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The sixth season of Smallville began airing on September 28, 2006 and concluded its initial airing on May 17, 2007 with 22 episodes.

This was the first season to be broadcast on The CW television network after The WB had stopped broadcasting on September 19, 2006.


This season provided the show's first glimpse into the Phantom Zone. The destinies of Lionel and Lex play out in the aftermath of Lex's possession by Zod and Lionel's adoption as the oracle of Jor-El. Several criminals escape the Phantom Zone with Clark, and DC Comics characters Jimmy Olsen, Oliver Queen and Martian Manhunter are introduced this season, and the first glimpse of the Justice League is seen when Victor Stone, Arthur Curry, and Bart Allen all return to Smallville. Lex's relationship with Clark is completely shattered as his relationship with Lana progresses. Lana soon discovers she is pregnant and decides to accept his proposal of marriage.

Lana and Lex's relationship dissolves when she discovers the truth about her pregnancy while simultaneously discovering Clark's secret. She tries to leave Lex and Smallville with disastrous consequences. As Lex, Clark, and Lionel all search for the missing Phantom Zone escapees, Lex's Level 33.1 project advances dangerously. It becomes personal for Lois when Lex exploits one of her childhood friends and she vows to take him down. Lois and Clark have their first kiss, shadowing their future relationship. Chloe begins a relationship with Jimmy Olsen, but also discovers that she has a mysterious, latent meteor power. Martha Kent moves to Washington, D.C., to represent Kansas in the US Senate.

Opening Credits

Season Six credits include footage from Season Four, Season Five, and the Season Six premiere episode Zod. The opening credits for each episode include the following:

S8Credits-00002.png Credits6-00005.png
Credits6-00009.png Credits6-00013.png
Credits6-00016.png Credits6-00018.png
Credits6-00022.png Credits6-00026.png
Credits6-00034.png Credits6-00038.png

Recurring Characters

The following Recurring Characters appear in more than one episode this season:

The following Recurring Characters appear in only one episode this season, but also appear in other seasons:

Cameo Roles

While the following recurring characters did appear in these episodes, their faces were not fully shown, nor were their actors credited:

