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The following is a list of commercial music featured in Smallville's first season.

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Song Artist/Band Scene
"The Way It Is" Bruce Hornsby Played when Jonathan and Martha Kent stop by Nell's flower shop in 1989.
"Long Way Around" Eagle Eye Cherry Played when introduced to the Kent farm in present-day Smallville.
"Eight Half Letters" Stereoblis Played when Chloe, Pete, and Clark arrive at school.
"Unstoppable" The Calling Played when Lex Luthor is driving down the road about to hit Clark and drive off of the bridge.
"Wonder" Embrace Played when Clark looks at Lana and Whitney through his telescope.
"Inside The Memories" Fear The Clown Played when Jeremy Creek attacks the mechanic in the auto repair shop.
"Let's Go" Capitol Eye Played when Whitney picks Clark as the Scarecrow and the jocks throw him into the truck.
"Maybe" Stereophonics Played at the Homecoming dance, when Pete and Chloe, Lana and Whitney are dancing.
"Everything I Own" Jude Played at the homecoming dance, when Clark looks in and sees Lana and Whitney dancing.
"Woodstock Alice" Paul Trudeau Played when Lana and Whitney exit the dance to see trucks stacked in a pile.
"Everything" Lifehouse Played when Clark arrives home after the homecoming dance and imagines dancing with Lana.


Song Artist/Band Scene
"Last Resort" Papa Roach Played when Greg Arkin crashes his car.
"Island in the Sun" Weezer Played during the farmer's market scene.
"I Do" Better than Ezra Played when Whitney is driving his truck before Greg attacks him.
"Underdog (Save Me)" Turin Brakes Played when Lana is on her horse, before she talks to Lex.
"Damaged" Aeon Spoke Played when Lana confronts Whitney.
"Love You Madly" Cake Played when Clark talks to Chloe in the hallway at school.
"Wherever You Will Go" The Calling Played when Clark sees Whitney take Lana home and he anonymously returns her necklace.


Song Artist/Band Scene
"Renegade Fighter" Zed Played during the opening Football game.
"Clint Eastwood" Gorillaz Played when Clark, Chloe, and Pete arrive at school.
"Motivation" Sum 41 Played when Jonathan watches Clark playing football with the team.
"Bad Day" Fuel Played when Chloe tells Clark and Pete that "cars don't spontaneously combust".
"What I Want To Give You" Speed PLayed when Chloe works on her computer at the Torch.
"Never Let You Go" Third Eye Blind Played when Lex talks to Lana in the beanery.
"So Much For Love (acoustic)" The Contes Played when Clark tells Lex that Jonathan does not approve of him playing football.
"You" Binocular Played when Clark and Lana talk on the football field.


Song Artist/Band Scene
"Movies" Alien Ant Farm Played when the imposter Lex robs the bank.
"Ooh La La" The Wiseguys Played when Clark and Pete are in gym class.
"Breathe You In" Stabbing Westward Played when Tina visits Lana at her house.
"Up All Night" Unwritten Law Played during Lex's first run-in with Roger Nixon.
"Analyse" The Cranberries Played when Lana visits Chloe in the Torch office.
"Unbroken" Todd Thibaud Played when Clark tries to see through lead, Lana/Tina drops by the farm.


Song Artist/Band Scene
"Rescue" Eve 6 Played at the beginning, when Clark, Pete and Chloe arrive at the party by the lake.
"21 Girls" Steve Ancliffe Played at the party, when Clark warns Chloe not to trust Sean and when Sean and Whitney play catch just before Sean falls through the ice.
"Let Your Shoulder Fall" Matthew Jay Played In the Beanery, when Lex tells Lana he thinks she's with the wrong guy.
"Dreams" Maec Ferrari Played at the Beanery, when Clark asks Lana to the Radiohead concert.
"We're At the Top of the World" The Juliana Theory Played when Sean attacks Jenna in the shower.
"Every Word" Bosshouse Played when Clark drops Lana off at the Beanery so he can go save Chloe from Sean.
"On Your Side" Pete Yorn Played when Pete shows up at the Beanery with his date.
"Just Gotta Know" Bosshouse Played when Clark returns to the Beanery to find Lana gone.
"So We'll Drive" Matt Beckler Played in the school hallway, when Chloe pays a visit to Jenna's memorial wall.
"Standing Still" Jewel Played at the end, when Lana walks away from Clark in the school hallway.


