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"Siren" is the eleventh episode in the seventh season of Smallville, and the one hundred-forty-third episode overall. It aired on February 7, 2008.


While secretly working for Oliver, Chloe intercepts one of Lex's project files, but she is attacked by Black Canary, a mystery woman with a subsonic cry. Dinah Lance, Black Canary's alter ego, is a conservative talk show host who is working at the Daily Planet and clashes with Lois. Lex convinces Black Canary that Green Arrow and his team are terrorists so she launches an attack on Green Arrow and Clark. Meanwhile, Lois discovers Oliver's secret.


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Chloe Siren

A dagger nearly hits Chloe.

Chloe is working late at the Daily Planet intercepting a file and communicating with someone with an earpiece. Just as she burns the information onto a disc, a mysterious blonde woman appears, wearing a leather outfit and fishnet tights. She chases Chloe down trying to obtain the disc, throwing daggers at her. Chloe escapes into the elevator and runs out onto the roof, calling for her rescuer. The woman catches up with her and kicks her legs out from underneath her. Chloe falls hard just as her rescuer arrives: Green Arrow. He and the woman fight and he pins her to the wall with an arrow. She emits a low, booming scream that dissolves his arrows. He goes to check on Chloe as the woman gets away by rappelling down the building. Green Arrow and Chloe look on in shock and amazement.


A mysterious woman attacks Chloe.

It's morning on the Kent Farm and Clark and Lana are unsuccessfully trying to avoid each other in the kitchen. They exchange awkward glances and barely speak. Lana looks annoyed as she leaves for the day.

Lois is at work and gets into the elevator with Dinah Lance, who is a conservative talk show host. They trade insults back and forth until Dinah gives her a copy of the Planet, which mentions that Oliver Queen has returned to Metropolis. Dinah looks pleased as Lois looks shocked.

Lois and Dinah

Lois meets Dinah Lance in an elevator.

Chloe is looking at mug shots trying to identify her attacker when Clark appears. He has brought her lunch for the third time this week, even though she doesn't really like ham and Swiss. Clark admits that he's been visiting because he can't stand hanging around his farm analyzing his relationship with Lana. He complains about how Lana lived with Bizarro for over a month without knowing it wasn't him and Chloe points out that Lana is not the same girl she was in high school. Clark decides he doesn't want to talk about it anymore and abruptly asks if Chloe has located the Brainiac, but then notices the large scratch on her face. He looks worried and Chloe reveals that she's been helping Oliver Queen for extra cash. Clark is upset that Chloe is putting herself in danger and she admits that she was chased by a "ninja lady". Clark storms into Queen Tower and yells at Oliver for putting Chloe's life in danger. Oliver points out that the woman probably wouldn't have killed Chloe, and Chloe is in danger often when she helps Clark. Clark accuses Oliver of only thinking about himself and Oliver retorts that he is helping people in need while Clark stays on his farm in domestic bliss. Clark is chastised and cools down. He asks Oliver about the blonde woman and Oliver explains that she has a shriek that incapacitates. He says the file belonged to Lex, so he believes the woman is working for him.

Indeed, the woman is waiting for Lex in his library. He pays her for the disc and she tells Lex she encountered Green Arrow. Lex tells her that Green Arrow and his band have been breaking into his company warehouses and deserve to go to jail. He offers her more money if she can bring Green Arrow to Lex.

Lionel goes to the Isis Foundation to ask Lana if she knows anything about Lex's involvement in the murder of Grant Gabriel. Lana isn't interested in helping him incriminate Lex and Lionel reveals that he is aware that Casey Brock died in Lana's care and questions why she told the phantom all about it but hasn't told Clark any of this.

Dinah sneaks into the basement offices and picks the lock on Chloe's desk. She turns on Chloe's cell phone and discovers that her last call was to Oliver Queen.

Lollie Siren

Lois pays Oliver a visit.

Lana is reviewing her surveillance tapes on Lex when Clark arrives at the Foundation. He tentatively asks if she has seen the blonde woman on any of her footage and Lana muses that two people have asked for her footage on Lex. She tells him that she hasn't seen the woman and as Clark turns to go, she tells him what happened to Casey Brock. Clark is angry that she's only revealing this because Lionel threatened her and Lana admits that it was easier telling the phantom things because he was more affectionate and understanding. Clark is still upset that Lana didn't notice the difference. She and Clark argue because she feels he holds her to impossible standards, while Clark feels like she wants him to be someone else.

