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"Scion" is the sixteenth episode in the tenth season of Smallville, and the two hundred-twelfth episode overall. It aired on March 4, 2011.


Clark and Lois are stunned by Tess' latest present to them while Tess-1 and Lionel-2 go head-to-head in a battle for the Luthor name.


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Tess tells Clark about Alexander's true origins

Clark Kent speeds back home from a day of patrol to find Tess Mercer with a cup of coffee. He tells her she could have gotten some in Metropolis, and she says she's there because she feels they haven't had time to "catch up" on things. After exchanging introductions, Tess brings up the matter of Alexander's metamorphosis; she says he is becoming smarter and that, as he grows, they have learned more about his genetic origin. Suddenly, they hear a loud noise. Clark and Tess walk into the barn to find Alexander (now with dark hair) lifting a tractor above himself. Tess explains to Clark that Alexander's DNA is only half Lex Luthor's, while the other half is Clark's.


Tess and Lionel-2 in Cadmus labs' remains

At the ruined Cadmus Labs, Lionel Luthor-2 walks because he discovered a lot of money was being funneled into this facility. However, now that he's seen it, he realizes that she already had it shut down. Lional tells her that she can't keep Alexander away from him forever. He wants to know what it is that she's hoping to accomplish by keeping them away from one another. Tess asks why Lionel-2 is so determined to reunite with Lex, considering Lex was the one who killed the native Lionel. Lionel-2 simply states that it proves the Lex she knew was a real Luthor. As Tess turns away, Lional tells her that, had he been this dimensions Lional, he would have given her up for adoption just as the native Lionel had done. Tess asks if it's because she's uncontrollable, but he claims it is because she is inferior. Lionel-2 tells her to imagine what Alexander could do with the right guidance. Tess states he's right then tells him to come with her. Tess leads him into a room with a yellow tube on display. She claims they could not find a cure to stop the accelerated mitosis, and those are Alexander's ashes. Lionel-2 refuses to believe it, but Tess says there are enough bone chips for a DNA test. She leaves, saying Alexander is dead and Lionel-2 will never be able to hurt him again.


Conner discovers Clark's identity as the Blur

Back at the barn, Alexander is helping Clark stack hay. Alexander tells Clark he hasn't had a real home because Tess keeps him on the move, and that he hates having to play lab rat for doctors. Clark learns that Alexander now goes by "Conner", from his abbreviated name CNR (Cognitional Neuroplastic Replicant). He tells Clark Tess thinks she's kept that a secret. Conner tells Clark he feels Tess is embarrassed about him and his powers. Clark tries to reassure him that Tess doesn't think that way and that she wants to protect him. Conner asks if Clark knows how people would react if they knew what he was. Clark tells him that once people know you, it doesn't matter. Conner claims Clark doesn't know how he feels and how worried he is when he meets someone new. Clark asks if Conner remembers anything before his metamorphosis, and Conner tells him no. Clark asks s DNA emerging in Conner, it wiped Lex's memories from his mind and left it a blank slate to be molded into a better person. Conner says he wants to know why he is the way he is. Clark says Tess will tell him when he's ready. Conner claims he's ready now and wishes to leave. Clark disagrees, and the two come to a brief disagreement.

Conner claims Clark cannot catch him and attempts to speed away, but Clark speeds up and blocks his path, to  Conner's amazement. Conner asks how Clark was able to move so fast, and Clark tells him he's just like him. Conner asks if Clark is his dad, and a disturbed Clark replies he prefers the term "brother". He tells Clark he thought Conner and the Blur were the only ones with these powers, and then realizes Clark is the Blur. Clark asks how Conner knows about the Blur, and Conner reveals that he is a big fan. Conner wants to go save someone in Metropolis with Clark, but Clark says he feels it would be safer if Conner practiced controlling his powers. Lois Lane enters the barn and tells Clark she needs him to sign the byline so their article can make the evening edition. She steps on a metal tool, and as Lois tries to fix her heel, she unintentionally arouses Conner, activating his heat vision. Clark turns him around just in time and his heat vision hits a metal bucket in a powerful burst. Lois, alarmed, asks what just happened, and the two of them answer "Nothing".


