The Season 10 opening credits appear near the beginning of each Season Ten episode.

The credits feature clips from all seasons, bar Season Two, Season Seven, and Season Eight, as tribute to the show's final season, however it does feature mostly clips from the Season Ten premiere, Lazarus.

Cast Credits

The cast is credited in the following order:


Smallville Season 10 Opening Credits Official Allrights Belong To Warner Bros Entertainment

Smallville Season 10 Opening Credits Official Allrights Belong To Warner Bros Entertainment

Video of the Season 10 opening credits


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  • Episode indicates the episode from which the corresponding setting is taken.
  • Used indicates the season or seasons in which the corresponding setting is used for the opening credits.
Screenshots Description Episode Used
S10introcap1 A comet approaches the sun. 3x05 Perry S. 5 -
S. 10
Oc5-02 Ruins of the comet fall into the sun and cause solar flares 3x05 Perry S. 5 -
S. 10
Smallville Intro 1080 HD-01 Asteroids from the 2005 meteor shower rain down on Smallville. 4x22 Commencement S. 5 -
S. 10
Smallville Intro 1080 HD High-02 Clark Kent uses his super speed to save a young boy during the 2005 meteor shower. 4x22 Commencement S. 5 -
S. 10
Smallville Intro 1080 HD-03
Smallville Intro 1080 HD-04 Character: Tom Welling as Clark Kent  ? S. 5 -
S. 10
Background: Clark strung up as a Scarecrow with Lana's necklace around his neck. 1x01 Pilot S. 1 -
S. 4,
S. 10
S10introcap6 Clark awakens from the brink of death after Lois Lane removed a blue kryptonite dagger from his abdomen. 10x01 Lazarus S. 10
S10introcap7 Clark receives a blow to the face from a mace, which shatters upon impact. 1x10 Shimmer S. 2 -
S. 3,
S. 10
S10introcap8 Lois visits Egypt on an assignment from Perry White. 10x02 Shield S. 10
S10introcap9 Lois draped in a sheet after sleeping with Clark in an alternate future. 9x08 Idol S. 10
S10introcap10 Character: Erica Durance as Lois Lane
 ? S. 5
Background: Lois wearing Clark's glasses. 9x08 Idol S. 10
S10introcap11 Clark super leaping with Lois in his arms. 6x13 Crimson S. 10
Clarkglasses Clark claims to be near sighted. 9x08 Idol S. 10
S10introcap13 Tess Mercer threatens Oliver Queen with a knife. 9x16 Checkmate S. 10
S10introcap14 Tess awakens in Cadmus Labs surrounded by clones of Lex Luthor. 10x01 Lazarus S. 10
S10introcap15 Character: Cassidy Freeman as Tess Mercer
 ? S. 8 -
S. 10
Background: Tess turns Chloe Sullivan's gun on her. 9x13 Persuasion S. 10
Archer Clark saves Oliver from a barrage of Vordigan's arrows. 9x10 Disciple S. 10
Season 10 credits Oliver 1 Oliver aims his bow at Cat Grant. 10x02 Shield S. 10
Season 10 credits Oliver 2 Oliver looks around at a warehouse within Victoria Sinclair/Roulette's kidnapping rouse. (alternate take) 9x05 Roulette S. 10
Image25 Character: Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen
 ? S. 8 -
S. 10
Background: Oliver as Green Arrow aiming at a car with a robber in it 6x07 Rage S. 8,
S. 10
Oliver jumping Oliver jumps to Tess' rescue. 9x16 Checkmate S. 10
Car Clark catches Alicia Baker's car, thus unknowingly revealing his powers to Chloe. 4x12 Pariah S. 10
Crest The Mark of El in Clark's chest fade away. 3x02 Phoenix S. 4,
S. 10
Second opening 1 OPENING A ONLY
Kal-El arrives to earth in the first meteor shower.
1x01 Pilot S. 10
Second opening 2 OPENING A ONLY
Clark uses super breath to uncover the House of El symbol in the middle of the Turkish desert.
9x07 Kandor S. 10
Chloe enters the JSA Brownstone in front of a mural of the Justice Society of America in search for the Helmet of Nabu.
10x01 Lazarus S.10
913Smallville1492 OPENING B ONLY
Oliver teaches Chloe how to arch, while their relationship continues to grow.
9x12 Warrior S. 10
Clark convinces Chloe to open Watchtower up again.
9x21 Hostage S.10
Clark Chloe Watchtower OPENING B ONLY
Clark convinces Chloe to open Watchtower up again.
9x21 Hostage S.10
Character: Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan,
 ? S. 5 -
S. 10
Background: Chloe prepares to use the Helmet of Nabu to discover Oliver's fate. 10x01 Lazarus S. 10
Fall Clark falls from the building, having just been stabbed by Zod with the blue kryptonite dagger. 9x22 Salvation S. 10
Second opening 3 OPENING A ONLY
Clark leaps on to a moving truck carrying the abducted Lois and Lucy Lane.
4x16 Lucy S. 5 -
S. 8,
S. 10
Second opening 4
Second opening 5
Second opening 6 OPENING A ONLY
Clark attempts to fly in a mental trial by falling off the Statue of Liberty.
9x01 Savior S. 10
Missle Clark super leaps onto a nuclear missile. 5x03 Hidden S. 10
Clark eyes checkmate Clark rescues Chloe from the clutches of Checkmate. 9x16 Checkmate S. 10
Gun checkmate
Legs paper Lois uses a stack of papers to reach up to kiss Clark. 9x08 Idol S. 10
S9 9-00038 Clark throws the Crystal of Knowledge, which creates the Fortress of Solitude. 4x22 Commencement S. 9 -
S. 10
Clark glass To save Lois, Clark super speeds through Maxwell Lord's machine that is piecing together the Blur's appearance. 9x18 Charade S. 10
S9 9-00039 Clark's training with Jor-El in the Fortress. 9x01 Savior S. 9 -
S. 10
S9 9-00040
Colour Clark views his new costume, made by Martha Kent. 9x22 Salvation S. 10
Catch Clark catches the falling Daily Planet globe, saving many innocent bystanders below. 10x01 Lazarus S. 10
S9 9-00046 The Blur watches over Metropolis. 9x01 Savior S. 9 -
S. 10
S9 9-00047