Song Artist/Band Scene
"Piano Sonata No. 3 In B Minor" (Presto, Non Tanto) Frederic Chopin Played on Harry's record player.
"5/4" Gorillaz Played in the Beanery, when Lana muses to Chloe and Clark how she lost a whole old person.
"Piano Sonata No. 1 In C Minor" (Finale) Frederic Chopin Played by Harry on the piano in the nursing home to Cassandra.
"Time Served" Dispatch Played when Lex rages his car around a corner and Clarks tells him to be more careful.
"Crush" Kevin Clay Played when Clark, Chloe, Lana and Pete investigate Harry in the Torch office.


Song Artist/Band Scene
"Slide" Dido Played when Jodi first weighs herself, looks in the mirror, and begins to slim down.
"What's Your Name" Big Paul Strange Played when Jodi talks to Clark, Pete and Chloe outside of school.
"Innocent" Fuel When Clark looks through his telescope and sees Whitney and Lana on Lana's front porch.
"Invisible" Third Eye Blind Played when Chloe finds Jodi cutting the heads off models in magazines.
If I Could" Elusive Played when Pete asks Jodi if she should see the nurse.
"The Crown Jewels" He's So Zen In the cafeteria when Clark and Chloe watch Jodi wolf down her food.
"There Are No Answers" Aeon Spoke PLayed when Lana hides on Lex's terrace because Clark stood her up.
"Hero" Enrique Iglesias Played at the end, when Clark and Lana watch Bugs Bunny cartoons from Clark’s truck.


Song Artist/Band width="50%
"Pacific Coast Party" Smash Mouth Played at the beginning, when Martha and Jonathan leave for Metropolis.
"The People That We Love" Bush Played when Earl Jenkins accidentally kills the janitor at the Luthorcorp office.
"My Bridges Burn" The Cult Played during Clark's party as the first song heard.
"Bad Idea" Bad Ronald Played when Lana arrives at Clark's party.
"Tie Me Up" Handsome Devil Played at Clark's party when Whitney arrives.


Song Artist/Band Scene
"Step It Up" Stereo Played at the beginning, when Lex, Clark, Lana and Whitney are at the Metropolis Museum.
"I Have Seen" Zero 7 Played when Lex and Victoria Hardwick are talking in the Luthor mansion.
"Numb" Grant Park Played When Principal Kwan fires Chloe in front of Lana, Clark and Pete.
"Angel" Massive Attack Played when Lex and Sam Phelan talk about Clark in the Beanery.
"Love In December" Club 8 Played when Jonathan threatens Sam Phelan in the Beanery.
"Breathing" Lifehouse Played when Lana announces that Principal Kwan has made her the new editor of the Torch.
"She Lives By The Water" Club 8 Played when Lex and Victoria plan a takeover of their fathers’ companies.
"Take Your Time" Radford Played when Lex offers Clark the use of his lawyers to help Jonathan.
"Not Looking Back" Driver Played when Principal Kwan makes Chloe the editor of the Torch again.


Song Artist/Band Scene
"When I'm With You" Simple Plan Played at the beginning, as Clark and Lana talk about the blood drive.
"Evolution Revolution Love" Tricky Played when Clark and Chloe are talking in the Beanery.
"Galaxy" (Gonna Be Alright) Vigilantes Of Love Played during the scene in the Torch, when Clark and Chloe discuss the vandalism in Lex’s house.
"If I Go" Thrift Store Halo Played when Clark sees the school counsellor talking to Whitney and spots his father’s heart medication when he drops his backpack.
"Blend" Something Else Played when Clark and Amy talk in the Beanery.
"Poor Misguided Fool" Starsailor Played in the Beanery, when Clark and Lex talk about Whitney’s dad's situation.
(The Crush of Velvet Glove Starlight)
Vigilantes Of Love Played in the Torch, when Chloe finds “green stuff” on a shard of mirror that makes her fingers turn invisible.
"Caught In The Sun" Course of Nature Played at the end when Whitney and Lana reconcile on her front porch.


