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Dr. Simon Jones is a genius criminal with extraordinary psychokinetic and telepathic abilities who refers to himself as Psimon. He first appears in the third digital/print comic Smallville: Season 11 story arc Haunted.

Physical Appearance

Jones is a slight man who doesn't appear to present a physical threat. His brain has been physically increased in size, causing it to push through his skull. Bald, a number of open lacerations appear around the crown of his enlargened head, revealing his affected brain. While using his abilities, his brain and eyes glow with purple light.

Powers and Abilities

Early History

Jones is a victim of Lex Luthor's experiments to produce super-soldiers to combat the growing presence of metahumans and aliens. The drugs administered to him as part of the project increased his intelligence but also physically increased the size of his brain.

Season Eleven

Lex Luthor and Superman confronting Psimon

Psimon attacks the citizens of Metropolis using his psychokinetic abilities to levitate and surround himself with a number of metallic orbs. Superman intervenes as Psimon mentally picks up a semi tractor-trailer and attempts to drop it on a small child. As Superman tries to talk Psimon out of his attack, Lex arrives to offer his own solution. Angered that it was LuthorCorp's experiments that altered him, Psimon turns his attack on Lex. Superman quickly rescues Lex and speeds him away from the scene.

Impulse and Superman taking down Psimon.

Superman returns to Metropolis after hiding Lex away in Mexico. As he tries to capture Psimon, the criminal's telepathic abilities allow him to "feel" Superman's moves before he makes them and counteract them. Moving faster than thought, Impulse arrives to help his old friend. The speedster proves too quick for Psimon and is able to punch him into submission.

Later, on Stryker's Island, Lex visits Psimon in Hyper-Solitary. LexCorp technicians have attached a helmet to him that emits a psionic dampening field to keep him in check. Lex has them lower the field slightly so that he can have Psimon search his mind to pull out any thoughts or memories that might still exist before they were wiped. Psimon is able to see Tess' consciousness and she motions for him to keep quiet. Instead of offering anything useful, the criminal chides Lex for being "an animal" and "a monster." Lex retreats.



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In the comics

Psimon as he appears in the comics.

Physicist Dr. Simon Jones was working on experiments in contacting other dimensions when he was contacted in turn by the demon Trigon the Terrible, the father of the superhero Teen Titan known as Raven. Trigon used his abilities to transform Jones into a powerful psychic with telepathic and telekinetic powers, and gave him the mission to destroy the Earth. Finding an ad by the psychopathic supervillain Doctor Light in the Underworld Star, a criminal underground paper, Jones, now calling himself Psimon, joined Light’s new group, the Fearsome Five. Psimon usurped Light’s role as the team’s leader during their first battle against the Teen Titans, in which he telepathically planted the suggestion in their minds to kill the Justice League. The plan failed, however, and the Five were defeated.

In New Teen Titans #5 (March 1981), Trigon, growing impatient with Psimon’s lack of progress, banished his psychic minion to another dimension. In New Teen Titans #7 (May 1981) the remaining members of the Five attacked the Titans at their new headquarters, Titans Tower, and used their dimensional transmitter to return their teammate to them, but they were subsequently imprisoned.

Brainiac kills Psimon in Crisis of Infinite Earths.

Psimon’s teammate Gizmo eventually broke the team out of prison, and Psimon, now acting as team leader, led the Five in kidnapping Dr. Helga Jace in order to force her to make them an army of "Mud Men" to aid them in their battles. However, they were again defeated, this time by the combined forces of Batman, the Outsiders, and the Teen Titans. Psimon later allied himself with the immortal dimensional traveler known as the Monitor during the seminal 1985 event known as Crisis on Infinite Earths. During this, the rest of the Five, feeling betrayed by Psimon, turned on him, apparently killing him. In Pre-Crisis continuity, Brainiac and the Earth-1 Lex Luthor saved Psimon from the Anti-Monitor's Shadow Demons and recruited him for their Villain Army, taking over Earths 4, S, and X. He became suspicious of the two villains' plans and, learning that they were going to take over the worlds by themselves once the heroes and villains were wiped out, attacked the two. He apparently destroyed Brainiac and went to finish off Luthor, only to have his brain blasted away by a recreated Brainiac in one of the more brutal surprise deaths of the storyline.

He later turned up alive, cutting a swath of destruction through another star system far from Earth, devastating the planets of Kallas and Talyn (home of Jarras Minion). He returned to Earth to seek revenge on those who had wronged him. Finding his former teammates Mammoth and Shimmer at a Tibetan monastery, having renounced a life of crime, he attacked them, driving a spear through Mammoth’s head and turning Shimmer into glass and then shattering her. When he found Gizmo, he shrunk the diminutive inventor down to subatomic size. He then attacked and psychically tortured the Teen Titans, but was defeated and placed in the custody of the interstellar police force known as the Darkstars, and later imprisoned in the metahuman prison known as the Slab.

Psimon was present during the "Last Laugh" riots initiated by the Joker in the 2001-2002 crossover storyline Joker: Last Laugh. In Outsiders Vol. 3 #6 (January 2004), he managed to engineer a massive prison breakout and escape when the cult leader Brother Blood had taken over the prison in an attempt to activate a global satellite system.

Joker kills Psimon.

Psimon later joined up with frequent Captain Marvel archenemy Dr. Sivana, who, in a storyline in Outsiders #12 -15 (July–October 2004), freed Psimon’s former teammates Mammoth, Gizmo, and Jinx from prison, and was able to successfully restore Shimmer’s shattered form, returning her to life. Despite lingering animosity between Psimon and Mammoth, Sivana put the team to work for him in a scheme to short sell Lexcorp stock by having them steal its accounts from its corporate building in Metropolis, and then driving down the stock by killing all the people in the building, and destroying two other LexCorp properties. At the latter of the two, a microchip processor factory of Lexcorp's subsidiary, Kellacor, the Five were confronted by the Outsiders. After escaping, the criminally unsophisticated Five urged Sivana to take Lexcorp's nuclear missile facility near Joshua Tree, California. When Sivana refused, Psimon asserted that they would take it anyway, and in response, Sivana killed Gizmo with a laser blast to the head, and severed relations with the remaining four, warning them that he would kill them if they ever crossed his path again. The Five decided to initiate the plan themselves, but were defeated in their plan to take the facility and fire a nuclear missile at Canada. Mammoth was returned to the metahuman prison on Alcatraz Island, but Psimon and the others remained at large.

Most recently, Psimon was seen among the new Injustice League and was one of the villains featured in Salvation Run. Exiled to a savage new world, he attempted to convince his fellow super-villains that escape was impossible, and then proceeded to lay down plans for beginning a new civilization. He was interrupted by the Joker, who murdered him by breaking the dome which houses his brain and repeatedly smashing it with a rock.

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