The Pilot episode of Smallville describes the population as 25,001 in 1989 and 45,001 in 2001. For such a small town, they seem to have an inordinate number of deaths. This article will detail the body count of each episode in Season Eight. Serious injuries and other crimes will also be noted, but only actual lives lost will be tallied. Likewise, although Clark saves people from various ill fates, his rescues will only be counted if death seemed reasonably certain. Since the death of a metahuman is not always certain, continual updates are expected.

Odyssey (9/18/08)
801Smallville0833 Lives lost: 2 Lives saved: 2 Villain: Missing (Regan); unknown (Ray); at liberty (Tess Mercer)
Two LuthorCorp security guards were killed at the basecamp by Black Canary and Green Arrow. Arthur Curry saved Green Arrow from being shot by Regan Matthews. Martian Manhunter saved Clark Kent by flying him close to the Sun after a serum controlled Green Arrow shot him twice. Chloe, Lois, AC and Black Canary were rescued from captivity, but it is unknown if they were in mortal danger. Ray's fate is unknown, Tess Mercer is still at liberty.
Plastique (9/25/08)
802Smallville0096 Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 2 plus several on the bus Villain: Alive (captured)
Bette Sans Souci kills Tommy Walker for betraying her to LuthorCorp three years prior. Clark saves several people from a burning bus including Tess Mercer. Clark Kent saved Chloe Sullivan from being killed by Bette.
Toxic (10/2/08)
803Smallville0433 Lives lost: 7 Lives saved: 3 (Oliver and Tess twice, Marcos once) Villain: Dead (Marcos)
In the flashback, Tess Mercer reports that pirates killed their guide and three of Tess's classmates. Her friend Megan is also killed. Oliver Queen's date Adrianna was misdiagnosed and killed accidentally by hospital staff. Tess killed Marcos poisoning him and sending him to the hospital where she knew that he would get incorrect and fatal care. Tess saved Oliver from the poison in a flashback, while Clark, Chloe and Tess saved Oliver again in the present. Clark saved Tess from Marcos.
Instinct (10/9/08)
804Smallville0607 Lives lost: at least 5 Lives saved: 2 Villain: Sent back to Almerac
Maxima killed a stockbroker and several other men with a kiss. She killed the entire LuthorCorp four member SWAT team sent to capture her. Clark Kent saved Jimmy Olsen's life after he was kissed by Maxima by rushing him to the hospital. The Luthorcorp SWAT team momentarily saved Lois Lane's life by distracting Maxima but Clark Kent saved her by whisking Maxima away.
Committed (10/16/08)
805Smallville0374 Lives lost: 6 Lives saved: 4 Villain: Macy Arrested
Macy electrocuted and killed three couples with his lie detector machine. Lois and Clark's investigation allowed him to save Lois Lane and himself from Macy. Chloe Sullivan and Jimmy Olsen were previously captured by Macy, but saved themselves after passing Macy's test. Macy was placed in jail. (Clark also stopped Lois from walking into traffic.)
Prey (10/23/08)
806Smallville0096 Lives lost: 1 (and at least 1 off-screen) Lives saved: 2 Villain: Randy Klein (captured) Davis Bloome (at liberty)
Mary Pierson is killed by fellow meteor-infected Randy Klein. He also kills a business man. Davis Bloom's alter ego kills a nun off screen as well as many other people who were at the Ace of Clubs night club. Jimmy Olsen and Davis are saved by Clark Kent from Randy.
Identity (10/30/08)
807Smallville1343 Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 2 (Lois twice, Jimmy once) Villain: Sebastian Kane (dead); Mugger (in custody), Tess Mercer (at liberty), Brainiac (at liberty in Chloe's body).
Clark saved Lois from being hit by an oncoming car during a mugging and later from Sebastian Kane. Oliver Queen, dressed as the mysterious hero, saves Jimmy Olsen from the same mugger, but it is unknown if the mugger attempted to kill Jimmy. A Brainiac-influenced or controlled Chloe Sullivan overloaded Kane's brain with information causing it to crash, presumably killing him.
Bloodline (11/6/08)
808Smallville1073 Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 3 (Kara and Clark once each, Lois twice) Villain: Captured in the Martian Manhunter's crystal (Faora)
In Lois' body, Faora kills a Daily Planet employee and stabs Davis Bloome, but she knew he would recover. Clark Kent saves Lois Lane from an attack from Kara Kent in the Phantom Zone. Clark and Kara save Lois by sending her back to earth, and Kara (with help from John Jones) saves her by banishing the spirit of Faora from her body. Clark saves Kara from the Phantom Zone by refusing to leave without her. With help from Oliver Queen, Chloe saves both Clark and Kara by activating the Crystal of Knowledge and allowing them to come back to Earth.
