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"Better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven."
— General Zod to Clark Kent

"Salvation" is the twenty-first and final episode in the ninth season of Smallville, and the one hundred-ninety-sixth episode overall. It aired on May 14, 2010.


Zod unleashes his army upon the world, forcing Chloe to call in reinforcements from old friends. Zod tells Lois that he's The Blur and asks her to steal the Book of Rao from Clark. Torn between Clark and The Blur, Lois asks Clark to come clean with her about everything. Chloe and Oliver attempt to connect Watchtower's systems to a new satellite in order to fight Zod's army. Tess attempts to stop Zod but is left clinging to life. Clark and Zod battle for control of Earth.


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The 2013 skyline of Metropolis.

An airplane towing a banner reveals the date to be 2013 during the World's Fair, which is being hosted in Metropolis.


A familiar figure stops the plane from crashing into the Daily Planet.

Lois Lane is exiting the office of Editor-In-Chief Perry White of the Daily Planet. She has just been assigned to investigate a scandal at the Pentagon and mentions that 2012 was just like the Y2K scare years ago, something she correctly assumed. Upon exiting, Lois is immediately confronted by Jeff the intern informing her of numerous things, including a fruit basket from the Dalai Lama as well as Clark wondering about her sandwich preference at a deli.

Lois is handed a newspaper with the main article being about Lex Luthor running for President of the United States. She is seen wearing a ring on her finger, signifying her engagement. Lois expresses her frustrations with her current assignment but is interrupted when she notices a pair of glasses sitting on his desk and his chair spinning rapidly, followed by various declarations that the plane has lost power and is headed for the Daily Planet. Lois runs up the stairs and yells for Olsen, saying that he "had better be getting every pixel of this!" As she walks to the window, someone shouts, "up in the sky" to which Lois smiles.

As the focus shifts upwards, Doctor Fate's words can be heard in the background declaring, "You will lead this generation as Hawkman once led ours." The reflection of the plane with Superman holding it up can be seen in the Planet's rotating globe, followed by a red and blue blur, flying past it twice, correcting the plane's course.

Salvation -0115

Clark sees his new costume.

Clark Kent wakes up, gasping for air, revealing the previous sequence of events as a dream. He looks around, confused, and notices a black box sitting near him in the loft. He opens the card attached which reads, "If you choose to stay, Love Mom." Clark opens the box and lifts the top. The red, blue and yellow House of El emblem reflects inside his right eye and pupil.

Salvation -0185

Zod tells Lois that he is the Blur.

Lois opens a door and exits onto the roof of a building to meet the Blur. She questions his reasons for meeting, but says she is glad they are. "The Blur" responds by walking out of the shadows, revealing his face: Zod. Lois asks how Zod could possibly be the Blur, referencing how she saw him get shot. Zod says that his powers healed him and demonstrates his super speed. Lois shows disbelief, and Zod says that she saved him in the past and is his hero. Lois responds with the Blur's previous instructions of not trusting anyone, to which Zod says that Clark is looking for him and adds that Clark has something that could hurt him. He asks Lois to investigate, telling her that Clark isn't who he says he is.

Salvation -0248

Clark shows Chloe the Book of Rao.

In the fully operational Watchtower, Chloe Sullivan is discussing the Kandorians and the impending war with Oliver Queen via webcam. Oliver says that he is coming back to be with Chloe, to which she interjects saying they need to protect the database, awkwardly ending the conversation. Clark arrives and their conversation reveals that the Kandorians are moving, the assembled team has kryptonite weapons and Chloe knows about the identity of the Red Queen.

Clark mentions that his mom inherited Lionel Luthor's library when he died and says that Zod has lied about the Book of Rao; it isn't a bible but can instead be used to send all Kryptonians to another world. Chloe wants to use it immediately, until Clark says it will happen to him as well. Clark declares that his fate is on Earth, due to his trials and Doctor Fate's declarations. However, Chloe questions whether that is the true purpose of his trials or if it was leading him to make the ultimate sacrifice. Clark believes that there is another way, but Chloe says Jor-El never said he was to be a guardian for Earth and that Clark has inspired an entire team of heroes who will be there to protect Earth. She questions if instead of protecting the Earth, Clark's true purpose was in fact to lead his own people.

X22salvationhdmkv 000704328

Tess confronts Zod.

Zod flies to the Fortress of Solitude, angry that Jor-El refuses to speak with him and instead shared the "Secrets of Rao" with Clark. He intends to destroy the main console but is interrupted by Tess Mercer. Zod is surprised to see her there and says that she isn't welcome. He asks how she got there, to which she responds she flew after having searched for the "Ice Castle" for two years. Zod relates Tess to Icarus, but she says she is there for redemption. Zod replies that there can be no redemption for hiding the Book of Rao.