Lois goes to Queen Tower to confront Oliver. He doesn't seem surprised to see her. She slaps him across the face for breaking her heart and he tells her he prepared dinner for her because he knew she'd come. He says he missed her and holds her close. Lois tries to resist but Oliver tells her that she was all he thought about. As they are kissing, Lois sees a blonde woman standing on the balcony. Oliver pushes her to safety but the woman issues a scream that shatters all the glass in the apartment. Oliver is knocked out and Lois sees his Green Arrow gear hanging behind a wall. She realizes what it means just as the woman knocks her unconscious. She ties them up back-to-back. Lois is indignant and angry that Oliver never told her about his secret life, but her ranting is cut short by another blow from the woman. Oliver tries to discern why the woman is after him and she reveals that she is working to end his "terrorism". Oliver realizes that she is mistaken and tries to explain that he doesn't hurt people and Lex's factories aren't benign. She doesn't believe him and calls Lex on her phone. She tells him that she'll deliver the goods after the money transfer goes through.

's ear bleeds

Clark is injured by Black Canary's sonic scream.

Clark goes back to the Planet to apologize to Chloe for yelling at her. Chloe tells him that she can't find anything about the woman who attacked her, and Clark reveals that Lana actually picked up a transfer from Lex by hacking into LuthorCorp's servers. Chloe then realizes that the woman used the same strategy to intercept her information. They look up who accessed the Planet's servers and the only name that comes up is Dinah Lance. Clark dismisses her because she's not blonde, but Chloe uses the computer to change her appearance, which matches Chloe's attacker. Clark and Chloe decide to call her "Black Canary". Chloe hacks into Dinah's access and they discover that she has a transfer in progress. They stop it to draw her out. Black Canary appears shortly afterward and Clark also tries to explain that Green Arrow is a good guy and Lex is deceiving her. She reveals that she knows Oliver Queen is Green Arrow and refuses to tell him where Oliver is. She tries to kick Clark but slides across the floor. They fight until she emits a scream that incapacitates Clark, causing his ears to bleed.

Lana is waiting for Lionel in his office. She tells him that she isn't looking for evidence against Lex and says she told Clark everything and intends to do so in the future. Lionel questions the part of Lana that wanted to bring Lex to justice at all costs, but Lana claims that Clark pulled back from that. Lionel doesn't believe that Lana has anybody's best interest at heart but Lana believes Lex can destroy anyone, including Lionel.

Clark and Chloe find Lois alone, still tied up, at Queen Tower. The floor is still covered in glass. Lois explains that when she regained consciousness, Oliver and the woman were gone.

Lex shoots

Lex shoots at Green Arrow and Black Canary simultaneously.

Black Canary meets Lex in the library and tells him that she has doubts that Green Arrow is evil. She has learned that Lex's companies were not legit and realized that Lex never intended to hand him over to the police. Lex shoots her in the shoulder, demanding to know where Green Arrow is. Green Arrow appears and the two have an intense battle. Clark arrives in the middle of it and is able to knock away Lex's bullets and speed Black Canary out of the confrontation, thus, defeating her and knocking her unconscious. Lex is left stabbed by one of her daggers and Green Arrow calmly exits.

Clois hug

Clark offers Lois his support.

Oliver is trying to clean up the mess in his loft when Lois comes to visit. She apologizes for her reaction to learning his secret. She tells him that she understands that he was trying to protect her. Oliver asks if she would consider trying to make their relationship work but Lois tearfully says that it would be impossible. She wouldn't be able to share him with the world and would wonder where he is every night. Later that night, Clark goes to visit Lois. Lois says she thought Grant would help her get over Ollie but she is still in love with him. Clark suggests they give it a chance, even if it is challenging. Lois explains that she always felt abandoned by her father's call of duty as a soldier first and a father second; she believes that she wouldn't be able to be with Oliver because she could not compete with his greater destiny and always be left behind. She begins to cry and Clark offers a comforting hug.

Clark meets Oliver on the roof of the Planet. They have been summoned by Dinah, who apologizes. She declares that she will stick to her day job and Oliver offers her a position on his hero team. She appears to consider it and they leave together.