Song Artist/Band Scene
"Let Me Take You There" Syd Dale Played when Bob Rickman enters the elevator after telling Paul Hendrix to kill himself.
"Knowing You" Sidney James Played when Bob Rickman and Lex meet and Rickman tells Lex his plans to buy the Kent farm.
"Into You" Jennifer Knapp Played when Lex warns Clark about Bob Rickman in the Beanery.
"On A Mission" Sucker Pump Played when Whitney threatens Kyle Tippet in front of Bob Rickman’s office.
"Mistaken I.D." Citizen Cope Played when Chloe, Pete and Clark talk about Bob Rickman and Kyle Tippit in the Torch office.
"Slow Down" Wayne Played when Clark and Lex meet in the Beanery and discuss the contract that Jonathan signed.
"Have a Nice Day" Stereophonics Played when Lex talks to Bob Rickman in the Beanery and Clark crushes Bob’s hand in a handshake.
"Into the Lavender" Rubyhorse Played when Chloe, Clark and Lex discuss Bob and Kyle's past in the Beanery.


Song Artist/Band Scene
"Fade" Staind Played at the beginning, when Eric and Clark are hit by lightning at the top of the dam.
"Elevation" (remix) U2 Played when a thief tries to steal Chloe's purse and Eric stops him and throws him across the street.
"Snapperhead" Mark Cherrie Played when Chloe and Pete talk to Clark about Erics heroics and Chloe dubs him Superboy.
"Fat Lip" Sum 41 Played when Clark plays his first basketball game as a normal guy with Pete, Whitney and Brent.
"Amplify My Soul" Keith Kohn Played When Victoria and her father meet with Lex in Metropolis.
"Bonecracker" Shocore Played in the school parking lot, when Eric asks out Holly throws and attacks Brent before throwing Clark on top of a car.
"Inflatable" Bush Played at the end, when Clark gives Lana back her necklace at the Talon.


Song Artist/Band Scene
"Set It Off" P.O.D. Played at the beginning, when Wade, Scott and Derek break into Lex’s house.
"New World Order" Onesidezero Played when the robbers envision the money that Lex might have stashed in his home.
"1 A.M." Beautiful Creatures Played at Wade’s party, when he gives Whitney a tattoo with kryptonite ink.
"I Wanna Make You Yell" Sucker Pump Played in Wade's car when the gang pick up Whitney after work.
"Perfect Memory" Remy Zero Played when Lana pitches her idea of renovating the Talon to Lex.


Song Artist/Band Scene
"Battleflag" (Lo-Fidelity Allstars Remix) Pigeonhead Played at the beginning when Lex and Amanda arrive at Club Zero.
"God Is A DJ" Faithless Played durring each flashback to Club Zero.
"Big T" Fred Rapoport Played in Lex's car as he arrives at the Talon, right before Max Kasich finds him.
"Zulu" Richard Butler Played in Lex's car as he comes up to Clark and Lana outside the Talon.
"Let's Go For A Ride" Eleventeen Played When Pete and Chloe talk about Clark’s past in the school hallway.
"Lonely Road Of Faith" Kid Rock Played when Chloe saves the information about Clark’s adoption at the end.


Song Artist/Band Scene
"Saturday Night's Alright" Hal Lovejoy Played in James Beals’ car when he crashes into Jonathan’s truck.
Theme from "The Dukes of Hazzard" ("Good Ol' Boys") Waylon Jennings Played in Jonathan's truck before he James Beal's crashes into him.
"Sadie Hawkins Dance" Relient K Played when Pete and Clark talk about how weird Jonathan has been acting.
"I Will Make U Cry" Nelly Furtado Played when Lana makes her grand entrance through the school hallway.
"I Have Seen" and "Destiny" Zero 7 Played when Clark first sees Lana's new appearance and they talk about trust.
"Supernatural" By Divine Right Played when Lana strips down in front of Clark by the pool and then kisses him.
"Love Sweet Love" Josh Clayton-Felt Played when Lana comes into the Talon and announces they are closing early.
"Big Day" Puracane Played when Lana tries to seduce Lex in the Talon.
"Beautiful Day" U2 Played at the end, when Clark and Lana are on top of the windmill in Chandler’s field.


