Skeets tells Booster the fate of all reality now rests in his hands.

Chapter Five[]

Empire-Smallville - Chaos 005-002

The army of Eclipso invades S.T.A.R. Labs.

Empire-Smallville - Chaos 005-005

Emil decides with the other scientists on their next move.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Emil Hamilton and his team of scientists are hiding from the army of the civilians possessed by Eclipso, who continue the assault on the facility and also are trying to produce a synthetic version of the gem so they can "spread his wrath". Emil discuss with his fellow scientists what should be their next move and they all agree that their first step should be to get out of the facility and then they should find out what an Eclipso really is, as they didn't actually find anything on the internet and they now have to search for more information in books.

Empire-Smallville - Chaos 005-006

Hank is determined to help.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the building in the solitary stasis, Hank Henshaw determines he has to do something to help with the situation as it is his chance to redeem himself and his wife along with the rest of Metropolis need him. He manages to sneak past the possessed civilians into a storage room filled with drones and then he takes control of one of them with a huge body armor. Inside the room the scientists have confined themselves, Emil is ready to defend himself so when the door opens he gets out holding a piece of metal. Hank, who is in his new body and has the "S" symbol on his chest, calms Emil down and asks him if he was expecting Superman instead.

Empire-Smallville - Chaos 005-012

Superman and Lois try to escape from the Bleed.

Empire-Smallville - Chaos 005-018

Superman and Lois arrive on Earth-Majestic's Fortress.

On Earth-Majestic, Superman flies with Lois, trying to escape the Bleed that is destroying everything in its path. Superman hopes that the Fortress can send them back to their Earth like it did with Clark Luthor. They reach the Fortress of Solitude, but this world's Jor-El is less than welcoming as he does not recognize Superman as his son, calling him an impostor, because he knows that he is already dead. Jor-El then locks Superman inside a golden crystal and Lois steps forward trying to reason with him, saying that he is making a mistake. Jor-El is surprised and asks her who is she who dares to question him and she says that she is Lois Lane.

Chapter Six[]

Smallville - Chaos 006-003

Otis disagrees with Lex's plans.

Lex Luthor continues his hostile takeover of the Antarctica facility, convinced his actions are for the greater good of the universe. He forces the wounded Kord and Holt to work on the equipment and put it back on track. Otis, who is putting a communications interface together, insists that firing Holt and Kord's machine again is not a good idea and reminds Lex that, so far, no other Lex Luthors from alternative universes have tried contacting him. Lex says he's done trying to reach them and intends to contact someone else.

Smallville - Chaos 006-008

Booster Gold is arrested by Luthor's security force.

Meanwhile somewhere else in the facility, Booster Gold tries to escape from two of Lex's security force members, who are firing at him, and then he succeeds to overcome them and escapes to the outside. Unfortunately, he's ambushed by two others waiting for him, while a shocked Skeets observes them taking his master to Luthor.

Smallville - Chaos 006-015

Jor-El agrees to transport Lois and Superman to another Earth.

On Earth-Majestic, while Superman is imprisoned inside the golden crystal, the huge wave of Bleed approaches the Fortress, devouring everything in its path. After arguing with him, Lois manages to convince Jor-El to release Superman and help them travel to another parallel world. Jor-El tells to Lois everything he knows about the multiverse but he says he can not guarantee them they are going to end up back at their Earth and also asks her if she can take him with them as well. Lois says that they will take their chances in order to survive and then agrees to take Jor-El with them. Jor-El then downloads his consciousness in a crystal and teleports everyone somewhere else, moments before this Earth gets devoured by the Bleed.

Smallville - Chaos 006-020

Superman and Lois arrive on another worst parallel Earth.

Superman and Lois, along with Jor-El's crystal, wake up on another parallel Earth, that's not in much better shape than the one they just left. This Earth was attacked and seized by Apokolips and the two planets have collided with each other, leaving everything destroyed with wrecked Manhunters and skeletons of dead people with the Omega symbol on their forehead on the streets among the ruins.