Clark arrives home to find Lana packing. She says she is going to stay with Chloe for a few days. Just as she is walking out, Clark blurts that he stole a Lamborghini once. He tells her he's far from perfect and Lana says she is still committed to him, but she doubts that Clark thinks they will end up together. Clark admits that he doesn't know the future, but wants them to be able to trust each other again.



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Featured Music[]

  • "11/22" by Buddy


  • In Greek mythology, a Siren was one of three bird-women who seduced and lured sailors with their enchanting song.
  • A Siren is also a device that emits a loud piercing sound.
  • The title refers to Black Canary and her ability to generate a subsonic scream.

Deleted Scenes[]

  • Lois makes a joke to Clark. He in turn snaps at her as he is still upset over Lana's time with Bizarro.
  • Lois is wondering why Oliver hasn't called her and assumes that he didn't think much of their relationship.
  • The item that Black Canary got for Lex is revealed to be footage showing Kara at a strip mall in Detroit. According to the commentary, the scene was removed for time.


  • Antagonist: Lex Luthor
  • Clark’s Abilities: Super-Speed
  • Oliver’s Arrow: Normal, Taser
  • This is Oliver Queen's only appearance this season played by Justin Hartley. Oliver also appears in Veritas this season, but only in a flashback to when he was a child, and is thus played by child actor Luke Gair in that episode.
  • This is the only episode where Lana is seen wearing reading glasses.

    Lana wearing reading glasses.

  • Jimmy Olsen and Kara Kent do not appear in this episode.
  • At the end of the fight sequence, Clark allows one of Black Canary's knives to strike Lex, which knocks him off his feet and sends him flying into the wall behind him. It is highly unlikely that a person of Black Canary's build would be able to throw a knife with such force, as she does not possess enhanced strength.
  • This episode represents the first appearance of Lex Luthor's office at the Daily Planet. When Black Canary uses her sonic scream against Clark, they're in front of a Daily Planet office labeled "Lex Luthor, CEO".

In Other Media[]

  • Dinah Lance is Smallville's version of comics character Black Canary. She wears Black Canary's trademark fishnet tights. On Smallville, the Black Canary has blonde hair but wears a dark wig as Dinah, which is the opposite of the comics character. In the comics, Black Canary and Green Arrow got married after a long courtship (though, the marriage ended in divorce).
  • Dinah Lance / Black Canary is the 33rd DC Comics character adapted into the series.
  • Oliver jokes that Lois will able to accept his secret identity when the "earth cracks open and time spins backwards," a reference to the climactic earthquake scene in Superman: The Movie.


  • Lex and Green Arrow fight in hand to hand combat in this episode. The fighting style used is based on Kurt Wimmer's film Equilibrium where the martial art of the future is called Gun Kata.
  • Clark mentions to Dinah that Oliver's team could use a "den mother". Coincidentally, Black Canary is one of the den mothers along with Red Tornado in Young Justice.
  • Erica Durance was asked if Lois would be in tears when meeting Oliver again. Erica responded that she would slap Oliver in the face, which is why Lois greeted him in the manner she did.[1]
  • This episode marks the final time that Michael Rosenbaum and Justin Hartley share scenes together.


  • This is Oliver Queen's first appearance in over a year since Justice.
  • Lois is angry at Oliver for setting her up to kiss one of his "hero buddies" while he was standing next to her, which occurred in Hydro.
  • Lana reveals the fate of Casey Brock, the lab technician who was infected in Wrath and seen being monitored in Gemini.
  • Clark admits to his crime spree in which he stole cars and robbed ATMs, which happened in Exile.
  • One of the letters that Patricia Swann sent to Lionel Luthor´s, and the logo of Veritas appears for the first time in this episode.
  • This is the 11th episode of the season and 2nd of an annual/unofficial tradition where the 11th episode of each season introduces a new character(s), a new hero team or has returning superhero guests. This episode introduces Smallville's version of Black Canary and has a super guest cast consisting of her and Green Arrow.
  • This episode marks the 67th appearance of Clark's red jacket & blue shirt outfit, which he wears frequently throughout the series.
  • Chloe mentions that Lana isn't exactly the same girl Clark used to trip all over in High School, this happened during Pilot.


  • Lana laments that people thought of her as Lady Macbeth, the scheming, murderous queen from the Shakespearean play.



Chloe: Help! Somebody's after me! The roof! Come on! Isn't this when you're supposed to swoop in and save me?!
Black Canary: No pepper spray? This city's a dangerous place. You should be prepared.