Clark and Lois discuss Conner

Clark and Lois go inside the house to discuss the situation. Clark states that his name has even been changed. Lois says that she understands how Prince and Diddy changed their names but changing Lex's clones name won't change him personality wise. Clark explains that that Conner has forgotten everything about his memories that he shared with the original Lex and that he is actually a different person now. Clark tells Lois that Conner's name isn't the only thing that's changed. They've discovered that his genetic make-up is only half Lex. Lois assumes the other half is Tess (given how messed up the Luthors are), but Clark tells her it is him. Lois asks him if he's trying to tell her that Conner is Clark Kent and Lex Luthor's "genetic love child" and Clark sheepishly tells her not to say it like that. Lois asks if Conner has his powers and Clark nods. Lois states that she has no idea how she should feel about this. Clark explains that it doesn't matter, and that Conner needs their help. Lois tells Clark they do not know what he is capable of. She reminds him that it wasn't too long ago that 'Alexander' tried to kill Clark. Clark says he knows he's asking her to take on a lot.

Lois says she knew surprises would come when she agreed to marry him. She asks him how Lex was able to shake up a human-Kryptonian hybrid. Clark explains that Lex stole a vial of his blood from Helen Bryce's office years ago. He thought it had all been destroyed, but he realizes now that Lex must have saved a sample. When Lex was having problems with all of the clones suffering from accelerated mitosis, he thought that Clark's DNA might stop the issue, and it worked. However, it had the unintended side-effect of largely overriding Lex's traits and personality with Clark's. Clark then blames himself for Conner not given a normal life. Lois asks how they are supposed to know if Conner doesn't want to be that powerful, and Clark states he sometimes forgets that Lois wasn't around when he was growing up. Lois never saw what he had to go through; being different and feeling like an outsider and a freak. She says Clark turned out normal, but Clark says that feeling alone and feeling abnormal never go away. After all his troubles he had growing up, it took Lois being in his life to make him feel normal. Lois smiles at him and states that Connor isn't alone because he has them.


Lois and Tess think of a way to get rid of Lionel-2

Lois is in the Daily Planet, photo-copying a book on how to raise teenagers, when Tess comes in and locks the doors. She says Lois is the only member of their merry little league who can help her now. She tries to get Lois to convince Clark to get rid of Lionel-2 permanently, but Lois tells her that Clark won't agree. He thinks that since the original Lionel changed, this one might too. Tess says it's time they drew a line in the sand. Lois says Lionel-2 knows Clark's secret and knows how to kill him, and if they battle, Lionel-2 may kill him. Tess says they both know how Lionel-2 destroyed his own world when he had a super-powered son, and if this Lionel can influence Conner, he would do the same on their Earth. She says they no longer have a choice. Lois says they know Lionel-2 has done a lot to hide the fact that he is a fake. She points out that if they can find a something he overlooked, they could exploit it and have him removed from LuthorCorp.


Lionel-2 searches for Conner

Lionel-2's scientist examines the remains and confirms that the ashes came from one of the other Lex clones and manages to torture Conner's current location out of Dr. Lamell, but Lionel-2 brushes it off, saying that it's time for his prodigal son to return.


Conner practices his heat vision

Back at the farm, Conner is practicing with his heat vision, but grows frustrated with each failed attempt. Conner wonders how Clark managed to control his powers. Clark simply tells him that his parents were always there for him, and promises that he will be there for Conner. With Clark's encouraging words, Conner gives his heat vision another try, but misses and ends up burning Clark's shirt.


Tess warns Clark that Lionel-2 knows where Conner is

Back at the house, Clark changes his clothes and finds Tess waiting for him in the kitchen. She asks how Conner is doing. Clark tells her that he is getting things faster that he did. Tess notes that Clark is taking pride in Conner, but tells him that Lionel-2 has learned Conner's location and he should be moved. Conner overhears them and speeds off.

Meanwhile, back in Metropolis, Lois breaks into Lionel-2's office at LuthorCorp and contacts Tess to let her know what she has found so far. She concludes that Lionel-2's paper trail is flawless and they have to find something else. As Lois leaves the office, Lionel-2's guard holds her at gunpoint.


Conner becomes infected by red kryptonite

Conner goes to the Luthor Mansion's remains and finds a photo of Lex and Lionel, though Lex's face is burnt away. He hears someone coming and hides. Lionel-2 calls out for him to come out. When Conner wonders who he is, Lionel-2 tells him that he's his "father" and that Clark lied to him to keep him away from his family. Lionel-2 also tells Conner that Clark believes he is a threat because he is a Luthor and tells him to embrace his destiny. He hands Conner a lead box with a red kryptonite ring inside. Conner puts the ring on and, for a moment, his eyes glow red.