Chapter Seven[]

Smallville - Chaos 007 (Digital-Empire)003

Jor-El talks to Superman about the multiverse.

On Earth-Omega, Superman talks with Jor-El, from the previous Earth they visited, about the multiverse. According to Jor-El, Kryptonians sought to travel the stars, making use of wormhole technology, and stumbled on evidence of parallel worlds. Specifically, they discovered the Bleed, but they couldn't study it or explore it because everything it came in contact with was destroyed. Unfortunately, Superman notes, the Monitors cannot only travel through the Bleed, they can wield it as a weapon, which they've been doing to destroy countless parallel universes. However, Earth-Omega wasn't destroyed by the Monitors; it was destroyed by something else. Lois, who is searching through the rumbles, says to Clark that she found a ship that might be still working. Suddenly Superman hears a very faint sound, similar to a heartbeat so together with Lois they head towards its source to find out what exactly it is.

Smallville - Chaos 007 (Digital-Empire)011

A possessed man by Eclipso is ready to wreak havoc inside a plane.

Smallville - Chaos 007 (Digital-Empire)014

The plane goes down.

Back on the main Earth, a man possessed by Eclipso wreaks havoc on a passenger plane headed for Tokyo. Tess monitors its descent but warns other heroes to stay away from the city in order to prevent them from being possessed by the entity. However, there are still a few heroes left, who have already arrived in Metropolis before Tess decided to keep everyone away.

Smallville - Chaos 007 (Digital-Empire)019

Superboy and Supergirl save the day.

In the streets of Metropolis, a family tries to run away from the possessed people but fortunately Superboy arrive just in time to rescue them. A girl then asks him if he is also able to save them from the aforementioned falling plane. A startled Superboy, who just saw the plane coming towards them, creates a shield around him and the family hoping that it will be enough to prevent the civilians from getting hurt. Luckily, Supergirl arrives and catches the plane on midair, saving everyone. Then she confronts Superboy saying it was about time she met the rest of the family.


Lois and Superman encounter an unexpected foe.

Back on Earth-Omega, Superman and Lois discover the source of the noise he heard. A dark figure calls to him from the rubble, saying on his Earth, Superman was known as Clark Kent. When Superman asks the figure how he know this, the figure turns and says they have fought each other in the past, indicating that Superman had defeated him, and then reveals himself as Darkseid, saying that he never forgets a face.

Chapter Eight[]

Smallville - Chaos 008 (2014) (Digital-Empire)006

Lex tortures Booster Gold.

Smallville - Chaos 008 (2014) (Digital-Empire)012

Lex activates the machine.

In the supercollider, Lex orders his Yellow Lanterns to torture Booster Gold and then remove all of his gadgets so they can study them later. Booster remains defiant, despite his obvious pain. He tells Lex the two of them aren't all that different. They both want to be heroes, he says, but Lex can't shake his greed and ambition. Lex answers that, since losing his memory, he's yet to take a single life. He suspects he'll have to someday, and he doesn't want Booster to be the first. Lex then visits Kord and Holt, who say the proper adjustments are in place with the super collider to accommodate Lex's alien tech. After that, Lex's Lanterns imprison the two scientists once again along with Booster Gold, and Lex orders Otis to activate the machine so they can make some history.


Superman and Lois make a deal with Darkseid.

Smallville - Chaos 008 (2014) (Digital-Empire)017

Darkseid fires at the Monitors' ship.

Smallville - Chaos 008 (2014) (Digital-Empire)020

Superman and Lois enter the ship.