Abyss (11/13/08)
809Smallville0982 Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 1 Villain: Brainiac (at liberty, taken control of the Fortress of Solitude)
Clark Kent and Jor-El in the reconstructed Fortress of Solitude saved Chloe Sullivan from Brainiac removing her memories.
Bride (11/20/08)
810Smallville1113 Lives lost: 2 (1 offscreen) Lives saved: At least 1 (Jimmy), others unknown Villain: At liberty (Doomsday and Brainiac)
Offscreen Doomsday killed a unknown person, then a security guard after morphing back to Doomsday from Davis Bloome after he caught Bloome disposing of the remains of the off screen victim. Jimmy Olsen was saved by the Smallville medical emergency staff at least temporarily. Others from the wedding reception were saved by the same methods. Lana Lang saved Clark from his own kryptonite rock. A conversation in Turbulence, between Jimmy and Chloe suggests that no one died at the wedding.
Legion (1/15/08)
811Smallville0065 Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 3 & likely billions Villain: 3; Two captured and transported to the future (Brainiac and The Persuader ); One At Large (Doomsday)
The Legion saves Clark Kent form the Persuader. Chloe Sullivan was saved by Clark from both Brainiac and the Legion willing to sacrifice her to destroy Brainiac. Irma was saved from Brainiac by Garth and Rokk. Clark and the Legion saved billions.
Bulletproof (1/22/08)
812Smallville0033 Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 5 (Dan Turpin twice) Villain: 5 corrupt cops including Simmons and Talbert.
Dr. Emil Hamilton saved the life of John Jones after he was shot by Simmons. Clark saved Dan Turpin from being shot in the back by an armed robber. Green Arrow saved the alleged murderer of Turpin's old partner from the Police Death Squad. Green Arrow saved Turpin from being shot by Simmons for the moment, yet a few minutes later Turpin was shot by Simmons but from a different angle so was not able to kill him. Clark saves both Green Arrow and Turpin from being killed by Simmons. The escaped convict that Jones arrested was killed by the Police Death Squad.
Power (1/29/08)
813Smallville0738 Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 3 (Lana twice) Villain: 2 (Tess at liberty. Regan Matthews captured)
Lana Lang saved herself from Lex Luthor's security; Tess Mercer saved herself from being killed by Regan Matthews, almost killing him (Doomsday reveals him to have survived); Dr. Edward Groll saved Lana from being killed by Tess; Lana saved Dr. Groll from being killed by Tess. Tess's chief of security was killed by Regan.
Requiem (2/5/09)
814Smallville0969 Lives lost: 12 Lives saved: 1 + substantial number of the citizens of Metropolis; (Oliver Queen saved twice) Villain: 2; 1 at large (Toyman), 1 dead (Lex Luthor)
Eleven of the 12 Luthorcorp Board of Directors were killed by a bomb planted in the Newton's cradle Executive toy by Winslow Schott a.k.a. "The Toyman" under the direction of Lex Luthor. Tess Mercer, the twelfth member of the Board, was not present. Oliver Queen, who was present, was saved by the conference table initially and by the Metropolis Hospital staff. Oliver Queen saved himself from Schott. Lana Lang saved Metropolis from a Kryptonite enhanced bomb. Lex Luthor was killed by a bomb planted by Oliver Queen.
Infamous (3/12/09)
815Smallville1159 Lives lost: 1 (reset/current timeline) Lives saved: 3 Villain: 2; Doomsday at liberty, Linda Lake dead
In the original timeline Clark Kent saved a girl who deliberately jumped off a fire escape for Clark to save her; Lois Lane saves Clark Kent from Linda Lake. Chloe Sullivan was saved from Doomsday by Clark rewinding time. In the reset/current timeline a psychotic Davis Bloome smothered Linda Lake with a pillow.
Turbulence (3/19/09)
816Smallville0649 Lives lost: 2 (+2 offscreen) Lives saved: 5 Villain: At large (Davis Bloome & Tess Mercer)
Davis Bloome saved a man from a mugger and then killed the mugger/drug dealer; Davis killed the drunk driver who killed a mother and her daughter off screen; Clark Kent saved Tess Mercer form an air crash caused by a bomb she had planted in her own plane; Jimmy Olsen unwittingly saved a burgler from Davis; Chloe Sullivan unwittingly saved Jimmy Olsen from Davis Bloome; Chloe unwittingly saved herself from Doomsday with her compassion for Davis.