Lionel-2 threatens to kill Lois

Lionel-2 takes Conner to a slaughterhouse where he is holding Lois hostage and tells her that Clark uses others to do his dirty work for him, but Lois insists that she came on her own. Lionel-2 draws a gun and tells her that no one will ever take his son away and prepares to shoot her when Conner whisks her away to safety.

As Lois goes to call Clark, Conner insists that he can protect her and that they don't need Clark. When Lois complains that she is cold, Conner speeds away and comes back with a fur coat, then speeds away again and brings her a diamond necklace he stole from the store next door. As the manager accuses Lois of stealing, Conner speeds away and comes back with a sports car. Lois has no choice but to go with him.


Clark confronts Lionel-2 over Conner's whereabouts

Back in his office, Lionel-2 revels in Conner's crush on Lois and tells his people to let him have a little fun but to make sure that Lois doesn't lead him back to Clark. He tells them not to remove his ring since it has a tracking device on it. Clark bursts into the office and reveals that he knows what Lionel-2 has done. He grabs Lionel-2, who tells him that he wanted to unleash Conner's dark side and see what he was capable of. Clark tells Lionel-2 that he won't let Lionel-2 destroy Conner like he destroyed Lex, but Lionel-2 points out that it was Clark's secrets and lies that destroyed Lex. Lionel-2 also boasts that Conner is going to take everything Clark loves, starting with Lois.


Conner wants Lois

Conner takes Lois to the Luthor Mansion's ruins and promises that he will keep her safe. Lois tells him that she is already spoken for and tries to leave. Conner states that he won't let her go back to Clark, and knocks her unconscious. Lois wakes up next to a fire and candles. She spots the ring on Conner's finger. Conner apologizes for being so rough with her. Lois suggests that Conner get some champagne to toast their new future together, but he realizes that she is lying. Lois tries to warn Conner about the ring, but he brushes it off. He says that he is at the top of his game thanks to Clark, but the one thing that Clark has that he doesn't is Lois, and now he will have her as well. Lois warns Conner that the ring is unleashing Lex's side of him and they need to help him. Conner insists that he doesn't want a cure, but if he can't have her then neither will Clark. As he prepares to kill her rather than lose her, Clark arrives. Conner speeds away while Lois staggers off.


Conner fights Clark

Clark realizes that Lois was there. Conner shows up behind him and tells him that he is not welcome. Clark offers his help against Lionel-2, but Conner refuses and attacks Clark. Clark tells him that the ring is making him do all these things and that it's not who he is. Conner insists that he is a Luthor. Clark tells him that he is coming home with him, then grabs him, pushes him against a wall and smashes the ring, returning Conner to normal. Lionel-2 comes with a piece of green kryptonite and leaves it at Clark's side, then starts to drag Conner away, saying that Conner was meant to be a god. Conner hesitates and tells Lionel-2 that he knows who he is. Conner uses his heat vision to destroy the green meteor rock. While Conner goes to check on Clark, Lionel-2 makes his escape.


Tess proves Lionel-2 is a "fake"

The next morning, Lionel-2 is in his office, when Tess comes in and tells him that security is coming up to escort him out of the building. She reveals that she has copies of all the documents that he has signed and that there was one document he was never aware off: her certificate of adoption. Tess explains that Lionel-2's fingerprints on the document are the reverse of the native Lionel's, meaning she can prove he is a fake. When Lionel-2 wonders why he would relinquish control to her, Tess tells him that the scotch he is drinking is laced with nano-trackers so she will always know his every move and that if he tries to retaliate against her or her friends, she will destroy him. When Lionel-2 asks her why not have him killed immediately, she tells him that is not who she is any more. As Lionel-2 leaves, he turns and tells Tess that she will always be a Luthor.


Clark gives Conner a place in the family

At the barn, Conner is doing chores to make up for the trouble that he caused. Clark apologizes for lying to him and tells Conner not to beat himself up over not knowing what Lionel-2 was capable of. Conner notes that the ring brought out his Lex side, but Clark tells him that he is the one to decide who he is and is confident that Connor will be a hero one day. Connor agrees and reveals that he has crafted himself a costume: a black T-shirt with the Mark of El written in red. Clark hands him an application to Smallville High in the name of "Conner Kent" and welcomes him to his new home. Conner goes back out to finish his chores. Just then, Lois comes in and notes that Clark's nurturing approach worked. She apologizes for not telling him that she was looking into Lionel-2. Clark admits that it's hard to know where the line is when it comes to loved ones. He admits that he has learned a new respect for the way his parents raised him. Lois assures him that one day when they have children, he will be an amazing father.