Recurring Locations

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Episode List: 2006-2007

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Credits6-00012.png Zod (episode) Writer: Steven S. DeKnight Director: James Marshall September 28, 2006 #111 601
Clark must escape the Phantom Zone, a Kryptonian prison. Possessing Lex's body, Zod begins his plans to turn Earth into a Krypton-like planet using the alien ship's hard drive. After Lois and Martha's plane crashes near the Fortress of Solitude, Jor-El tells Martha how to kill Zod. Chloe reunites with an old flame, Jimmy Olsen.
602Smallville0845.jpg Sneeze Writer: Todd Slavkin, Darren Swimmer Director: Paul Shapiro October 5, 2006 #112 602
Clark is ill. His sneezes are very destructive. Chloe points out that this indicates another ability: the super-blow. Meanwhile, Lois lands a job at The Inquisitor, the local tabloid. Lana moves in with Lex. Lex gets abducted due to people seeing his superhuman powers. Meet: Oliver Queen.
Wither.jpg Wither Writer: Tracy Bellomo Director: Whitney Ransick October 12, 2006 #113 603
After Lex throws a charity ball, Clark and Chloe search for Jimmy Olsen who gets "all tied up" by a mysterious being who traps human males for procreating. Clark discovers that he's not the only one that escaped the Phantom Zone. The love interests intensify between the two couples: Oliver-Lois, and Lana-Lex.
Sv604 0078.jpg Arrow Writer: Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson Director: Michael Rohl October 19, 2006 #114 604
Green Arrow is stealing from the rich and someone is donating stolen jewelry to museums. Clark follows a clue to discover the truth about Oliver Queen, who also discovers Clark's abilities.
Reunion1.jpg Reunion Writer: Steven S. DeKnight Director: Jeannot Szwarc October 26th, 2006 #115 605
Lex and Oliver's prep school past has come back with a vengeance: two of Oliver's friends are mysteriously and violently killed. Lex and Oliver are next... causing Lana's concussion. Clark discovers that "a handful" of "zoners" escaped the Phantom Zone... one arriving in Australia.
606Smallville0814.jpg Fallout Writer: Holly Harold Director: Glen Winter November 2, 2006 #116 606
Clark encounters Baern, a Phantom Zone escapee who absorbs various sources of energy to power radioactive strength. Tag-teaming with Raya, Clark realizes that he must fulfill his destiny. Meanwhile, Lex and Lana's relationship entangle deceit and double standards.
Rage1.jpg Rage Writer: Todd Slavkin, Darren Swimmer Director: Whitney Ransick November 9, 2006 #117 607
Clark and Chloe discover that Oliver Queen has been taking a special drug that has miraculous healing effects, while causing him to act erratically. Lana makes a shocking discovery.
608Smallville0068.jpg Static Writer: James Morris, Shintaro Shimosawa Director: James Conway November 16, 2006 #118 608
Clark confronts the Zoner Aldar, who feasts on bone marrow. Enter Martian Manhunter. Meanwhile, Lex encounters a metahuman seeking revenge for being a lab rat.
609Smallville0846.jpg Subterranean Writer: Caroline Dries Director: Rick Rosenthal December 7th, 2006 #119 609
Clark discovers that his neighbor, Jed McNally, is holding migrant laborers captive and forcing them to work on his farm. Feeling guilty since he sees himself as the ultimate illegal immigrant, Clark seeks help from Martha to allow a young boy and his mother to stay in the country.
Hydro-5.jpg Hydro Writer: Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson Director: Tom Welling January 11, 2007 #120 610
Daily Planet gossip columnist Linda Lake has the ability to turn herself into water and uses it to secretly overhear conversations for her column. Meanwhile, Lois begins to suspect Oliver is the Green Arrow and enlists Clark's help to prove it.
611Smallville1002.jpg Justice Writer: Steven S. DeKnight Director: Steven S. DeKnight January 18, 2007 #121 611
The beginings of the Justice League forms, including Impulse, Aquaman, Cyborg, and led by the Green Arrow. Clark discovers what teamwork really is as the Justice League blows the lid off Project 33.1.
Labyrinth4.jpg Labyrinth Writer: Al Septien, Turi Meyer Director: Whitney Ransick January 25, 2007 #122 612
Clark wakes up in a mental asylum where Dr. Hudson tells him he has been there for five years due to his elaborate fantasy that he has alien superpowers. In this new world, Martha Kent is married to Lionel Luthor, Chloe is deemed insane, and Lana chose Clark over Lex.
613Smallville0721.jpg Crimson Writer: Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson Director: Glen Winter February 1, 2007 #123 613
Lois tries on lipstick made with red kryptonite and becomes overwhelmed with desire for Clark. The two share a kiss and his inhibitions immediately shut down. Fueled by the red rock, Kal crashes Lex and Lana's engagement dinner and kidnaps the bride-to-be.
Tresspass0332.jpg Trespass Writer: Tracy Bellomo Director: Michael Rohl February 8, 2007 #124 614
Lana is being stalked and decides to hide out at the Kent Farm. Meanwhile, Jimmy breaks up with Chloe because he believes she isn't truly over Clark, but he helps Clark investigate the stalker.
615Smallville0794.jpg Freak Writer: Todd Slavkin, Darren Swimmer Director: Michael Rosenbaum February 15, 2007 #125 615
Tobias Rice was blinded in the second meteor shower, but he was left with the ability to sense other metahumans. Chloe is kidnapped and revealed to be meteor-infected.
616Smallville0837.jpg Promise Writer: Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson Director: Rick Rosenthal March 15, 2007 #126 616
On the day of Lex and Lana's wedding, Lex receives a threatening call from Dr. Langston. Lana begins to have second thoughts about marrying Lex and tries to back out, but Lionel Luthor steps in.
617Smallville0791.jpg Combat Writer: Turi Meyer, Al Septien Director: James Marshall March 22, 2007 #127 617
Clark and Chloe discover Titan, a Zoner, is the star of a secret fight club whose bloody battles to the death are broadcast on the internet. Lois investigates but is captured and forced to participate. Clark reveals his powers so he can fight Titan and save Lois.
618Smallville0667.jpg Progeny Writer: Genevieve Sparling Director: Terrence O'Hara April 19, 2007 #128 618
Lex develops a drug to wake Chloe's mother Moira from her catatonic state and forces her to control meteor freaks by threatening to kill Chloe. Clark helps Chloe break into the asylum to rescue Moira and finally get to know her mother.
619Smallville0656.jpg Nemesis Writer: Caroline Dries Director: Mairzee Almas April 26, 2007 #129 619
Jodi Keenan kidnaps Lex and injures Lionel to find out the truth about the death of her husband Wes. They become trapped in collapsing tunnels and Clark sets off to rescue Lex, but is immediately felled by the kryptonite lining the earthen walls. Lex and Clark realize the only way they will make it out alive is by helping each other.
620Smallville0385.jpg Noir Writer: Brian Peterson, Kelly Souders Director: Jeannot Szwarc May 3, 2007 #130 620
Lana is shot at the Daily Planet by a mysterious gunman. Jimmy passes out while studying photographs of the scene and dreams about a 1940s version of Smallville in which Lana is a femme fatale who orchestrated the murder of her tycoon husband Lex and Clark works at the Daily Planet as a reporter. Meanwhile, back in 2007, Chloe discovers why Lana married Lex.
621Smallville0846.jpg Prototype Writer: Steven S. DeKnight Director: Mat Beck May 10, 2007 #131 621
Lois's investigates a senator named Burke, who is attempting to shut down one of Lex's projects. After Burke is murdered, Lois learns that Lex is using her childhood friend Wes as the project main prototype.
622Smallville1059.jpg Phantom Writer: Todd Slavkin, Darren Swimmer Director: James Marshall May 17, 2007 #132 622
When Clark discovers Lionel threatened Lana to marry Lex, he goes after Lionel to silence him once and for all. Lana tells Lex she is leaving him, and Martian Manhunter makes a return appearance to help Clark stop Lex, who is trying to find the last wraith in order to use its DNA to power his army of super-soldiers. Meanwhile, Lois goes to Reeves Dam in search of information about Lex's secret lab and is brutally stabbed by a security guard. Chloe's secret power is revealed.


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