The Season 4 opening credits appear near the beginning of each Season Four episode.

Cast Credits

Of the regular cast members of Season Three, Sam Jones III has been replaced by Jensen Ackles.

The cast is credited in the following order.


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In the following, the settings which are included in the opening credits of season 4 are listed. A bit less than half of the settings have been maintained from the opening credits of earlier seasons, most of them are new and taken from different episodes of seasons 2, 3, and 4, especially from Crusade.

  • Episode indicates the episode from which the corresponding setting is taken.
  • Used indicates the season or seasons in which the corresponding setting is used for the opening credits.
Screenshots Description Episode Used
Oc1-01 The title of the show delevoping from block letters. S. 1 -
S. 4
Oc1-04 The title "Smallville" above an aerial view of the town of Smallville, taken from Lionel's helicopter shortly before the meteor shower 1x01 Pilot S. 1 -
S. 4
Oc2-05 Meteors approaching Smallville 1x01 Pilot S. 1 -
S. 4
Oc4-06 Character: Tom Welling as Clark Kent  ? S. 4
Background: Meteors falling upon Smallville 1x01 Pilot S. 1 -
S. 4
Oc1-07 A meteor flying over a street in Smallville 1x01 Pilot S. 1 -
S. 4
Oc1-08 The meteor hitting a water tower 1x01 Pilot S. 1 -
S. 4
Oc4-09 Shock wave of the explosion of the spaceship 2x23 Exodus S. 4
Oc4-10 Character: Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang
smiling to the young Harry Volk.
1x06 Hourglass S. 2 -
S. 4
Background: General view of the Talon.  ? S. 4
Oc1-11 Lex's car hitting Clark and going off the bridge. 1x01 Pilot S. 1 -
S. 4
Oc1-12 Clark rescuing Lex from the sunken car. 1x01 Pilot S. 1 -
S. 4
Oc4-13 Lex entering the main room at Luthor Mansion where Lionel is waiting for him. 2x20 Witness S. 4
Oc4-14 Character: Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor
when Clark visited him to ask for his help to find Chloe.
4x02 Gone S. 4
Background: Generic shot of the Luthor Mansion first seen in 1x01 Pilot S. 1 -
S. 4
Oc4-15 Clark in his dream swimming with Lana in the Crater Lake 3x04 Slumber S. 4 -
S. 5
Oc4-16 Clark as Kal in Metropolis taking Lana on a motorbike ride 3x01 Exile S. 4
Oc4-17 Jason watching a football match 4x04 Devoted S. 4
Oc4-18 Character: Jensen Ackles as Jason Teague,
getting jealous as he sees Clark and Lana talk to each other
4x04 Devoted S. 4
Background: The football team practising. 4x04 Devoted S. 4
Clark greeting Chloe as she returns from her internship at the Daily Planet
2x02 Heat S. 4
Oc4-20 Character: Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan,
smiling after hearing Marianne Taylor's confession.

3x18 Truth
S. 4
Background: Generic shot of Smallville High School first seen in 1x01 Pilot S. 1 -
S. 4
3f1bdacfaa31a65b731c4c96be253edb OPENING B ONLY
Clark after saving Jordan Cross from the house set on fire by Joseph Altman just as it explodes.
3x12 Hereafter S. 4
Clark catching the Crystal of Fire in Lex's airplane.
4x01 Crusade S. 4
Oc4-21 Lana getting possessed by Isobel Thoreaux at a church in Paris. 4x01 Crusade S. 4
Oc4-22 The Mark of El on Clark's chest starts burning. 3x01 Exile S. 4 -
S. 7,
S. 9
Oc2-23 Lionel speaking to the employees of LuthorCorp Fertilizer Plant Number Three and announcing that the plant will be closed 1x21 Tempest S. 2 -
S. 4
Oc4-24 Character: John Glover as Lionel Luthor,
during a conversation with Virgil Swann.
3x17 Legacy S. 4
Background: Generic shot of the globe on the rooftop of the Daily Planet skyscraper. first seen in 3x01 Exile S. 4
Oc1-27 Jonathan and Martha embracing each other 1x01 Metamorphosis
(Deleted Scene)
S. 1 -
S. 4
Oc2-26 Jonathan embracing Martha as they watch Clark and Ryan James playing basketball. 1x16 Stray S. 2 -
S. 4
Oc4-27 Character: Annette O'Toole as Martha Kent,
smiling at Jonathan when he lets Clark go to Kyle Tippet
1x11 Hug S. 2 -
S. 4
Background: Sign of the Kent Farm first seen in 1x03 Hothead S. 4
Oc4-28 Clark and Martha embracing each other after Clark had prevented LuthorCorp's bulldozers from destroying the Kawatche Caves. 2x10 Skinwalker S. 4
Oc4-29 Jonathan and Clark watching a tractor that Clark had thrown in the air. 3x05 Perry S.4 -
S. 5
Oc4-30 Character: John Schneider as Jonathan Kent,
talking to Martha and Clark not long after awakening from a coma.
4x01 Crusade
(Maybe alternate take)
S. 4
Background: Generic shot of the Kent barn. exact capture first seen in 2x21 Accelerate S. 1 -
S. 4
Oc2-31 Lana getting out of her car and watching the tornadoes approaching. 1x21Tempest S. 2 -
S. 6
Clark being held in the air by an energy beam
2x17 Rosetta S. 4
Clark catching the Crystal of Fire in Lex's airplane.
4x01 Crusade S. 4
Oc2-33 Clark stopping a bus that has gone out of control. 1x09 Rogue S. 2 -
S. 4,
S. 9
Oc2-35 Lana being thrown through the air by an explosion of a gas line. 1x20 Obscura S. 2 -
S. 4
Oc4-36 The Mark of El vanishes from Clark's chest after his fight with Jonathan. 3x02 Phoenix S.4,
S. 10
Oc1-39 Fans returning from the football match immediately before the meteor shower 1x01 Pilot S. 1 -
S. 4
Oc1-19 Clark strung up as the 'Scarecrow' with Lana's necklace inhibiting his powers 1x01 Pilot S. 1 -
S. 4,
S. 10
Oc4-39 Lana at the Talon as Clark, under the influence of Red kryptonite, suggests to blow off studying and go have some fun instead. 2x04 Red S. 4
Oc4-40 Lex tries to flee from Belle Reve. 3x09 Asylum S. 4
Chloe at the Smallville High School after having inhaled the truth gas and written her first unveiling story.
3x18 Truth S. 4
Clark putting his red kryptonite ring back on.
3x01 Exile S. 4
Oc4-42 Kal-El flying above the clouds in order to catch Lex's airplane. 4x01 Crusade S. 4
Oc4-43 Clark, reprogrammed as Kal-El, hears the beacon of the Crystal of Fire and prepares to fly. 4x01 Crusade S. 4 -
S. 6


  • These are the first opening credits to not include Sam Jones III as Pete Ross.
  • In the original airings of the first 2 episodes (Crusade and Gone) the opening credits did not include Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan, to create the illusion that she had died. For the sake of clarity, the opening credits in the above list will be entitled as follows:
    • A = the primarily used opening with Allison
    • B = the opening without Allison
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