On Earth-Omega, Superman and Lois talk with Darkseid. The ruler of Apokolips tells them that there isn't any other version of him in the multiverse, as there is only one Darkseid and until recently, he traveled to many universes to bring death and destruction. He also mentions the only reason Superman achieved to defeat him before was because he hadn't reached his full strength at the time. However, the Monitors succeeded to break him, when he had already conquered this world. Superman then offers a deal to Darkseid, to help them board on one of the Monitors' ships flying overhead, and in return Clark will also give him something. Darkseid accepts the offer so, while Superman carries Lois and follows the Monitors' ship into the atmosphere, he fires his Omega beams towards the ship, opening its side door so Superman and Lois can get inside it just before the ship enters the Bleed. Once inside, they lay low while Monitors investigate the duo's forced entry, unaware that stowaways have entered the ship and fearing of Bleed contamination. They then proceed to go in search of a room called the "Orrery". Lois is concerned about the deal they made with Darkseid but Clark says he couldn't leave her behind.

Smallville - Chaos 008 (2014) (Digital-Empire)022

Darkseid creates New Genesis.

Back on the planet's surface, Darkseid holds the crystal shard that contains the presence of Jor-El from Earth-Majestic. He says this feels like a second chance and throws the shard into the distance. A Fortress of Solitude forms, and Darkseid says it could be a new beginning, a "New Genesis."

Chapter Nine[]

Smallville - Chaos 009 (Digital-Empire)005

Superboy, Supergirl and Henshaw volunteer to find Bryce Gordon.

Professor Emil Hamilton and his cohorts from S.T.A.R. Labs work with Tess at Watchtower. The scientists try study the synthesized gem serum while Tess and the others try to locate the original person under the sway of Eclipso, Bryce Gordon. Superboy, Supergirl, and Hank Henshaw volunteer to find him, and luckily enough, Tess has a lock on his position and sends them where Bryce is.

Smallville - Chaos 009 (Digital-Empire)008

Eclipso is ready to spread his wrath.

Bryce watches from above as Metropolis is set into chaos. He stands atop the Daily Planet and declares that Eclipso is eternal and his wrath will soon set upon the Earth at the setting of the sun.

Smallville - Chaos 009 (Digital-Empire)009

The Yellow Lanterns decide to retaliate.

Meanwhile, in Antarctica, in the room where Kord, Holt and Booster Gold are held, the Yellow Lanterns are eager to start offing prisoners, ditch their boss, and relish their newfound power. One of them insists to follow Luthor's orders but another one kills him saying, that Lex knows what kind of men he hired. They intend to kill the prisoners, then the rest of the people there and then use the facility as their own stronghold. Skeets watches their interactions and flees into the shadows, saying it's all up to him now.


Superman protects Lois from the Weaver.


Lex makes an offer to the Monitors.

In Bleed space, Superman and Lois search for their Earth among a large number of dead ones. Lois places her hand in a machine that recognizes in which one she belongs and they find out that their home is still unharmed. Suddenly a Monitor appears, calling himself a Weaver, who has been trained since birth to manipulate the Bleed as a weapon, and declares that he is going to kill them like Superman killed one of their architects, Ray-Lan. Superman says to Lois he will try to make the Weaver hurt himself, as the Bleed can probably hurt him too. Just then, three more Weavers appear and they say that no one else from the multiple Earths has ever get aboard a Monitor's ship. Together, they render Superman unconscious. After Superman loses his senses and the Monitors take both him and Lois to a holding cell, until the Council decides their fate. After that, Superman wakes up and they suddenly start hearing a very familiar voice. That voice belongs to Lex Luthor, who suggests the Monitors, rather than razing his universe, simply "reboot" it.

Chapter Ten[]

Smallville - Chaos 010 (Digital-Empire)004

Superboy and Supergirl fight the Eclipsos.

Smallville - Chaos 010 (Digital-Empire)010

Hank tries to learn more about Eclipso.

Smallville - Chaos 010 (Digital-Empire)014

Supergirl and Superboy offer themselves to Eclipso.