Darkseid appears before Lionel-2

Later that night, Lionel-2 visits Lex's grave and says he would give anything to have him by his side. Just then, Darkseid materializes before him.



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  • Scion could mean a descendant, heir, or young member of a family. A scion of royal stock. A scion is also sometimes defined as a half-mortal/half-deity offspring, i.e. a demideity.
  • The title refers to Conner Kent, the half-human and half-Kryptonian hybrid of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor and a new member of the House of El.
  • Season Seven introduced Project Scion, which also involved investigations into aliens (specifically Brainiac).


Conner Kent 001

Superboy (Conner Kent), the clone of Superman (Clark Kent) and Lex Luthor

  • Antagonists: Lionel Luthor (Earth-2) and Conner Kent (on Red kryptonite)
  • Although Oliver Queen and Chloe Sullivan do not appear in this episode, both are mentioned.
  • Conner is revealed have the DNA of Clark and Lex. As such, this episode officially introduced Conner Kent/Superboy/Kon-El.
  • It is implied that Conner has all the same powers as Clark.
  • Kryptonian and human DNA are shown to be compatible in two instances:
    • Conner's existence proves that Kryptonian and human DNA are compatible through cloning)
      • This leads to the possibility of Clark being able to have children with a human.
    • Kryptonian and human DNA are also compatible when Blue kryptonite is involved. The Kryptonian scientist, Dax-Ur, was able to conceive a son (Max) with his human wife while wearing his blue kryptonite bracelet.
  • This is also the first and last episode where Lois mentions the possibility that she and Clark might have children someday.
  • This is the third episode (after Luthor and Beacon) where Lionel does not interact with Lex.
  • This is the fourth episode (after Abandoned, Luthor and Beacon) where Tess interacts with Lionel.
  • Clark's blood taken from Helen Bryce in Season Two's Fever is implied to have been used to help create Conner. In Season Two's Calling, this blood sample was stolen by Lex. In Season Two's Exodus, Lex returned the blood to Helen without having it analyzed but she later sold the blood to Lionel Luthor. In Season Three's Exile, Clark stole the blood from Lionel for Morgan Edge. In Season Three's Phoenix, Jonathan Kent destroyed the vial but later Clark gave another sample to Edge in a glass jar which Edge later gave to Lionel to which he later used this blood sample to create the Lazarus Serum and used it all up in the process. However, Lex could have only given Helen most of the blood while keeping part of it for himself and analyzed it later on.
  • Conner dons the trademark black t-shirt with the Mark of El family crest emblem he wears in the comics as Superboy.
  • Conner is the third person to be affected by red kryptonite, after Clark and Lois. He is also the second person to be directly affected by red kryptonite without any added aphrodisiacs, as well as the second Kryptonian to be affected.
  • This is also the first episode where red kryptonite appears, but Clark is not affected.
  • Lois says that Conner would love to be the only kid who's "more powerful than a locomotive." This is an allusion to one of the many descriptions of Superman.
  • This is another episode with only three main characters.

    Christina Lamell's scene in the episode.

  • Lexa Doig was credited and committed to appear in the episode as Christina Lamell but most of her scenes were deleted in the final shot. She was mentioned by Lionel-2's thug and had a little cameo tied to a chair. A deleted scene included in the Season 10 DVD box set showed her providing Tess with the DNA information on Conner.
  • Interestingly, at Comic-Con 2010, one of the questions asked by a fan was if Superboy would make an appearance. The question can be viewed here @ 1:40. Executive Producer Kelly Souders seemed very taken by the suggestion, though judging by remarks made by John Schneider, Lazarus had already been filmed by that time. This would indicate that Conner's storyline was worked into a thread which serendipitously already existed involving Lex's Cadmus clones (or was added in as an afterthought before the episode was edited and broadcast). It is also likely that there were already plans to incorporate the character, but Souders was not willing to reveal them at the time.
  • Conner wearing the kryptonite ring as per Lionel-2's suggestion parallels Superboy (Conner) while controlled by Lex in the comics.
  • Lois-1 trying to prove that Lionel-2 was a "fake" Lionel-1 mirrors when Lois tried to find proof that Lex was posing as his own son in the comics.
  • Lionel-2 and Darkseid meet in this episode.
  • Red kryptonite makes its last appearance of the series in this episode.
    Superman superboy-Clark and Jon

    Clark and his son Jon!