Green Arrow: Finder's keepers. I like the look. Italian?
Black Canary: Why? You're thinking of trading in your tights?

Oliver: Lois?
Lois: Oh, don't even think of looking at me now. So, in all those nights together, somewhere between brushing teeth and spooning in the sheets, you didn't think that it might be a good time to mention that you prowl the streets with green leather and a compound bow?
Oliver: Well, I don't usually bring the compound bow.
Lois: Oh, so now he's a funny hero. I can't believe you didn't tell me that you were Green Arrow!
Oliver: Hard to imagine why when you're taking it so well.
Lois: You think the lacerating ropes and platinum fembot... might have something to do with my lack of empathy? So, what? Little Ollie got bored with dodge ball in P.E... and decided to play William Tell? Whoa... wait a second. I kissed Green Arrow last year when you were standing there with me in the alley!
Oliver: Yeah. I remember that with precise detail.
Lois: I can't believe you! You, who were supposedly my boyfriend, arranged for me to be lip-locked with some wannabe hero!

Oliver: Whatever someone's paying you, I can beat it.
Black Canary: You know, this is more than just about money, pretty boy. This is about something that you and your merry band of thieves might not understand —justice.
Oliver: Lady Justice must be blinder than I thought she was, if she's got you on her side.
Black Canary: Just tell me this —what goes through the mind of a terrorist... when he's about to set off a bomb in a factory?
Oliver: A terrorist? You really have it backwards. No one's ever been hurt. And Lex's factories aren't exactly producing Christmas toys for little girls and boys. I'm the good guy!

Clark: His missions are dangerous! And the fact he's taking you with him —
Chloe: No-no-no, it was just internet interception... that ended up having a vicious ninja lady attached to it who chased me onto the roof and then almost beheaded me and went rappelling over the side of the building. Which, I've got to admit, was really smokin' cool.

Clark: (storming into Queen Tower) You put Chloe in danger!
Oliver: So, I take it we're skipping over the whole, "Hello! Good to see you again," part of the conversation?

Clark: Why don't you try to think about someone other than yourself for once?
Oliver: I'm selfish? You know, some of us sacrifice being with the people that we really care about so that we can go make a difference. What do you do? You sit around in domestic bliss curled up on a couch while a world of trouble spins outside your door!

Lionel: I, uh, I've been calling the farm but no one answers. It's as if the place has been abandoned.
Lana: Or, we have Caller ID.

Lana: I can't even look at you without you taking it the wrong way.
Clark: Because you're looking at me like you wish I was someone else.

Lana: Do you have any idea how it feels to wake up every morning, knowing that you're going to fail in the eyes of the only person you ever really loved?
Clark: And you're the one who fell in love with Lex. And then fell for that killer. I don't think it's me you can't face.

Lois: (slapping Oliver across the face) That's for breaking my heart!
Oliver: (wincing) Really? 'Cause it felt like it was for not calling when I got back in town.
Lois: Oh, that one will come when you're least expecting it. Will you put a shirt on or something?

Oliver: The whole jumping to conclusions thing before you get the full story? How's that working out for you?
Lois: Huge time-saver.

Oliver: I missed you... more than you can possibly know.
Lois: If you think that glistening-muscle-answering the door in your bare chest routine was gonna work... you were dead on.

Chloe: Maybe we should call her the "Yellow Raven."
Clark: "Black Canary" has a better ring to it.

Chloe: (staring at Oliver's shattered closet and exposed Green Arrow weapons) Why did some woman attack you and Oliver?
Lois: (pulling Chloe around) Hey! Isn't the view spectacular? I never really noticed it before with all the...all the glass in the way.
Chloe: (dubiously) The view?
Lois: ...I mean, who picks archery as a hobby? That's embarrassing. I'd keep my quiver in the closet too.

Lois: (referring to Oliver) We're not you and Lana, we're not the perfect couple, we are not destined for each other.

Lois: Can you imagine what it would be like to look into somebody's eyes and know that their destiny is so much greater than yours, that you will never compete? You will always be left behind.

Clark: (referring to Lois) Maybe she'll get used to the whole dual identity thing someday.
Oliver: Yeah, like when? When the Earth cracks open and time ticks backwards? I don't think so.

Lois: (while hugging Clark) Besides, you know why settle for hot, rich, and famous when I can hang out with you?


  1. Commentary on Siren from the Season 7 DVD Set.

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