The Season 9 opening credits appear near the beginning of each Season Nine episode.

The credits mostly include footage from Season Eight and the first few Season Nine episodes, including Savior, Metallo and Rabid and Kandor. Some footage is also taken from seasons 3-7, as well as a small clip from the first season.

Cast Credits

The cast is credited in the following order.

Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Developed for television by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.


Smallville Season 9 Opening Credits Official Allrights Belong To Warner Bros Entertainment

Smallville Season 9 Opening Credits Official Allrights Belong To Warner Bros Entertainment

Video of the Season 9 opening credits


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  • Episode indicates the episode from which the corresponding setting is taken.
  • Used indicates the season or seasons in which the corresponding setting is used for the opening credits.
Screenshots Description Episode Used
S8Credits-00001 A comet approaches the sun. 3x05 Perry S. 5 -
S. 10
Oc5-02 Ruins of the comet fall into the sun and cause solar flares
S8Credits-00002 Asteroids from the 2005 meteor shower rain down on Smallville 4x22 Commencement
S8Credits-00003 Clark Kent uses his super speed to save a young boy during the 2005 meteor shower
S9 9-00006 Character: Tom Welling as Clark Kent  ?
Background: Clark feels the Mark of El burning 3x01 Exile S. 4 -
S. 7,
S. 9
S9CREDITS17 Clark changes into his Red-Blue Blur attire in a telephone booth and uses super speed at the Daily Planet 8x16 Turbulence S. 9
S9 9-00007
S9 9-00008
Credits9-2 Clark super leaps to the top of the Daily Planet 8x17 Hex S. 9
S9 9-00009
S9CREDITS21 Clark leaps to the top of the Ace of Clubs 8x06 Prey S. 9
S9 9-00010 Chloe Sullivan runs for her life in Black Creek, after realizing she's not being held by the DDS 8x01 Odyssey S. 8 -
S. 9
S9 9-00036 Chloe pulls a gun after hearing a noise in the Watchtower 9x01 Savior S. 9
S9 9-00013 Character: Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan,
 ? S. 5 -
S. 10
Background: Chloe looks in amazement at the new Watchtower computers bought by Dr. Emil Hamilton 9x01 Savior S. 9
S9 9-00014 Lois Lane prepares to battle Alia 9x01 Savior S. 9
S9 9-00049 Lois flirts with Clark 8x04 Instinct S. 8 -
S. 9
S9 9-00015 Lois gets out of Crater Lake 5x04 Aqua S. 6 -
S. 9
S9 9-00016 Character: Erica Durance as Lois Lane
 ? S. 5 -
S. 10
Background: Lois calls out to the Blur 9x01 Savior S. 9
S9 9-00017 Clark attends a press conference undercover 7x18 Apocalypse S. 8 -
S. 9
S9CREDITS18 Tess Mercer is surprised at the Arctic Circle by the Justice League 8x01 Odyssey S. 8 -
S. 9
S9CREDITS3 Tess practicing martial arts 9x02 Metallo S. 9
S9 9-00020 Character: Cassidy Freeman as Tess Mercer
 ? S. 8 -
S. 10
Background: Tess detonates a bomb to kill Davis Bloome. 8x18 Eternal S. 9
S9 9-00021 A monorail derails 9x01 Savior S. 9
Credits9-12 Major Zod addresses his troops 9x01 Savior S. 9
S9 9-00022
S9 9-00023
Credits9-8 Major Zod attacks Tess 9x01 Savior S. 9
S9 9-00024
S9 9-00025 Character: Callum Blue as Major Zod
 ? S. 9
Background: Major Zod in front of the House of El 9x07 Kandor S. 9
S9 9-00026 Clark working at a Russian labor camp before being rescued by Oliver Queen 8x01 Odyssey S. 8 -
S. 9
S9 9-00027 Tess talks to the Orb 8x21 Injustice S. 9
S9 9-00051 Oliver and Lois talking whilst Alia makes an explosive appearance. 9x01 Savior S. 9
S9 9-00029
S9CREDITS1 Clark and Lois about to be sent to the Phantom Zone by the Crystal of Knowledge 8x08 Bloodline S. 9
S9 9-00032 Oliver takes his motorcycle helmet off while on a Ducati 9x03 Rabid S. 9
S9 9-00033 Oliver tries to seduce Tess by appearing naked in her bed 8x21 Injustice S. 9
S9 9-00034 Oliver reaches for one of his arrows 6x04 Arrow S. 9
S9CREDITS4 One of Oliver's arrows shoots through the air S. 9
S9 9-00035 Green Arrow saves Lois S. 9
S9 9-00037 Character: Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen
 ? S. 8 -
S. 10
Background: Oliver "kills" Lex Luthor 8x10 Bride S. 9
S9 9-00038 The Crystal of Knowledge creates the Fortress of Solitude 5x01 Arrival S. 9 -
S. 10
Credits9-10 S. 9
S9 9-00039 Clark's training with Jor-El in the Fortress 9x01 Savior S. 9 -
S. 10
S9 9-00040
S9 9-00041 Clark and Lois lean to kiss 8x10 Bride S. 9
Credits9-9 Clark stops a bus 1x09 Rogue S. 2 -
S. 4,
S. 9
S9 9-00042
S9CREDIT5 Kal-El flies above the clouds. 4x01 Crusade S. 5 -
S. 9
S9 9-00044 Clark walks away from an explosion 6x11 Justice S. 9
S9 9-00045 Clark super leaps onto a nuclear missile 5x03 Hidden S. 6 -
S. 7,
S. 9
S9 9-00046 The Blur watches over Metropolis 9x01 Savior S. 9 -
S. 10
S9 9-00047


  • Chloe's appearances in the credits have been reduced while Lois' have increased. Zod features the least.
  • Cassidy Freeman is now changed from Right side, to the Left side.
  • Although the opening few seconds remain unchanged, the majority of pre-season 8 clips have been removed from the rest of the credits with only a few snippets from Season 5 remaining.
  • Despite adding many season 7 clips in the Season 8 credits, only one clip from Apocalypse remains this season.
  • This is the first time since the Season 4 opening credits that the credits haven't ended in scenes showing Kal-El flying in Season 4's Crusade. Instead, the final shot is of Clark standing on the bell-tower, looking down on Metropolis.
  • This is the fifth season in a row that the credits have opened with the same three clips: an asteroid from Season 3's Perry, the meteor storm from Season 4's Commencement, and then Clark saving a young boy in Commencement.
  • This year's credits feature scenes from 5 different season premiere's; Exile, Crusade, Arrival, Odyssey, and Savior.
  • This is the fourth season in a row to feature scenes from the Fortress of Solitude in the opening credits, however, this season it features more prominently than most. New scenes of the Fortress are seen this year from the Season 9 premiere, Savior.
  • The opening presents clips from all seasons, except Season 2.
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