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The Pilot episode of Smallville describes the population as 25,001 in 1989 and 45,001 in 2001. For such a small town, they seem to have an inordinate number of deaths. This article will detail the body count of each episode. Serious injuries and other crimes will also be noted, but only actual lives lost will be tallied. Likewise, although Clark saves people from various ill fates, his rescues will only be counted if death seemed reasonably certain. Since the death of a metahuman is not always certain, continual updates are expected.

Pilot (10/16/01)
01PilotBodyCount.jpg Lives lost: 2+? Lives saved: 101 Villain: cured (Jeremy)
Lewis and Laura Lang are killed in the meteor shower on screen, however, there are numerous other deaths which we learn about in later episodes. Clark Kent saves Lex Luthor from a car accident. Jeremy Creek, attacks three football players but only puts them into comas. He attempts to strike against everyone at the formal dance, perhaps a hundred people. Clark defeats him without killing him.
Metamorphosis (10/23/01)
02MetamorphosisBodyCount.jpg Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 2 Villain: cured (Greg)
Greg Arkin attacks Whitney Fordman in his truck. Clark Kent pulls him from the vehicle and protects him from the explosion. Greg eats his mother and nearly kills Jonathan, who is saved by Clark. He kidnaps Lana Lang, but she is rescued before Greg can mate with her. Greg is crushed under heavy machinery and appears to have been killed only to turn up in Season 10.
Hothead (10/30/01)
03HotheadBodyCount.jpg Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 3 Villain: dead (Walt)
Coach Walt Arnold sets Principal Kwan's car on fire with him inside, but Clark pulls him from the vehicle before it explodes. He burns Trevor's forearm with his bare hand. He sets the Torch on fire, but Clark saves Chloe before she is overcome. He overpowers Clark with the kryptonite in his sauna, but Clark is rescued by his father. When Clark confronts the coach, he gets so upset that he burns himself up.
X-Ray (11/06/01)
04XrayBodyCount.jpg Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 2 Villain: hospitalised/in custody (Tina)
Tina Greer successfully robs the Smallville Savings and Loan. Her mother is killed when she falls down the stairs, but that was an accident. She tries to run down Martha Kent, but Clark saves her in the nick of time. She throws Clark through a window and leaves him for dead, but of course, Clark is fine. She steals Whitney's jacket, but that is a petty crime. She strangles Lana and stuffs her in a crypt, but Clark saves her. In the end, she is taken into custody.
Cool (11/13/01)
05CoolBodyCount.jpg Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 4 Villain: frozen (Sean)
Desperate to get warm Sean Kelvin steals all the heat out of a girl named Jenna Barnum. He tries to get Chloe, Whitney, Lana, and Martha. Clark traps him in a frozen pond, but his fate as to whether or not he dies is left unclear.
Hourglass (11/20/01)
06HourglassBodyCount.jpg Lives lost: 3 Lives saved: 2 Villain: dead (Harry)
Harry Volk strangles Jim Gage and tries to strangle Zoe Garfield. He also attacks Martha Kent. In this episode it is actually Martha who kills the villain, but she nearly dies in the process. Cassandra Carver also dies, but the cause of death is unclear.
Craving (11/27/01)
07CravingBodyCount.jpg Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 3 Villain: hospitalised (Jodi)
Jodi Melville kills a deer, but that was an accident. She attacks Dustin Crenshaw, but Clark gets him to the hospital in time. She attacks Pete, but Clark arrives before she can do any permanent damage. Jodi tries to do herself in, but Clark saves her from that, too. In the end, Jodi is taken to the hospital.
Jitters (12/11/01)
08JittersBodyCount.jpg Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 102 Villain: hospitalised (Earl)
Earl Jenkins kills his friend Will, a maintenance man. Earl takes a class field trip hostage, they were in real danger of dying from a gas explosion but Lex Luthor saves them by taking their place. Clark saves Earl and Lex (again) from falling to their deaths. In the end Earl is taken to a hospital.
Rogue (01/15/02)
09RogueBodyCount.jpg Lives lost: 2 Lives saved: 2 Villain: dead (Phelan)
Clark saves a homeless man and a bus driver. Sam Phelan appears to have killed someone and stashed the body in the barn at the Kent Farm. Museum guards kill Sam during a shoot out following a failed heist.
Shimmer (01/29/02)
10ShimmerBodyCount.jpg Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 2 Villain: hospitalised/in custody (Jeff)
