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The first season of Smallville began airing on October 16, 2001, on The WB television network, and concluded its initial airing on May 21, 2002 with 21 episodes.


A meteor shower brings a young boy, later renamed Clark Kent to Smallville, Kansas. At the age of fourteen, he already exhibits invulnerability, super strength and super speed. Season One tells the stories from his first year in high school. Almost every week, he battles a new villain with super powers bestowed from exposure to the meteors. Clark also negotiates his friendships with Lana Lang, Lex Luthor, Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan. Lex has come to Smallville to manage the fertilizer plant. He is curious about Clark and the meteor shower, but his investigations threaten to expose Clark.

Season One takes place during Clark, Lana, Pete, Chloe and the rest of their classmates' freshman year (Grade 9) at Smallville High School aged 14-15 in this season and Lana's boyfriend, Whitney Fordman being a senior (aged 17-18).

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Episode List: 2001-2002

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Image Titled Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Pilot3 051.jpg Pilot Writer: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar Director: David Nutter 10/16/01 #1 101
A spaceship crashes in Smallville, Kansas during a meteor shower. A boy emerges from the ship and he is found and later adopted by the Kents who name him Clark. Fast forward 12 years and Clark now aged fourteen, has developed some unusual abilities forcing his parents to disclose to him about where he came from. All this happens during Clarks first week at high school where his best friends Chloe and Pete reveal the strange things that have happened to Smallville since the meteor shower. On the Wall of Weird Clark sees his crush Lana's parents on the wall and feels guilty for their deaths. He saves Lex's life after Lex hits him with his car thus beginning a friendship with his future enemy. Meanwhile sensing Clarks feelings for Lana her boyfriend Whitney gets the football team to choose Clark as the annual scarecrow by tying him to a cross in Riley Field for a hazing ritual. Also Jeremy Creek, a former Scarecrow who has been given electrical powers after the meteor shower tries to electrocute the 3 former students who chose him for the hazing. When that fails to stop the scarecrow hazing he makes his way to the homecoming Dance. Can Clark Stop him?

Smallville102 074.jpg Metamorphosis Writer: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar Director: Michael Watkins & Philip Sgriccia 10/23/01 #2 102
Greg Arkin has a passion for insects and Lana. When meteor rock infected bugs swarm him, he takes on insectoid characteristics. Clark wakes up to find himself floating above his bed. Lex tries to help Clark woo Lana by giving him her meteor rock necklace. Clark discovers that he can protect himself from its effects with lead. Greg kidnaps Lana, and Clark battles Greg to rescue her.

Smallville103 479.jpg Hothead Writer: Greg Walker Director: Greg Beeman 10/30/01 #3 103
Coach Walt Arnold is obsessed with winning. Meteor rocks in his sauna have given him the power to cause object to burst into flame. Clark defies Jonathan and joins the football team. Lana defies expectations, quits cheerleading and waits tables. Lex defies his father in a business plan that saves several people their jobs. The coach attacks the principal, a player, and Chloe before Clark stops him.

SM xray104.JPG X-Ray Writer: Mark Verheiden Director: James Frawley 11/06/01 #4 104
Tina Greer's skeleton is laced with meteor rocks. She is able to assume the form of anyone. She assumes the form of Lex to rob a bank. Clark discovers he has x-ray vision. Lana discovers her mother was much more interesting than her aunt ever told her. And Lex turns the tables on Roger Nixon, a journalist turned extortionist, gaining himself an unwilling ally at the Metropolis Inquisitor.

Smallville105 489.jpg Cool Writer: Michael Green Director: Jim Contner 11/13/01 #5 105
When Sean Kelvin falls into an icy, meteor rock-laced lake, he suffers from permanent hypothermia, he is desperate to get warm. He tries fire and electricity, but the best fix is body heat. Clark breaks a date with Lana in order to save Chloe. Clark throws Sean in a pond, which freezes and entombs him. Meanwhile, Jonathan refuses to accept Lex as an investor in the family farm.
Smallville106 165.jpg Hourglass Writer: Doris Egan Director: Chris Long 11/20/01 #6 106
Clark meets Cassandra Carver. She was blinded during the meteor shower and now sees the future. When Harry Volk falls into a pond with meteor rocks, he becomes young and begins killing the descendants of the jury who convicted him of murder 60 years ago. Cassandra provides Clark with some insight into his future, but she dies when she sees a vision of Lex’s future.

Smallville107 268.jpg Craving Writer: Michael Green Director: Philip Sgriccia 11/27/01 #7 107
Jodi Melville begins a diet plan of vegetables shakes. Her vegetables were grown in meteor rock-contaminated soil, and she is losing weight so fast that regular food doesn't fulfill her cravings. She must suck the fat out of others. Meanwhile Lex becomes interested in Chloe's theory that all the weird stuff that happens in Smallville can be traced to the meteor shower. He begins funding the research of Steven Hamilton, a controversial mineralogist.

Smallville108 567.jpg Jitters Writer: Cherie Bennett & Jeff Gottesfeld Director: Greg Beeman & Michael Watkins 12/11/01 #8 108
Earl Jenkins is suffering from seizures. He was exposed to meteor rocks at LuthorCorp. In an attempt to discover what he was exposed to, he takes hostages inside the plant. Lex trades places with the hostages. Clark finds the mysterious Level 3, but there are no answers there.

Rogue039.jpg Rogue Writer: Mark Verheiden Director: David Carson 01/15/02 #9 109
Sam Phelan is a rogue cop who learns Clark's secret, but his attempts to blackmail Clark backfire when he is killed in a shootout during a museum heist. Meanwhile, Chloe is fired as editor of the Smallville Torch, but is later reinstated, and Lex has an old girlfriend reenter his life with a plan to destroy his father.