  • Lois mentions to Clark, he'll make a wonderful father someday. DC’s Rebirth established both Lois and Clark as parents to Jonathan Samuel Kent who has taken up the family business as Superboy under the tutelage of Superman.


  • Lionel-2 finds Tess-1 at Cadmus' abandoned remains that was destroyed by Lex's clone in Lazarus and last seen in Luthor.
  • Clark believes that Lex may have created Conner by using the blood sample that Helen Bryce took in Season Two's Fever and that Lex had later stolen from Helen's office in Calling.
  • Conner returns to the Luthor Mansion's remains which he had previously burnt to the ground as Alexander in Beacon.
  • Red kryptonite was last seen in Season Nine's Upgrade and a red kryptonite ring was last seen in Season Four's Unsafe.
  • This episode marks the fourth time (after Season Three's Whisper, Season Four's Onyx and Season Seven's Fierce) that heat vision has been used against kryptonite. This time, it destroyed the kryptonite. While Kara was able to destroy kryptonite with heat vision in the third episode, the bursts reflected back at Clark and blinded him in the first episode, and it superheated the green kryptonite to make it black kryptonite in the second episode.
  • This episode marks the eighth appearance of Clark's red leather jacket/blue t-shirt Blur outfit after Shield, Homecoming, Ambush, Patriot, Icarus, Beacon and Masquerade.
  • Lionel-2 pays a visit to Lex-1's tombstone which looks like the one seen in Season Three's Exile when Lex was presumed dead.
  • Smallville High is mentioned in this episode. It was last seen in Homecoming.
  • Darkseid was last seen briefly through Desaad in Masquerade.
  • Clark's fight scene with Conner is reminiscent of Season Three Premiere Exile, he says "your coming home with me" which is what Jonathan said when Clark was infected with Red Kryptonite. Clark was able to destroy the ring by force something Jonathan wasn't able to do.

Homages to Previous Seasons[]

  • This episode mentions the blood taken from Clark by Helen Bryce in Season Two's Fever.
  • The fight between Clark and Conner is reminiscent of the fight between Jonathan and Kal in Season Three's Exile and Phoenix as Clark takes on the role of Jonathan and Conner under the Red Kryptonite influenced role of Kal:
    • Clark super-speeding towards Conner after saying "You're coming home with me," like Jonathan did to Clark.
    • Clark smashing Conner's hand against a wall to destroy the Red Kryptonite ring, almost identically to the way Jonathan destroyed Clark's ring.
  • Conner's amazement when he displays his super strength in lifting the farm tractor is very similar to the native Lionel's experience when he was in Clark's body in Season Four's Transference.
  • Conner discovers his power of heat vision when he is aroused by Lois' physical appearance, much like in Season Two's Heat when Clark first discovered his heat vision when he saw Desiree Atkins during a sex-ed class and Lana Lang at the Talon after Lex's first wedding, in Season Four's Transference when the original Lionel (while in Clark's body) hugged Martha Kent and in Season Seven's Fierce when Kara first saw Jimmy Olsen.
  • When Conner places the Red Kryptonite ring on his finger, he experiences the same physical reaction as Clark did when he first wore the ring in Season Two's Red (his veins and eyes briefly turn red).
  • Lionel-2 is listening to classical opera while sitting in his LuthorCorp office, much like the native Lionel often did. The song he is listening to is Vincenzo Bellini's "Casta diva" from the opera Norma, the same song that plays over the montage of the native Lionel paying off the man who blackmailed Martha at the end of Season Five's Cyborg.
  • Similar to Kara in Season Seven's Fierce, Conner has trouble controlling his heat vision, but by the end of the episode, he is able to use it to destroy a piece of kryptonite and save Clark.
  • Tess-1 looks for any evidence to show that Lionel-2 is not who he claims to be to take back LuthorCorp-1 from him just as Lex-1 had done in Season Three to put an end to Lionel-1's controlling influence.
  • Tess-1 has Lionel-2 infected with nanoscopic tracking devices, similar to how Lex-1 implanted spy technology inside Tess-1's eye prior to Season Eight.


  • Lois tells Conner she's seen Clark on red kryptonite and it doesn't turn him into what Conner had become. However, she has never seen Clark under the influence of red kryptonite and retained the memories of what happened. She wasn't in episodes Red, Rush, Exodus, Exile, Phoenix and Unsafe. She had no memory of her interaction with Clark in Crimson and didn't come across him while he was affected in Upgrade. It is possible there was an off screen event in which Clark was affected by red kryptonite as Lois mentioned it in Homecoming and Luthor.


