The Season 8 opening credits appear near the beginning of each Season Eight episode.

The credits mostly includes footage from Season 3-7 and the first few Season 8 episodes including Odyssey, Plastique, Toxic and Instinct.


Smallville Season 8 Opening Credits Official Allrights Belong To Warner Bros Entertainment

Smallville Season 8 Opening Credits Official Allrights Belong To Warner Bros Entertainment

Video of the Season 8 opening credits

Cast Credits

Among all the seasons, Season Eight has the largest number of changes in the credits. Of the regular cast members of Season Seven, four actors are no longer credited while three are new, resulting in 7 cast members appearing in the opening credits.

No longer credited are Michael Rosenbaum and Kristin Kreuk, who were present since Season One, John Glover, who was present since Season Two, and Laura Vandervoort. Of the original cast members, only Tom Welling and Allison Mack are left and remain for all the following seasons. So does Erica Durance who first appeared in Season Four and was first credited in Season Five.

New are Cassidy Freeman, Sam Witwer, and Justin Hartley who already had recurring occurrences during Season Six and Season Seven.

The cast is credited in the following order.


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  • Episode indicates the episode from which the corresponding setting is taken.
  • Used indicates the season or seasons in which the corresponding setting is used for the opening credits.
Screenshots Description Episode Used
S8Credits-00001 A comet approaches the sun 3x05 Perry S. 5 -
S. 10
Oc5-02 Ruins of the comet fall into the sun and cause solar flares 3x05 Perry S. 5 -
S. 10
S8Credits-00002 Meteor rocks from the 2005 meteor shower rain down on Smallville 4x22 Commencement S. 5 -
S. 10
S8Credits-00003 Clark saves a young boy during the 2005 meteor shower 4x22 Commencement S. 5 -
S. 10
S8Credits-Tom Character: Tom Welling as Clark Kent  ? S. 5 -
S. 10
Background: Clark fighting Bizarro 7x01 Bizarro S. 8
S8Credits-00004 Clark working at a Russian labor camp before being rescued by Oliver Queen 8x01 Odyssey S. 8 -
S. 9
S8Credits-9 The key glows after Clark tells Chloe Sullivan that the world would be better if he hadn't come to Earth. 7x18 Apocalypse S. 8
S8Credits-00007 Chloe runs for her life in Black Creek, after realizing she's not being held by the DDS 8x01 Odyssey S. 8 -
S. 9
S8Credits-Allison Character: Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan,
 ? S. 5 -
S. 10
Background: Chloe finds Davis at the Isis Foundation 8x03 Toxic S. 8
S8Credits-00008 Lois gets out of Crater Lake. 5x04 Aqua S. 6 -
S. 9
S8Credits-00009 Lois defends herself in an underground fight club 6x17 Combat S. 7 -
S. 8
S8Credits-Erica Character: Erica Durance as Lois Lane
 ? S. 5 -
S. 10
Background: Lois smiling at Clark. 8x04 Instinct S. 8 -
S. 9
S8Credits-00010 Jimmy Olsen in the backyard of the Talon waiting for Chloe 6x20 Noir S. 7 -
S. 8
S8Credits-00011 Jimmy Olsen goes undercover 7x17 Sleeper S. 8
S8Credits-Aaron Character: Aaron Ashmore as Jimmy Olsen
 ? S. 7 -
S. 8
Background: Jimmy taking pictures of a crime scene at the Daily Planet 6x20 Noir S. 7 -
S. 8
S8Credits-00013 Kryptonite flying around after an underground explosion caused by Jodi Keenan 6x19 Nemesis S. 7 -
S. 8
S8Credits-00014 Tess Mercer in her new role as boss of the Daily Planet 8x02 Plastique S. 8
S8Credits-00015 Tess Mercer is surprised at the Arctic Circle by the Justice League 8x01 Odyssey S. 8 -
S. 9