Shimmer274.jpg Shimmer Writer: Mark Verheiden & Michael Green Director: D.J. Caruso 01/29/02 #10 110
Jeff Palmer discovers a strange green rose and extracts its oils to create a cream, which renders him invisible. Jeff uses his power of invisibility to attack Victoria. Meanwhile, Clark considers making a move for Lana while Whitney is distracted by his father's illness.

Smallville111 434.jpg Hug Writer: Doris Egan Director: Chris Long 02/05/02 #11 111
Bob Rickman wants to buy the Kent Farm to build a pesticide plant. He uses a very persuasive handshake to convince Jonathan to sell. His former business partner Kyle Tippet lives in Smallville and threatens to expose him if he doesn't get out of town. Meanwhile, Lana and Clark argue, Chloe kisses Clark, and Lex shoots Clark with an automatic weapon.

Smallville112 055.jpg Leech Writer: Tim Schlattmann Director: Greg Beeman 02/12/02 #12 112
Eric Summers suddenly receives the powers once wielded by Clark, and Clark is left without them. Lex turns the tables on Harry Hardwick. And Lana laments the impending sale of the Talon.

Kine18.jpg Kinetic Writer: Philip Levens Director: Robert Singer 02/26/02 #13 113
After Whitney loses his football scholarship, he falls into a bad crowd with meteor rock tattoos that give them the power to walk through walls. They put Chloe in the hospital, blackmail Lex, and threaten to kill Whitney. Meanwhile, Lana convinces Lex to restore the Talon.

Zero1 014.jpg Zero Writer: Mark Verheiden Director: Michael Katleman 03/12/02 #14 114
Roy Rothman has come to Smallville to terrorize Lex and get vengeance for his sister, who lost her fiancé at Club Zero three years ago. Meanwhile, Chloe researches Clark's adoption, and Lana prepares for the opening of the Talon.

Nicodemus 111.jpg Nicodemus Writer: Michael Green & Greg Walker Director: James Marshall 03/19/02 #15 115
Steven Hamilton uses meteor fragments to bring the Nicodemus flower back from extinction. It infects James Beels, Jonathan, Lana and Pete before Lex's doctors find a cure.

Stray3.jpg Stray Writer: Philip Levens Director: Paul Shapiro 04/16/02 #16 116
Ryan James can read minds. In Smallville, he tries to escape his abusive stepparents who use his abilities to help them steal by feigning amnesia. He stays with the Kents, and Clark gets to have a little brother for a few days. Meanwhile, Lex turns down an offer from Lionel to return to Metropolis.
Smallville117 054.jpg Reaper Writer: Cameron Litvack Director: Terrence O'Hara 04/23/02 #17 117
Tyler Randall is resurrected after a piece of meteor rock is embedded in his wrist at the time of death. Everyone he touches turns to ash. He tries to help people by putting them out of their misery. Meanwhile, Lex thwarts Lionel's attempt to audit his books, and Whitney works up the courage to visit his ailing father before Tyler takes him as his next victim

Smallville118 185.jpg Drone Writer: Philip Levens & Michael Green Director: Michael Katleman 04/30/02 #18 118
Sasha Woodman is attacking classmates with a swarm of bees. Clark is running for class president with Pete as his manager. Chloe endorses the other guy. Lana finds a way to save the Talon from going under, and Lex puts a second reporter in his pocket.

Smallville119 461.jpg Crush Writer: Philip Levens, Alfred Gough & Miles Millar Director: James Marshall 05/07/02 #19 119
Chloe falls for Justin Gaines, a telekinetic seeking revenge against the surgeon who couldn’t heal him and the driver who hit him. Clark is jealous and counsels with Lana. Lex reconciles with his childhood nanny, and Whitney's father dies.

Obscura221.jpg Obscura Writer: Mark Verheiden, Michael Green & Greg Walker Director: Terrence O'Hara 05/14/02 #20 120
Chloe is kidnapped and Lana is having visions of her attacker. Meanwhile, Lex finds a piece of the ship in Miller's Field, and Clark asks Chloe to the spring formal.

Smallville121 564.jpg Tempest Writer: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar Director: Greg Beeman 05/21/02 #21 121
Clark, Chloe and Pete get ready for the spring formal. Lionel closes the plant. Lex plans an employee buyout. Roger Nixon threatens to expose Clark. Whitney leaves for the Marine Corps, and Lana gets swept up in a tornado.


  • Clark develops three new super powers this year: Invulnerability, X-Ray Vision and Telescopic vision ("Pilot", "X-Ray", Shimmer)
  • Clark uses his existing powers as early as the first episode: super speed and super strength (although he used Invulnerability in the 1st Episode, it was his 1st exposure to the power, so it doesn't count).
  • The exceptions to the freak of the week format include "Rogue", "Zero", "Nicodemus", "Stray", "Obscura" and "Tempest", although the Nicodemus flower in "Nicodemus" may count for a plant version of a meteor freak, and "Obscura" involves friendly people infected with meteor rocks, meaning that there are only three episodes that does not involve kryptonite as an important element.
  • The Young Adult Novel See No Evil was originally planned as an episode for the season, but eventually changed into the story for "Shimmer".[8]
  • "Flight" was another young adult novel conceived for season one, but dismissed since the writer wasn't sure how they could do the special effects for flying.[9]
  • During this season Smallville was a follow-up to Gilmore Girls.
  • This was the first and only season of Smallville:
    • In which Jor-El is not heard in any episodes.
    • No villains in the main cast.

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