Title Running Time Clark Chloe Lois Jimmy Tess Davis / Doomsday Oliver Lana
Odyssey 41m, 50s 17m,24s 10m,18s 6m,45s 1m,59s 6m,47s 10m,59s
Plastique 41m, 57s 22m,15s 17m,36s 9m,33s 6m,33s 7m,45s
Toxic 41m, 50s 16m,1s 9m,55s 9m,30s 15m,22s 5m,15s 24m,49s
Instinct 41m, 46s 22m,33s 11m,10s 8m,26s 8m,5s 9m,54s
Committed 41m, 46s 19m,6s 16m,44s 21m,52s 14m,53s 5m,2s 6m,7s
Prey 41m, 44s 19m,55s 14m,39s 9m,3s 16m,47s
Identity 41m, 45s 24m,23s 5m,31s 13m,20s 11m,35s 4m,29s 6m,36s
Bloodline 41m, 45s 20m,26s 9m,33s 19m,16s 6m,29s 5m,52s 5m,26s
Abyss 41m, 40s 20m,57s 29m,46s 12m,2s 8m,49s
Bride 41m, 18s 19m,38s 13m,7s 16m,4s 9m,52s 4m,38s 10m,4s 10m,2s
Legion 41m, 57s 24m,21s 13m,35s 3m,39s 9m,25s
Bulletproof 41m, 24s 22m,24s 2m,35s 7m,45s 7m,7s 9m,11s
Power 41m, 40s 15m,2s 8m,17s 12m,8s 20m,15s
Requiem 41m, 36s 23m,35s 10m,19s 12m,10s 19m,21s
Infamous 41m, 59s 27m,31s 12m,11s 14m,41s 6m,50s
Turbulence 41m, 44s 16m,6s 13m,18s 15m,50s 12m,35s 11m,56s
Hex 41m, 30s 22m,41s 26m,57s* 4m,20s 12m,22s
Eternal** 41m, 46s 16m,1s 16m,14s 11m,25s 22m,42s
Stiletto 41m, 58s 18m,56s 11m,57s 22m,48s 9m,27s 6s***
Beast 41m, 38s 12m,51s 20m,36s 10m,38s 15m,43s 16m,59s
Injustice 41m, 51s 24m,9s **** 16m,39s 11m,50s
Doomsday 42m, 19s 21m,40s 16m,18s 7m,54s 9m,40s 4m,9s 8m,10s 5m,26s
Season Totals 447m, 55s 290m, 30s 154m, 29s 113m, 4s 119m, 17s 118m, 2s 129m, 55s 68m, 23s

  • Highest screen times are in bold
  • Shortest screen times are in italics


(* Chloe's screen time in Hex includes her time as Lois) (** In Eternal both Clark's and Davis' screen time includes the screen time of their younger selves in the flashbacks)

(*** Davis' screen time in Stiletto is only as Doomsday, not his human counterpart)

(**** As the real Chloe was not in Injustice, her screen time is 0, but Eva Greer in the form of Chloe was on screen for 10m 12s)


  • This is the first time since Season 4 that Clark's screen time has increased.
  • This season is Chloe's highest screen time ever. The only other occasion for Chloe's screen time to exceed 200 minutes was during Season 6.
  • Chloe has 3 episodes this season where she has the most screen time. This is the most times within a single season that this has happened.
  • This season follows the recent trend with the characters with the least screen time being killed off, as both Jimmy and Davis died in the season finale and Lana had already left the show by season's end.
  • All main cast members screen time increases this year. This has never happened before.
  • All main cast members have more than 100 minutes screen time each. This is the first time this has happened.
  • Abyss is Chloe's highest ever screen time in a single hour episode.

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