S8Credits-Cassidy Character: Cassidy Freeman as Tess Mercer
 ? S. 8 -
S. 10
Background: Tess entering the Luthor Mansion 8x01 Odyssey S. 8
S8Credits-00016 Paramedic Davis Bloome appears at the scene of a bus explosion 8x02 Plastique S. 8
S8Credits-00017 Davis Bloome with Chloe in the Isis Foundation 8x02 Plastique S. 8
S8Credits-Sam Character: Sam Witwer as Davis Bloome
 ? S. 8
Background: Davis helping out as a paramedic 8x02 Plastique S. 8
S8Credits-00019 Bizarro listens for Chloe with his super hearing 7x09 Gemini S. 8
S8Credits-00020 Clark destroying the blue crystal at the end 7x08 Blue S. 8
S8Credits-00021 Clark and Green Arrow look for Chloe in Black Creek 8x01 Odyssey S. 8
S8Credits-00022 Bizarro leaps up a staircase 7x09 Gemini S. 8
S8Credits-00023 Clark using super speed on Lois in the alternate reality 7x18 Apocalypse S. 8
S8Credits-00025 Oliver prepares to be Green Arrow 6x07 Rage S. 8
S8Credits-00026 Oliver in his apartment waiting for Lois 7x11 Siren S. 8
S8Credits-Justin Character: Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen
 ? S. 8 -
S. 10
Background: Oliver as Green Arrow aiming at a car with a robber in it 6x07 Rage S. 8,
S. 10
S8Credits-00028 Chloe and Oliver looking down at Black Canary just after she jumps off the Daily Planet rooftop 7x11 Siren S. 8
S8Credits-00029 Generic shot of the Daily Planet rooftop Various episodes S. 8
S8Credits-00030 Clark just after he destroyed Brainiac using electricity 7x20 Arctic S. 8
S8Credits-4 Clark super leaps on to a moving truck carrying the abducted Lois and her sister Lucy 4x16 Lucy S. 5 -
S. 8,
S. 10
S8Credits-00032 Tess practicing her fighting technique 8x04 Instinct S. 8
S8Credits-00033 Clark attends a press conference undercover in an alternate reality 7x18 Apocalypse S.8 -
S. 9
S8Credits-00039 Lex's helicopter with Lana on board crashes during the 2005 meteor shower 4x22 Commencement S. 5 -
S. 8
S8Credits-00034 Clark rescues Tess Mercer from the wreckage of a bus 8x02 Plastique S. 8
S8Credits-00035 Clark uses his heat vision to warm Jimmy and Lois after rescuing them from a freezer. 7x16 Descent. S. 8
S8Credits-00036 Clark for the first time in the Fortress of Solitude after it formed from the Crystal of Knowledge 5x01 Arrival S. 7 -
S. 8
Credits-00119 Kal-El flies above the clouds. 4x01 Crusade S. 5 -
S. 9
Credits-00120 Kal-El flies above the clouds. 4x01 Crusade S. 5 -
S. 8


  • Clark is shown using several of his super powers: super leaps (in Season 4's Lucy), super speed (in Season 7's Apocalypse and in Season 4's Commencement) and heat vision (in Season 7's Descent).
  • In addition to Clark, two other characters are shown using superpowers. Bizarro is shown using two of his superpowers: super hearing and flight/super-leaps, while Kal-El is shown flying. This means that Tom Welling appears in three of his major roles in the series: as Clark Kent, Bizarro, and as Kal-El.
  • Bizarro appears twice in the opening credits: once while listening for a bomb about to kill Chloe, and again while flying/jumping up the stairs to rescue her. This is the most appearances of any non-main character in the opening credits.
  • Clark is shown twice de-powered: once in Season 7's Blue, and again in Season 8's Odyssey.
  • Davis Bloome features the least in the credits whereas the other new character Tess Mercer reappears several times throughout the credits.
  • Allison Mack is moved from 4th up to 2nd billing, Erica Durance from 5th to 3rd billing, and Aaron Ashmore from 6th to 4th billing
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