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Sasha Woodman was a student at Smallville High School who is a metahuman with the ability to control bees.

Powers and Abilities


Season One

Sasha will do anything to win.

Sasha was stung more than a thousand times in Shuster's Gorge by Africanized honey bees, which were apparently infected by the kryptonite meteors littering the area, as Shuster's gorge is the location of the deepest crater of the 1989 meteor shower. Although being allergic to bee stings, she somehow survived this attack, and later discovered that she had the power to control the bees as if she were the hive queen.

Sasha was overcompetitive in high school and obsessed with becoming class president, stating repeatedly that her parents expected it of her. She ran as a candidate in freshman year, but according to Pete Ross, "she's more of a worker than a leader". As a result, Sasha resorted to use her powers to get rid of other campaign competitors. She hijacked all the bees from county's honey farms, commanded them to hospitalize two rival candidates Paul Chan and Felice Chandler, and attacked Martha Kent at the Kent Farm after her attempt on Clark Kent and Lana Lang at the Talon had failed. When Clark confronted her at her house and told her it was all over, Sasha grew agitated and lost control of the bees, causing them to all turn on her and sting her into a coma. Clark ended up saving Sasha's life by blowing out the shed housing the hives. Sasha was sent to Belle Reve afterwards.

Season Seven

Dr. Curtis Knox abducts Sasha.

Six years later, Sasha reappeared in Smallville. Chloe Sullivan spotted her at the Talon and confronted her in the alley, where Sasha revealed that she did not escape from Belle Reve like Chloe suspected, but had been formally discharged after being "cured" by a Dr. Curtis Knox. She said that she no longer had her meteor abilities and had also forgotten everything about the past six years due to Knox's treatment.

When Chloe left and Sasha went to get her own vehicle, Knox surprised and abducted her with chloroform, and later forcefully vivisected and murdered her to harvest her organs. Afterwards, Knox took her remains to a fertilizer plant in Smallville where he encountered Lex and had a confrontation.[1]


  • Sasha was portrayed by two different actresses in her two appearances — Shonda Farr in season 1, and Jovanna Huguet in season 7.
  • Chloe Sullivan theorized that if Sasha loses the election the bees will attack her, but Sasha had not yet lost when they turned on her. It is unclear if their allegiance changed due to her being out of control, so desperate and obsessed with the thought of winning, that her scent could no longer subdue the bees. It is also possible that Clark's scent is more dominant, or his scent mixing with her own had confused the bees so they started defending the hives by attacking randomly.