Clark saves Victoria Hardwick from drowning, and he saves Lex Luthor (again) from Jeff Palmer. In the end, Jeff is taken away in an ambulance.
Hug (02/05/02)
11HugBodyCount.jpg Lives lost: 2 Lives saved: 1 Villain: dead (Rickman)
Bob Rickman kills Paul Hendrix. He tries to kill Kyle Tippet three times, but Clark is there to the save the day. In the end, Bob kills himself.
Leech (02/05/02)
12LeechBodyCount.jpg Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 1 Villain: hospitalised/in custody (Eric)
Eric Summers throws three people (a thief, Brent and Clark) more than 20 feet. They are injured, but they recover. He tries to kill himself, twice, but Clark saves him. In the end, he is taken into custody.
Kinetic (02/26/02)
13KineticBodyCount.jpg Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 2 Villain: 1 dead (Wade), 2 in custody (Derek, Scott)
Wade Mahaney leads a gang of thieves who use meteor rock tattoos to walk through walls. They nearly kill Chloe Sullivan by throwing her through a fourth story window. They threatened to kill Lex Luthor. Wade is killed while attempting to kill Whitney Fordman. His two gang members are taken into custody.
Zero (03/12/02)
14ZeroBodyCount.jpg Lives lost: 3 Lives saved: 1 Villain: in custody (Roy)
Amanda Rothman killed her fiance Jude Royce. Roy Rothman killed Max Kasich and the Jude Royce lookalike. Clark Kent saves Lex Luthor (again). In the end Clark bashed Roy's head against the wall and he was presumably taken into custody.
Nicodemus (03/19/02)
15NicodemusBodyCount.jpg Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 4 Villain: under supervision (Hamilton)
Steven Hamilton used meteor fragments to bring back the poisonous Nicodemus flower. James Beels slipped into a coma and died. Clark saved Jonathan Kent from being shot as a bank robber; he saved Lana Lang from falling from the windmill; he saved Lex (again) from being shot. Lex Luthor saved Jonathan, Lana, and Pete from the Nicodemus flower. Dr. Hamilton is still at large but under more careful supervision.
Stray (03/19/02)
16StrayBodyCount.jpg Lives lost: 3 Lives saved: 1 Villain: in custody (James), dead (Debra)
James Gibson shoots and kills a pawn shop owner, his wife, and a janitor. Clark saves Ryan James from a similar fate by hitting James in the chest with a bowling ball at forces great enough to smash through walls, knocking him out and allowing him to be arrested.
Reaper (04/23/02)
17ReaperBodyCount.jpg Lives lost: 4 Lives saved: 2 Villain: dead (Tyler)
Tyler Randall tries to kill his mother, but the medical staff saves her. He does manage to kill Mrs. Sikes and her dog, pepper, and the market manager. He tries to kill Clark and George Fordman. Finally, he kills himself.
Drone (04/30/02)
18DroneBodyCount.jpg Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 1 Villain: hospitalized (Sasha)
Sasha Woodman attacks Paul Chan, Felice Chandler, Clark, and Martha Kent. Paul and Felice were hospitalized. Clark and Martha escaped. Sasha was also hospitalized after an attack from killer bees, but she probably would have died if it weren't for Clark.
Crush (05/07/02)
19CrushBodyCount.jpg Lives lost: 2 Lives saved: 1 Villain: hospitalised/in custody (Justin)
Justin Gaines attacks his surgeon but does not kill him. He does kill Principal Kwan, and he tries to kill Chloe. Finally he was sent to Belle Reve. Whitney's dad dies of natural causes.
Obscura (05/14/02)
20ObscuraBodyCount.jpg Lives lost: 1 Lives saved: 1 Villain: dead (Watts)
Deputy Gary Watts kidnaps Chloe and Lana. He never intended to kill Chloe, but he did try to kill Lana. In the end, he was killed by police.
Tempest (05/21/02)
21TempestBodyCount.jpg Lives lost: 0 Lives saved: 0 Villain: Alive (Roger Nixon)
This episode ends with the following lives in jeopardy: Roger Nixon, Jonathan Kent, Lionel Luthor, and Lana Lang. They have been caught up in a terrible tornado storm.


  • Twenty Nine people died in Season 1, not counting the unknown body count of the first meteor shower.
  • There were 5 episodes this season where no one was killed.
  • Martha Kent killed Harry Volk. It is unclear how much damage Clark did to James Gibson.
  • Clark saves Lana Lang123456, and Lex Luthor123456 six times each.
  • He saved Jonathan1 and Whitney Fordman once1, and Martha four1234 times. He saves Pete three123 times and Chloe Sullivan five12345 times.
  • Clark was only in mortal danger once, and was saved by Jonathan.1
  • There were two fatalities among the staff of Smallville High: Walt Arnold and James Kwan.
  • There was only one fatality among the students of Smallville High: Jenna Barnum.

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