In Metropolis, Superboy and Supergirl take down the possessed Bryce Gordon atop a building while a news chopper covers the action and the reporter inside is apparently arguing with her producer over whether or not to comment on Supergirl's outfit. The chopper is caught in the crossfire, and Supergirl rescues the reporter and the pilot. She also makes a point to thank the reporter for her "solidarity" on the outfit issue. At street level, Hank Henshaw battles another swarm of Eclipsos. The possessed civilians say that even though Hank wears the false god's symbol, he is not like him. They also tell him they can not understand what exactly he is and Hank says neither does he. Hank then utilizes probing cables that are part of his body to probe the minds of the Eclipsos and get a better idea of what they're dealing with. He learns that Eclipso has existed for many generations, many times as a deity both worshipped and feared by ancient cultures. Henshaw suggests that Superboy and Supergirl offer themselves to Eclipso, which will likely draw the entity out of all the normal humans in order to manifest itself in super-powered beings. While it attempts to do that, they believe they can stop it. Supergirl then goads Eclipso, and he takes the bait, so he leaves the bodies of the civilians and makes Bryce Gordon throw up the diamond. Then all the power is centered in the diamond, which creates a huge Eclipso monster. The Eclipso monster says he is fascinated by the idea of having Superboy and Supergirl as his own Adam and Eve.

In Antarctica, Lex continues transmitting his message to the Monitors.


The Monitors consider Lex's offer.


Superman has a plan but he first has to die.

Inside the Monitors' ship, they listen to Lex's proposal to reboot the universe. Superman interrupts his proposal, saying that what he is proposing is madness. Lex is surprised to see that Superman and Lois are still alive, as he was wondering where have they ended up. Lois calls him a monster but Lex insists he's the only one actually trying to save the world by reasoning with the Monitors. The Monitors end the transmission, saying they have much to discuss. Lois is shocked when she learns that the Monitors are actually going to consider Lex's offer. The Monitors then recognize Superman as the person who killed Ray-Lan, so they decide to sentence both of them to death so they won't be able to interfere again in their plans. They intend to kill Superman and Lois by jettisoning them into the Bleed, as no one can survive it, not even the Monitors. Superman says he can get them out of this situation, but Lois will have to trust him and let the Monitors kill him first.

Chapter Eleven[]

Smallville - Chaos 011 (2014) (Digital-Empire)004

Supergirl, Superboy and Henshaw find a way to stop Eclipso.

Supergirl, Superboy, and Hank Henshaw continue battling Eclipso, who has now been transformed into a big humanoid made by the Eclipso gem, after emerging from his numerous hosts throughout Metropolis. Supergirl and Superboy discover that their respective abilities aren't stopping Eclipso, and they look to Henshaw for suggestions. Henshaw says sound vibrations might just force Eclipso to condense himself even further into a single diamond, and Supergirl grabs two giant church bells and bangs them together. When she sees that it works, she tosses another bell to Superboy, who follows the same strategy. Eclipso reverts to a single diamond that Henshaw and Supergirl catch in mid-air. Then Henshaw says there's only one way to make sure the diamond never falls into human hands again.

Smallville - Chaos 011 (2014) (Digital-Empire)011

Holt and Kord take the upper hand thanks to Skeets.

In Antarctica, the Yellow Lanterns prepare to execute Ted Kord, Michael Holt, and Booster Gold, saying to them that it's not personal. Luckily, Skeets arrives just in time and attacks them with a set of cables that spring from its "body", distracting the Lanterns. Kord and Holt use the opportunity to incapacitate the men and then Skeets takes their rings. Holt and Kord help the beaten Booster Gold to stand up and comment that they might have been paying the wrong guy for the job, in which Booster Gold agrees.

Smallville - Chaos 011 (2014) (Digital-Empire)016

Superman is expelled into the Bleed.

Smallville - Chaos 011 (2014) (Digital-Empire)021

Superman renters the ship while Lois runs to the lifeboats.

In Bleed Space, Superman allows himself to be put into a chamber, which the Monitors flood with Bleed. A tearful Lois watches him being expelled from the Monitors' vessel. However, despite the rigors of Bleed Space, Superman manages to return to the ship and force his way back in. He reenters just as Lois is about to be expelled from the ship as well. Just as a Monitor is ready to expel Lois, an alarm starts ringing. The Monitors leave to deal with the Bleed overload in the ship and Lois finds the chance to race to the lifeboats, but unfortunately she meets a group of Monitors on the way. Upon seeing her, the Monitors comment, they have underestimated their prisoners and Lois, raising her fists, responds, "You bet our ass you did."

