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"It's a Homecoming tradition. Every year before the big game the football players select a freshman, take him out to Riley field, strip him down to his boxers, and then paint an S on his chest."
— Pete, describing the nature of the Scarecrow Pilot

Clark Kent is chosen as the Scarecrow

The Scarecrow is a sadistic annual prank done by Smallville High senior football players during the school Homecoming, where they would choose a male freshman whom they take into the cornfields, strip him down to the underwear, paint a red "S" on the chest, and tie to a cross like a scarecrow.

The Scarecrow is traditionally placed in Riley Field.

Known Scarecrows

A mannequin Scarecrow.

Traditional Scarecrows
Pseudo Scarecrows


Early History

Jeremy and a young Lex.

On October 16, 1989, a nine year old Lex Luthor wandered into a nearby cornfield and heard someone whisper, "Help me." Frightened, he began to run and saw fourteen-year-old Jeremy Creek stripped down to his underwear, tied to a cross with an "S" painted on his chest. Just then, a meteor hit the cornfield, causing a shockwave that engulfed Jeremy and knocked Lex to the ground and caused him to lose all of his natural red hair. [1]

Season One

Jeremy talk with Clark.

Twelve years later, in 2001, a 14-year-old Clark Kent was chosen by Whitney Fordman to be this year's scarecrow due to his jealousy over Clark's relationship with his girlfriend, Lana Lang. Whitney placed Lana's necklace around Clark's neck and strung him up in Riley Field on a cross with an "S" painted on his chest. Jeremy found Clark but refused to help, telling Clark that he'd be safer where he is. [1]

Lex rescues Clark.

Lex drove by just as Jeremy jumped the fence. Lex seemingly recognized Jeremy from twelve years ago and got out of the car to investigate. Jeremy slipped away but Lex found Clark and freed him. Lana's necklace fell off and as Clark ran away, Lex picked up the necklace. [1]

Season Eight

Chloe's nightmare.

Chloe Sullivan awoke from a nightmare, in which Davis Bloome had murdered Clark and hung his corpse up by chains in the Talon basement. Clark's chest displayed an 'S' symbol in blood, remnant of the Scarecrow tradition. [3]

Season Ten

Lois Lane as a faux Scarecrow.

In an attempt to send a message to Clark, a degenerated clone of Lex Luthor kidnapped Lois Lane and deliberately strung her up as a scarecrow with a red 'S' painted on her shirt in exactly the same field the original Lex Luthor had found and rescued Clark. [2]


  • It is unknown whether the Scarecrow tradition continued post-2001. It was never seen or mentioned again by the main characters, after the first season.