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Sarah Conroy is a girl who moved into Lana Lang's old house, a mile away from the Kent Farm, in 2003.

Early life

Sarah and her parents were in a car accident around 1996 in which their car went off of Loeb Bridge and into the Elbow River. Her parents were killed, but Sarah, who was asleep at the time, survived. However, she fell into a deep coma-like sleep and remained in this state for the next six years.

Her parents were wealthy and as long as she remained incapacitated, her uncle Nicholas Conroy controlled their money. To outward observers, he seemed like the devoted uncle caring for his sick niece.

Season Three

Sarah Conroy wakes up.

After the move, Sarah was able to reach out to her neighbor Clark Kent by entering Clark's dreams, her brain having apparently been altered by the exposure to the meteor rocks present at the bottom of the river. The first time she did it, she kept him asleep for over 36 hours. Sarah had never entered anyone else's dreams and she didn't understand what was happening until Clark woke up and visited her at home.

Clark recognized Sarah's presence in his dreams as a cry for help and he and Lana began investigating Sarah's circumstances. After learning that there was no medical explanation for her coma, they deduced that she was being unnaturally kept asleep by her uncle with intravenous drugs. In his dreams, Sarah expressed that she tried to wake up several times but her fear of her uncle kept her from succeeding. She entered Clark's dreams twice more. The third time, Clark was able to help Sarah overcome her fear of the monstrous personification of her uncle (called the Traveler), allowing Clark to use his heat vision against the personification, allowing Sarah to finally overcome her fear and wake up.

When she met Clark in the real world, she asked him about his super powers. Clark explained that everyone is super in dreams. She advised Clark to stop pushing Lana away, since she is obviously the girl of his dreams.


  • Given that Sarah was apparently able to access Clark's mind due to his Kryptonian status, her powers share a similar feature to the precognitive abilities of Cassandra Carver, as Clark was able to see Cassandra's visions of the future when no other person had ever done so.
  • Sarah's abilities are very similar to that of Freddy Krueger, who entered the nightmares of teenagers in order to murder them. Incidentally, Katharine Isabelle, the actress who portrays Sarah, also played Gibb in Freddy vs. Jason..