Hex (3/26/09)
817Smallville1067 Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 3 Villain: 0 (No real villain)
Metropolis police saved a man from his own wish granted by Zatanna. Clark Kent saved Zatanna from sacrificing herself to resurrect her father, Zantanna and Clark save Chloe Sullivan from the vortex after she blundered into it.
Eternal (4/2/09)
818Smallville0526 Lives lost: 12+ offscreen Lives saved: 0 Villain: 2 (Tess at liberty; Davis resurrected and in hiding)
Twelve plus killed by Davis Bloome off screen including a body he dismembered and he buried in a field. Chloe Sullivan saved Clark Kent from a charging Davis by dumping a tank of a liquid mixed with Kryptonite on Davis in the Kryptonite cage. Davis, being an alien probably could had killed Clark. Davis seemingly died but due to his adaptive DNA he resurrected stronger than before.
Stiletto (4/23/09)
819Smallville0973 Lives lost: 2 Lives saved: 4 (Chloe, Lois, Jimmy and Clark twice each) Villain: 4 (2 killed {Ron & Ricky}), 1 in custody {Bruno}, 1 at large {Davis/Doomsday})
Chloe Sullivan was saved by Lois Lane from two car jackers, Bruno Mannheim and Ricky. Chloe was saved from AJ by Doomsday. Stiletto, a.k.a Lois Lane, saved Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen from Bruno. Clark saved Lois from being shot by Bruno. Jimmy Olsen saved Lois from being shot in the head by Bruno. Lois saved Jimmy from Bruno. Jimmy and Lois unknowingly saved Clark from the Kryptonite. Ron Milano was assasinated by Bruno to take over the organization. AJ was killed by Doomsday.
Beast (04/30/09)
820Smallville0171 Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 3 Villain: 2 (Chloe Sullivan and Davis Bloome at large.)
Chloe harbored Davis in the Talon´s basement. Oliver Queen saved Jimmy Olsen from Davis by convincing him that Chloe would never forgive him for killing Jimmy. Clark saved Oliver from Davis killing him. Chloe saved Davis from Clark sending him to the Phantom Zone.
Injustice (05/7/09)
821Smallville0175 Lives lost: 3 Lives saved: 2 Villain: 4 (Doomsday and Tess at liberty, Plastique & Parasite in custody.)
Neutron was killed by Doomsday; Livewire was killed by Tess Mercer for threatening to leave the group. Eva Greer was killed by Tess for revealing truth of their mission to Clark. Green Arrow saved Clark and Tess from Plastique and Parasite. Livewire and Neutron weren't villains as they were tracking down Doomsday but Plastique and Parasite became villains when they seeked revenge on Tess.
Doomsday (05/14/09)
822Smallville0992 Lives lost: 2 Lives saved: 5 Villain: 3 (Doomsday imprisoned underground, Davis Bloome deceased, Tess Mercer at liberty)
Lois Lane saves herself from being attacked by Tess Mercer; James Olsen saves Clark Kent from Green Arrow's (non fatal) Kryptonite arrow; Chloe Sullivan saved Davis Bloome from being sent to the same fate with Doomsday by using Black kryptonite to split him off from Doomsday; Clark Kent saves a little girl from a rampaging Doomsday; It is unknown if Doomsday killed anyone during his rampage through Metropolis. Jimmy Olsen saves Chloe from Davis Bloome's murderous rage; Jimmy kills Davis Bloom; Davis killed Jimmy (Jimmy was fatally wounded by Davis but Jimmy killed Davis in a brief struggle before dying in Chloe's arms).


  • At least Sixty-Four people died this season, although some were killed off-screen. This makes it the highest death count of any season.
  • There are only 4 episodes this season where no one died. That's the lowest number of such episodes of any season.
  • By the end of this season, there have been 51 episodes where no one died. That's an average of approximately 6 episodes per season.
  • Clark saved Lois 7 times (on 2 occasions he saved her twice in the same episode)1234567 Chloe 5 times 12345, Tess123 and Oliver123 3 times each and Jimmy12 twice.
  • He saved Kara1 and Davis1 once each.
  • Clark was saved by Chloe12, Lois12and Jimmy12 twice each. Clark was also saved by the Martian Manhunter1, Lana1, Oliver1 and the Legion1 once each. He saved himself once1.

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