Chapter Twelve[]

Smallville Chaos 12 1408736094288

Henshaw leaves Earth with the Eclipso diamond.

Henshaw checks in on his wife and stays in the shadows, relaying to Tess that he just wanted to be sure Terri would be okay before he left. He has decided to leave Earth with the Eclipso diamond to protect the people from its influence, and hopes his actions will in some way make up for how things initially turned out between him and Superman. In space, Hank with the help of the Green Lantern, John Stewart, soars into an unknown destination.

Smallville Chaos 12 1408736184245

Lois gets into a lifeboat.

Smallville Chaos 12 1408736357317

Clark and Lois return back to their Earth.

In Bleed space, Lois gets aboard a lifeboat and escapes from the Monitors' ship but just before she leaves a wounded Superman appears and gets away with her. As they travel through the Bleed space they see an Earth, that feels like home. They return to their home universe and crash land in Tibet, where Lois holds an unconscious Clark in her arms, calling for help, but they're alone.

Smallville Chaos 12 1408736534373

Lex detonates all the rings.

Meanwhile, in the Antarctic facility, Lex's Yellow Lanterns decide to turn against their employer. However, Lex reveals his contingency plan, that his subordinates' rings were slaved to his own ring and programmed to self destruct on command, and that command is given. After the corpses of the henchmen fall to the ground, Lex and Otis make their exit.

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The Monitors have arrived.

At D.E.O. headquarters, the President is briefed on the situation by Director Trevor, Chloe, Oliver and Diana. The arrival of the Monitors on Earth means the extinction of the mankind and while they haven't found a way to stop them yet, they can try to protect themselves for a while thanks to the magic of Zatanna and the mystics, but there is nothing more they can do. Chloe says a Monitor vessel just crashed on Earth in a region near Nepal and there is a chance its Superman, but even if it is, he is too late, as the Crisis is here.

