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"You have no idea what I'm capable of. " - Seth, Magnetic

Seth I. Nelson was a student of Smallville High School and a metahuman with the ability to control magnetic fields. He was the lab partner of Lana Lang, whom he's had a crush on since sixth grade.

Powers and Abilities

  • Magnetokinesis: Seth was able to influence and manipulate magnetic forces, allowing him manipulate metal in a similar fashion to Telekinesis. He used his powers to shut all the locker doors in the school hallway, turn the controls to the Ferris wheel, stick himself to a passing truck to avoid police, open locked cell doors in the Smallville's sheriff station, and lift a large metal cart and throw it at Clark Kent.

Seth influences the mind of Lana Lang.

  • Mind control: Seth was able to use his magnetic abilities to temporarily influence the mind of Lana Lang by manipulating her brain's electro-magnetic activity. By touching Lana he could control her emotional state and create within her a desire to be with him. Like the effects of a magnet on metals, the longer he was in contact with her, the longer his influence lasted when he wasn't in her presence. It was never specified if he did this deliberately or was affecting her subconsciously due to his affection toward her.
  • Healing factor: Seth presumably possessed a slow Healing factor. The scar on his forehead seemed to heal relatively quickly after he was released from the hospital.


Seth receives a shock that puts him in a coma.

Seth was vulnerable to electricity and magnetic forces himself. When an electrical current was applied to a metal object he was influencing an opposing magnetic force was created which caused Seth's whole body to be pulled to the metal object and suffer electrocution.

Season Three

Seth is injured by a snow globe containing meteor rock.

At the Smallville County Fair, where he worked, he was bashed in the head with a snow globe containing meteor rock, which strangely reacted with the MRI he subsequently got at the hospital that gave him magnetic powers that influence both metallic matter and mind. Seth used his abilities to make Lana fall in love with him by manipulating her brain's electro-magnetic activity to make it secrete chemicals that would make her attracted to him.

Seth is confroted by Clark at the Smallville High.

Clark attempted to confront Seth about his actions, but Seth simply accused Clark of being jealous, with Lana reacting in a hostile manner to Clark's attempts to tell her about Seth's abilities. Eventually, Seth was able to talk Lana into running away with him, after Lana robbed the Talon of a lot of cash, having a brief confrontation with Lex Luthor before the two of them left.

Seth and Lana decide to leave Smallville

With some help from Clark Kent—who used his heat vision to melt the road in front of their car—the sheriff chased the two, thwarting their escape. Seth got away by grabbing onto a passing oil tanker, but Lana was put in jail, Lana subsequently providing Clark with a false story about Seth having a brother in Granville to throw Clark off the scent. However, Seth helped Lana escape, and they ran together to the fairgrounds.

Seth fights with Clark

There, they were confronted by Clark, who tracked them down by using a compass to track Seth's presence to the fair's 'Tunnel of Love'. Lana threatened to kill Clark with the gun Seth stole from the police station, forcing Clark to let Seth go, Seth subsequently using his powers to take the gun. After the bullets were shown to be useless, he attempts to throw one of the cars against Clark, but Clark subsequently used an electric cable to reverse the electromagnetic field and pull Seth towards the cart, putting him in a coma. Lana was sentenced to community service at the hospital. According to Lana, the doctors weren't sure how much Seth would remember, if he woke up.



  • Seth's abilities are very similar to Cosmic Boy's.
  • In many ways, Seth could be compared to Justin Gaines, as both manifested meteor powers after an accident, both subsequently pursued a relationship with one of the girls in Clark's life- Justin pursuing Chloe while Seth was interested in Lana- and both told the girl in question about their abilities (although Justin appeared to win Chloe over purely on his own rather than Seth being 'assisted' by his powers).