  • For the first time, there are two show openings. Allison Mack is only featured in the credits of the episodes she appears in and another version of the opening credits plays during the other episodes. For the sake of clarity, the opening credits in the above list will be entitled as follows:
    • A = the primarily used opening without Allison
    • B = the opening with Allison
  • Chloe appears in the opening credits of only seven episodes: Lazarus, Collateral, Beacon, Masquerade, Fortune, Finale, Part 1, and Finale, Part 2. She was not credited for her stock footage appearances in Supergirl or Homecoming (the former was originally part of Lazarus), her appearance in Shield via a never-before-seen photo of her, or for her appearance in Icarus, even though the footage was never-before-seen cutting room floor material from Lazarus. Allison Mack was only contracted for five episodes, which did not include the use of old material from previous seasons or deleted scenes being re-tooled for use in future episodes (i.e. Icarus), and later agreed to come back for the finale episodes.
  • The opening features many clips from previous seasons as a tribute to Smallville's final season, however it does not feature any clips from Season Two, Season Seven, or Season Eight.
  • Tom Welling and Allison Mack are featured in every season's opening credits and are the only cast members to appear as series regulars for the show's entirety.
  • This is the first season since Season One in which all opening credit characters are protagonists. Lionel Luthor was the credited antagonist for season 2 and season 3. Jason Teague was the credited antagonist for season 4. Lex Luthor was the credited antagonist for seasons 5-7. Tess Mercer and Davis Bloome were both credited antagonists for season 8. Tess Mercer and Major Zod were both credited antagonists for season 9. There are no credited antagonists for season 10.
  • Allison Mack was moved from her second billing position to the final billing position. The 'and - name of actor' method of billing has not been used since Season Seven, in which John Glover was last.
  • Erica Durance receives second billing for the first time after receiving fourth in Season Five and Season Six, fifth in Season Seven, and third in Season Eight and Season Nine.
  • Allison Mack's headshot appears as it originally did in Season Five, Season Six and Season Seven in its darkened state as the exposure effect used in Season Eight and Season Nine to brighten the image is not applied.
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