  • Lois compares Puff Daddy's stage name change to Diddy to Alexander's name change to Conner. Chloe made a reference to the entertainer first in Season Two's Red.
  • Lois said she was feeling like she stepped into a Tom Clancy novel.
  • When discussing dealing with Lionel Luthor-2 with Tess-1, Lois-1 referenced prohibition agent Eliot Ness' failed efforts to bring down gangster Al Capone on murder charges, eventually succeeding in arresting him for tax evasion.
  • While searching for evidence to expose Lionel Luthor-2's true identity, Lois-1 remarked that "his resurrection was so iron-clad, he'd give Lazarus a run for his money." Lazarus of Bethany is the subject of a miracle recounted only in the Gospel of John, in which Jesus restores him to life four days after Lazarus's death.
  • While rejecting Conner's advances, Lois said, "Thanks. But I think you have the wrong idea, Romeo. This Juliet is already spoken for" referencing the popular Shakespearean tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, a play about two young star-crossed lovers whose deaths ultimately reconcile their feuding families.



Tess: I think he just needs someone there for him, like family.
Clark: Well, technically, you are his sister.
Tess: But I'm no Clark Kent. I know you are the one who that can bring out the best in him.

Lionel-2: I applaud your efforts, but you can't hide Alexander from me forever.
Tess: I'm saving him from an encore performance of "Daddy Dearest".
Lionel-2: Give me my son.
Tess: I'm surprised that you are so hell-bent on this family reunion, given the fact that on this world it was Lex that sent Lionel plummeting to his death.
Lionel-2: That's proof that the Lex you knew was a true Luthor.

Clark: I-I'm like you.
Conner: So, does this mean -- Oh, my God. Are -- Are you, like, my dad?
Clark: I prefer "brother".

Clark: Conner has... he's only half Lex, it turns out.
Lois: What? Okay, if you say the other half is Tess, I'm going to officially write that family off for good.
Clark: Lois, the other half is me.
Lois: Are you trying to tell me that Conner is the genetic love child of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor?
Clark: You don't have to say it like that.

Lionel-2: So my boy is alive. We've got to find him.
Scientist: We convinced Dr. Lamell to tell us that Mercer took him to Smallville. He's with Clark Kent.
Lionel-2: Not for long. It is time for my prodigal son to return.

Clark: Everything we do with our abilities is our responsibility. That's why we have to learn to control them before they control us. That's why we practice.
Conner: I lifted the tractor without any practice.
Clark: When you put it down, you broke the beam behind the stall.

Lionel-2: There's a part of you that's Clark Kent.
Conner: There's a part of me that's Lex Luthor, too.

Lionel-2: His first crush. It's good to know the Luthor libido is still intact. Great men -- great passion.

Clark: I won't let you hurt him like you did Lex. He was my closest friend, and Lionel Luthor's influence destroyed him.
Lionel-2: You destroyed Lex with your secrets and lies. And those same lies brought Conner to me.

Conner: (to Lois) There's a reason Lois Lane is known for telling the truth. Because you're a terrible liar.

Conner: I am a Luthor, and this is where I belong.
Clark: No, it's not. And you're coming home with me.

Lionel-2: (incapacitates Clark with kryptonite) No. You'll never take my son.
Conner: What are you doing?!
Lionel-2: Eliminating the one person who stands in the way of your destiny.
Clark: Let him go!
Lionel-2: Let's go, son. Remember who you are. You are meant to become a god. Together, we can make sure you do.
Conner: I know who I am. (destroys the kryptonite with his heat vision to save Clark)

Conner: I'm not like you, Clark. I mean, maybe on the outside with what I can do, but what that ring brought out in me -- that was all Lex.
Clark: There's a shadow inside all of us. But that doesn't mean you need to embrace it. You decide who you really are. And I know you'll make the right choice and become the hero you're destined to be.
Conner: That means a lot coming from you. Well, if you feel that way, maybe, uh, I should start dressing for the part. (opens his jacket, revealing a black t-shirt with House of El family crest) I know I have a lot to learn. But when you feel I'm ready to join the team, I'd like to.

Lionel-2: (to Tess) You, uh, may want to change yourself to impress Clark Kent, but we both know... don't we? Deep down, you'll always be a Luthor.

Lionel-2: Together, we could have ruled this world. I would give anything, my son, just to have you by my side. (Darkseid appears before him)


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