Tess reveals that she is not seeking his forgiveness and attacks him with a knuckle-type weapon laced with kryptonite. She continues to beat and kick him, saying that she has seen the future and what he did in it. Tess kicks Zod once again, but he stands up and declares that she "touched the sun" when she opened the Orb and now she will learn what it feels like to get burned. Zod then begins to burn her with his heat vision, while she screams.


Clark confronts Zod.

Clark speeds to the Fortress and immediately declares to Jor-El that he will not save Zod if it means leaving everyone he promised to protect. He declares that he has accepted his purpose and that there must be another way to stop Zod. He calls for Jor-El again before discovering the shattered remains of the main console. Zod appears behind him, declaring that he made sure Jor-El cannot help him anymore.

They argue about the necessity for war, and Clark tries to reason with Zod, trying to save him from making another mistake like Faora. Zod says he can never receive redemption for that, and Clark says he can, mentioning Clark's loss of his earth father due to Clark reaching for power that wasn't his and tempting fate. He says Zod must forgive himself and tells him about his team. He says too many will die and they both declare they know their destinies. Zod departs, and Clark sees the burnt remains of Tess, who he picks up before speeding away.

Lois opens a package left for her on her desk in the Daily Planet. It is revealed to be a plane ticket from Perry. Lois walks over to Clark's computer and searches for the Blur. She goes through numerous images until she finds one of Zod and lets out a sigh.

Salvation -0510

Tess apologizes to Clark for everything.

Clark visits Tess in the hospital. One side of her face is badly burned and disfigured. Tess reveals she did what she did to save Clark from Zod. Clark says that he has the Book of Rao, but it is useless because the console in the Fortress is gone. Tess says he doesn't need the Fortress and reveals that the Kandorians built a crystal energy source when they attempted to turn Earth's sun red. Clark says he already destroyed the tower, but Tess reveals she removed the crystals from the rubble and moved it to his crow's nest above the city and that it can power the Book of Rao. She says she is trying to atone for her sins and that Clark is the only one who can save them, but that he has run out of time, for the war has already begun.

Zod's soldiers are seen scattered throughout the world, burning Zod's emblem onto famous monuments, including the Great Wall of China, the Acropolis in Greece, the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and the Washington Monument.

Salvation -0579

Clark, Oliver and Chloe talk with the League.

At Watchtower, Chloe and Oliver are having a conference call with the various members of the combined Justice League and Justice Society. She says they have time, as the military believes it to simply be a hoax. Stargirl, Black Canary and Hawkman say that there are no signs of the Kandorians in the various locations where the monuments were scorched. Hawkman says they need to lure them out, and he and Oliver have a disagreement about what to do. Chloe says they must wait for Clark. John Jones agrees with Chloe, but Cyborg agrees with Hawkman and then everyone debates what to do.

Clark appears and says that while Carter's abilities allow him to come back, the others who may die on both sides cannot. He says the Kandorians have been led astray by Zod and declares that he will sacrifice himself and send all of them away forever using the Book of Rao. The others say there must be another way, but Clark disagrees and says that the world will need them to work together as a team. He says that they must accept his destiny and protect the world. They somberly accept, and Chloe says she is proud of Clark, then leaves saddened. Oliver stops him from following and tells him to say goodbye to Lois. He says that Clark owes her the truth, but Clark says that telling her would simply hurt her more. Oliver then tells him that he should at least say goodbye.

Basqat appears to Zod on a roof and asks if he has the Book of Rao. Zod says he doesn't and tells Basqat not to question his resolve. He says he will destroy the book, then asks Basqat if they have completed their mission. Once he affirms this, Zod mentions that his men are scattered throughout the world and that Clark is left alone in Metropolis. Basqat says they have destroyed their satellites, to which Zod proudly declares that, by dawn, they will have the Book of Rao and the planet will belong to them.


Chloe and Oliver share a kiss goodbye.

In Watchtower, Chloe is frantic as she tries to recover communications. Oliver tells her to calm down, then proceeds to mention that after Tess infiltrated Watchtower, he had a satellite launched specifically for Watchtower. Chloe is relieved, but Oliver says he has to turn it on from the Earth station. Chloe gives him a hand radio, and he kisses her before leaving to complete his mission.


Clark promises Lois that he'll be watching over her.