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  • According to the writer Bryan Q. Miller, Chaos will feature some elements of DC Comics' publishing imprint WildStorm. One of these elements is The Bleed, an interdimensional realm used to travel between dimensions and alternate earths/timelines. Miller stated that the Bleed was seen a few times in Season 11 (Guardian, Haunted and Alien) as it is the energy that fills the space between the realities of the Multiverse that the Monitors can weaponize and use.
  • In the comics, Eclipso's first and most famous host is named Bruce Gordon (after Bruce Wayne and Commissioner Gordon as an in-joke) but in Smallville the character is renamed as Bryce Gordon to avoid confusion.
  • The dialogue between Superman and Lois, while he tries to save her from the Bleed, is a nod to Superman: The Movie. When Lois falls from the helicopter Superman catches her and says to her "Easy Miss, I've got you." and she responds "You've got me? Who's got you?".
  • This episode marks the first time that Lois's middle name "Joanne" is mentioned.
  • The journalist that is possessed by Eclipso in Metropolis is called "Lombard". In the comics, Steve Lombard works for the Daily Planet as the editor of the Sports section and is one of the coworkers of Clark and Lois. This is his first appearance in Smallville, even though he was mentioned in Booster, as a former Daily Planet reporter, who recently took a job at the Daily Star.
  • The counterpart of the Daily Planet building in the alternate Earth, where Superman and Lois are, lacks its usual feature, the enormous globe that sits on top of it and instead of that has an enormous star symbol in its place. This is similar to the star symbol of the Daily Star, which in the comics was the predecessor of Daily Planet and later its alternate version in Earth-2. In the modern day comics and in Smallville, Daily Star is a separate newspaper and the Planet's competitor.
  • The costumed man that is chained on the star symbol in the parallel Earth, resembles, especially in his costume, the WildStorm character known as Mr. Majestic. One of the most powerful heroes in the WildStorm Universe, Majestros/Mr. Majestic bears a strong, deliberate resemblance to DC Comics's Superman, as he is also an alien stranded on Earth. Before the New 52, where the main DC universe was combined with the WildStorm and Vertigo universes, Mr. Majestic even had a crossover with Superman, the character he was based on, in his own 2004-2005 solo series in a storyline titled Strange New Visitor, where Superman went missing after he was pulled through the Bleed, much like in Chaos, and Mr. Majestic was left in his place in DC's Metropolis. In Smallville, Mister Majestic is considered an alternate version of Superman from another Earth.
  • The appearance of Luthor's new security force is similar to that of Team Luthor from the comics, which was a privatized civilian security force developed by Luthor to replace Superman. Unlike Smallville, where the team uses the Yellow Lantern rings as a source of power, Team Luthor's non-powered members wore special armored battle suits equipped with a wide range of weaponry.
  • When Hank Henshaw tries to leave his solitary stasis he uses four robotic spider legs to escape. In the comics, these robotic legs are a trait of Batman's nemesis, Mister Freeze, and they have being featured many times and used by the character in other media.
  • Darkseid, after he activates the crystal of knowledge, mentions "New Genesis", which means rebirth. This is also a nod to New Genesis from the comics, a planet or rather, in a parallel dimension adjacent to it, similar to its dark counterpart Apokolips. It is the home to some of the New Gods, the rest of them live on Apokolips.
  • In the WildStorm comics, the Weavers were souls of dead humans that have been given the task of safeguarding the multiverse. They often appear as spiders or human-spider hybrids. Even though there was never a connection between them and DC Comics' Monitors in the past, Smallville's version of them seems to be a special breed of Monitors that can manifest the Bleed as a weapon. This amalgamation is understandable, given the similar roles of the two species as protectors of the multiverse, in each of their respective worlds.
  • Lex's proposal to the Monitors to reboot his universe is a nod to the many reboots and retcons done by DC Comics to its universe over a period of 75 years, most of them preceded by a "Crisis" storyline, like in Smallville. The latest reboot was in 2011, when DC relaunched all its titles, as part of the New 52.
  • Angela Chen mentions that even though Superman is not present to fight the Eclipso army, his extended family deals with the situation. In the comics, "The Superman Family" (as well as the subgroup called "Team Superman") is an unofficial informal name given to Superman and his various allies, especially the super-powered ones. The Superman Family was also a comic book series (1974-1982), featuring stories starring supporting characters in the Superman comics.
  • In the tenth issue of Chaos there is a reference to Supergirl's costume, that includes pants instead of a skirt, on how nonsensical and unpractical is to wear a skirt while you are flying. This is believed to be Bryan Q. Miller's opinion on the various outfits the character wore since her creation, with almost all of them, from 1958 to 2011, including a mini skirt, making it part of a traditional Supergirl costume. In the mid to late 70s, the character started wearing red hot-pants, but she changed back to a skirt in the early 80s. Other characters who took the mantle of Supergirl continued the same tradition. Just before the New 52, Kara's outfit still had a skirt but artist Jamal Igle, who was on Supergirl's title, modified the design of the costume, lengthening the skirt a bit and adding red shorts under of it (it was originally intended to be a skort instead of separate skirt and shorts), making it more practical for the character. Igle's modification was met with some controversy by fans. In the New 52, Supergirl's outfit now includes an one-piece leotard instead of a skirt. Smallville's version of the costume is considered to be the most not revealing outfit the character ever wore and also it is the first time the character has pants as part of her outfit. Miller, later commented on the matter: "Given how much noise has been made about Superman not needing “underwear” on the outside… how comes this is the only place where Supergirl’s in P-A-N-T-S?"[1]
  • The end of the story depicts Hank Henshaw heading into deep space on an adventure of his own. This mirrors the ending of Adventures of Superman #468 (July, 1990), where Henshaw did the same. Hank Henshaw returned three years later in Superman (Volume 2) #78 (June, 1993), as Cyborg Superman.


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