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Silver Kryptonite.

Silver Kryptonite is a synthetic form of Kryptonite created by Brainiac from the liquid metal that formed the body of his humanoid avatar.


Silver Kryptonite has only been seen as a black rock laced with metallic silver clusters. 

Powers and Abilities

A small amount of Silver Kryptonite induced intense hallucinations and paranoia in Clark Kent. Silver K was also capable of negating a Kryptonian's invulnerability and somehow suppressing their Healing factor (as Clark Kent cut his finger on it and the wound remained open for at least several minutes) perhaps indicating that Green or Blue Kryptonite was, in a minute quantity, present in the mineral. It also induced some kind of adverse physical reaction similar to that of a fever as increased sweat production and dilated pupils was evident in Kal-El until the shard was removed. However it appears that Silver kryptonite does not impact upon the powers of the infected individual as was evidenced by the fact that Clark was able to use his speed, strength and super hearing whilst infected.


Its effects lasted until it was removed. Additionally it seemed that the Silver Kryptonite had to be present in the bloodstream of an individual to have any effect. Also unlike the other types of meteor rock, whose effects manifest almost immediately upon exposure, the hallucinogenic effects of Silver K only began to occur about half an hour later suggesting that, like Red K, its effects boost up through time. Brainiac was able to use a metallic probe/device to "suck" the splinter of Silver Kryptonite from Clark's body. Unusually the splinter was not naturally ejected, as was the case when Clark inhaled or ingested Green and Red Kryptonite. It is unknown whether this form of Kryptonite must enter the bloodstream for its effects to manifest.

Season Five

Silver Kryptonite was delivered to Lana along with a card, supposedly from Lex Luthor, stating that it was a new form of meteor rock. Upon opening the box Clark pricked his finger on the mineral and absorbed a splinter into his body. Later after Clark displayed paranoid and erratic behaviour Chloe and the Kents deduced the properties of the silver mineral. Upon this revelation Lana Lang confronted Lex about the rock who vehemently declared that he had never seen it before. It was Milton Fine however that used a Metallic device to extract the splinter from Clark and later on it was revealed that he had created the mineral and sent it to Lana when he absorbed the Silver K back into his body. This was instrumental in Brainiac's scheme to release Zod by gaining Clark's trust and fuelling his suspicion towards humans.



  • One can assume that the Silver K was formed with additional substances to negate Clark's invulnerability (perhaps a small amount of Blue kryptonite).
  • The silver Kryptonite gives off invisible radiation, because Clark was a little paranoid right off the bat that Lex sent Lana the gift before he pricked his finger with it, but its more effective if it enters his bloodstream.
  • The reveal that Silver K is only synthesized and not "real" Kryptonite may reference pre-Crisis comics where Silver Kryptonite is a hoax, shown in Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #70 (July, 1963) as a joke to celebrate Superman's silver anniversary.
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