At the Kent Farm, Lois is searching Clark's belongings. While she is initially not worried, once she discovers Dr. Swann's journal and sees the image of the Book of Rao, she begins to become unnerved. Clark arrives and begins to tell her how much she means to him. Lois mentions that Perry offered her a job in Kenya and that she would turn it down for Clark. Clark is taken back by this, and Lois says that they need to be honest with each other. Clark denies multiple times that he is hiding anything and tells Lois that her best choice is to go. Lois is clearly distraught by this and leaves after they hug.

Tess wakes up in the hospital and begins to go into cardiac arrest. A shrouded woman is shown knitting in the hallway and, when Tess is declared dead, proceeds to enter the room and close the door.

Salvation -0908

Oliver in the ducts.

Oliver is on his mission and is taking directions from Chloe in order to navigate through a series of ventilation shafts. After Oliver succeeds, Chloe sees that the stations sensors have detected multiple others there with Oliver. The air ducts begin to be bombarded and are continuously dented in as Oliver makes his way through them. In fear of the worst, Oliver and Chloe declare their love for each other, but Oliver immediately says, "Chloe, they're not Kandorian!"

Clark goes to his crow's nest and finds the Kandorian console. He searches his pocket for the Book of Rao, but discovers it is gone and realizes Lois must have taken it.

Salvation -0977

Lois discovers that Zod isn't the Blur.

Lois is seen by the phone booth when Zod appears. Lois says Zod (as the Blur) is the one person she can believe in, and Zod says that he can see her heartbreak. Lois says her heart is shattered, and Zod, while saying how hurtful it is to learn the one you love is lying to you, places his hand on Lois's shoulder. Lois reaches for his hand and then realizes from his touch that he isn't really the Blur.

Zod asks for the book, but Lois says that she hid it in case Clark followed her. Zod asks where it is and Lois, in order to see if he really is the Blur, says it is where she confessed to him that he was the most important person in her life. Zod shows that he doesn't know where it is, and Lois begins to walk away. Zod super-speeds in front of her and says that he shouldn't have tried to deceive the Blur's most devoted follower. He proceeds to say that he has nothing against killing her and powerfully pushes her away to her supposed death.

However, Clark arrives, moving at super speed, punches Zod away and rushes to catch Lois. He prevents her from fully hitting the phone booth and sets her down. She comes to and walks over to him in the shadows, asking for his forgiveness for being deceived. She hands him the Book of Rao and Clark drags her towards him and passionately kisses her. Once he departs, she shows a look of shock, smiles and then declares, "Clark!"

Back at the crow's nest, Clark prepares to insert the Book of Rao into the console when Zod and his army appear. Zod says that no one is going anywhere. Zod and Clark argue but address the Kandorians while facing one another, each trying to get the Kandorians to trust one of them instead of the other. Zod says Clark is lying, to which Clark mentions Faora and how she wanted to leave Zod but paid for it with her life, as did another.

In anger, Zod smashes Clark into a wall and whispers that Faora was a traitor. At this point, the other Kandorians use their super hearing to hear Zod whisper "Do you think I wanted to kill my own child?" Zod realizes that his army has heard this and looks worried. He tries to get them to believe his point of view, but they all remove their armbands and switch allegiance to Clark. Vala, Faora's sister, begins to approach Zod, but is stopped by Basqat, who declares that they will deal with Zod on their own soil. Vala tells Kal-El to "take us home," to which Clark responds by releasing the Book of Rao into the console. It levitates and begins to glow along with the crystals before flying into place, causing a pillar of golden light to appear, soaring high into the sky. The various Kandorians begin to disappear in the golden light until only Zod and Clark remain.

Normal 02407

Clark punches Zod.

Zod then pulls out a blue kryptonite dagger that takes away both his and Clark's powers, preventing them from ascending up into the portal like the others. Zod then says, "I told you. I'm not going anywhere!" As it begins to rain, they engage in hand-to-hand combat, with Clark saying that Zod knew what would happen. Zod exclaims "Better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven," then slashes Clark with the dagger across the chest, then on his forearm. Clark removes his jacket in order to block the dagger. Zod tells him to fight like the humans he loves and lunges at him once again, with Clark blocking with his jacket. He manages to get Zod to drop the dagger after slamming him to the ground. Clark scrambles for the dagger, but Zod bashes him with a chunk of rock sitting nearby. Clark quickly recovers and lands a powerful uppercut at Zod. It seems like an even match until Zod quickly gains the upper hand in the battle and attacks multiple times with Clark fighting back as best he can.


Clark falls.