Song Artist/Band Scene
"Free to Change Your Mind" Regency Buck Played at the beginning, when Ryan runs away from his step family.
"Lonely Day" Phantom Planet Played when Clark and Ryan play basketball.
"Dragging Me Down" Todd Thibaud Played at the Talon, when Lex tells Ryan he is a fan of Warrior Angel.
"Hollywood" Micah Green PLayed when Jonathan and Ryan go to the Talon and Ryan tries to find out Lana’s secret.
"Is It Love?" Todd Thibaud Played when Ryan says goodbye to Lana in the Talon.
"Superman" Five For Fighting Played at the end, when the Kents say goodbye to Ryan.


Song Artist/Band Scene
"Friends & Family" Trik Turner Played in the Talon, when Lana announces that Whitney’s dad has had a heart attack.
"Falcor" Firengine Red Played when Chloe tells Pete and Clark about her spontaneous combustion theory.
"The Weight of My Words" ("Four Tet Remix") Kings of Convenience Played when Clark and Lana talk in the Talon about Whitney.
"Sparkle" Rubyhorse Played at the end when Whitney plays for the Metropolis Sharks in front of his dad.


Song Artist/Band Scene
"Fever For The Flava" Hot Action Cop Played at the beginning, when we meet all the potential class presidents.
"Wake Up Elvis" Alan Charing Played when Pete announces that he has nominated Clark for class president.
Wogs Will Walk" Cornershop Played when Lex pulls over to help a woman in red with car troubles,
"If There's Love" Citizen Cope Played when Lana tells Clark how empty the Talon has been in the past few days
"The Middle" Jimmy Eat World Played when Chloe asks Clark what his stance is on certain issues.
"Opaline" Dishwalla Played when Lana and Clark agree that it’s really annoying when people quote the Godfather.
"Big Day" Puracane Played when Carrie Castle gives Lex a massage, wanting to get an interview with him.
"Stick 'Em Up" Quarashi Played when Principal Kwan finds Felice Chandler in her car, covered with bees.
"Drink To Get Drunk" Sia When Lex confronts Carrie Castle about her article in the Talon
"Not What I Wanted" Evan Olson Played at Paul’s congratulations party for winning the election at the Talon
"Here Is Gone" The Goo Goo Dolls Played at the end, when Clark reads his speech to Lana.


Song Artist/Band Scene
"Goin' Off" !Laughing Us! Played when Justin uses his telekinesis to chop off his doctors hands in the elevator.
"Nothing To Do" Bottlefly Played in the Talon when Whitney asks Lana to go to play before Clark discusses Chloe with Lana.
"Light In Your Eyes" Louise Goffin Played When Chloe and Justin kiss in the Torch office and objects begin to float around them.
"40 To 5" Leave The World Played when Clark and Pete talk about Justin in the hallway at school.
"You And I" Micah Green Played when Chloe is telling Clark that Justin has been locked up. Also as Lana is about to break up with Whitney, and he comes in the Talon looking sad.
"Time After Time" Eva Cassidy Played at the end, during the funeral for Whitney’s father.


Song Artist/Band Scene
"Piano Fire" Sparklehorse Played when Lana tells Clark about her first vision in the Torch office.
"Silent To The Dark" The Electric Soft Parade Played when Pete announces that he is going to the Spring Formal with Erica Fox.
"Just Another" Pete Yorn Played when Clark is describing to Lana how he first met Chloe in his loft.
"Two Stones In My Pocket" Neil Halstead Played when Whitney shows Lana his dad’s medals from Vietnam.
"No Such Thing" John Mayer Played at the end, when Clark asks Chloe to the Spring Formal in his barn.


Song Artist/Band Scene
"What Do I Have To Do?" Stabbing Westward Played when Lex is standing on the heli pad and Lional is making his speech to plant workers.
"What We've Been Through" Paul Trudeau Played when Clark tries to decide whether to go to the formal wearing a red or black tie.
"Where This Love Goes" Sherri Youngward Played when Chloe announces she may be moving back to Metropolis.
"Breathe" Greenwheel Played when Clark gets in his truck and it blows up once he turns the key.
"Let's Go" Gigolo Aunts Played when Clark assures Chloe he asked her out because he wanted to, not by default.
"Everything" Lifehouse Played when Lana and Whitney have their last dance together in the decked out gym.
"Save Me" Remy Zero Performed live at the Spring Formal by the actual band.
"Perfect Memory
(I'll Remember You)"
Remy Zero Played at the end, when Clark and Chloe almost kiss, but he runs off to find Lana, who is stuck in her truck being chased by three twisters.


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