Zod kicks Clark through a window, then jumps through the air to deliver the final blow with the dagger. Clark rolls out of the way, and Zod thrusts at Clark again. Clark catches his arm and struggles to avoid being stabbed. Zod, nearing victory, declares, "Unlike you, I will lead from a throne, not from the shadows. Every human, including the woman you love, will kneel before Zod!" Clark looks behind him and, in the accumulation of his emotions, says to Zod, "You already destroyed my first home. I won't let you take this one." Clark then lets himself be stabbed by the dagger, to Zod's great surprise. Clark stumbles backwards with the dagger in him and falls off the edge of the building, looking at Zod one last time. Zod looks up from his seeming victory as the golden light from the Book of Rao descends upon him. Realizing what has happened, his expression turns to worry, and he looks at Clark, who has a victorious grin on his face while continuing to fall backwards. As Zod, now defeated, ascends into the golden light and lightning, he yells. Clark is then seen freely falling now, his arms outstretched and the blue kryptonite dagger still in his torso, and he is bathed in a golden glow and a shower of rain.



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  • In spiritualism, salvation is the concept that God or another higher power, as part of divine providence, saves humanity from spiritual death or eternal damnation by providing for them an eternal life.
    • Clark saves mankind from a hopeless future with Zod as ruler by allowing his nemesis to stab him with a dagger laced with blue kryptonite.
    • During the series, Tess has stressed she wants the salvation of the Earth and has placed the Kryptonians as potential saviors.
    • Throughout this season, Clark and others have worked to save the future of a possible apocalypse.
    • Also, Jor-El's clone asked Clark to "save" Zod in Kandor.
    • The word "salvation" noun of action from salvare, "to save."
    • The word "Salvation" refers back to the title of the season premiere Savior.


Superman Symbol glimpse

House of El symbol in Clark's dream.

Superman vs Zod

Superman vs Zod

  • This is the first time since Season Five's Reckoning that Greg Beeman has directed an episode, and the first time since Commencement that he has directed a season finale.
  • This is the 7th episode this season to feature all main cast members. The others are Savior, Rabid, Crossfire, Pandora, Conspiracy and Escape.
  • This is the third finale in a row to showcase the discovery of Clark's secret by a main character in the cast. Lex discovered his secret in Season Seven's Arctic, Jimmy Olsen followed in Season Eight's Doomsday and now Lois finishes out the cast, thus being the last to find out.
  • This is the first live-action appearance of Granny Goodness.
  • Granny Goodness is the 73rd DC Comics character adapted into the series.
  • During Clark's dream, there is a brief Easter egg of Superman's reflection on the Daily Planet globe, making it the first time that Clark's destiny is actually shown instead of just being alluded to.
  • A scene from Season Seven's Persona is used when Zod flies to the Fortress.
  • This is the first time that Tess visits the Fortress of Solitude.
  • This is Callum Blue's last regular appearance as Zod.
  • This episode contains many similarities with the alternate future seen in Pandora:
    • Tess is killed (though not by Chloe).
    • Oliver is attacked by multiple enemies (although they were Kandorians in that episode and the Suicide Squad in this one).
    • Clark and Chloe have a falling out.
    • Clark and Zod have a physical confrontation.
    • Zod is a General and his army is at war with Earth.
    • Clark loses his powers.
    • Clark is stabbed with a kryptonite dagger (although it is blue in this episode not regular green kryptonite as in that episode, and he stabs himself instead of Zod doing it).
  • Zod's troops are seen at the Great Wall of China, the Washington Monument, the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, and the Great Pyramids in Giza, Egypt.
  • In Clark's dream of the future 2013, Clark has fully embraced his destiny, Lois and Clark are partners at the Daily Planet and are engaged, Perry White is the Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper, Olsen is on-staff as photographer and Lex is running for the Presidential Office. However, the fates of Chloe, Oliver and Tess aren't shown.
  • In Superman: The Movie, when Jor-El takes the young Clark on his journey through the 28 known galaxies, he says that 12 Earth years will have passed. This is when we first see Superman in the movie, so there is significance that Clark's dream sequence at the start of the episode takes place in 2013 (12 years after Smallville first started).
  • By sending the Kandorians to a planet where they could live in paradise and rise again on a New Krypton, Clark has fulfilled Rao's prophecy.
  • During Clark and Zod's confrontation, Zod's red sweater, the blue kryptonite knife, and the yellow of the portal combine to show the three official colors of Superman.
  • Although Dinah, Victor, John, Courtney and Carter appear in the episode, they are uncredited despite the facts they're all being played by their regular actors and that they all have dialogue.
  • When the Book of Rao is being used on the obelisk with the crystals, the device shows the red, blue, and yellow glow that is very similar when the Key is activated when it goes into the wall of the Kawatche Caves back in earlier seasons.
  • Lois finds out that "The Blur" is Clark, almost exactly the way Lois finds out Superman is Clark in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. In Lois and Clark, Clark holds Lois' right cheek, and this is exactly what Superman does just before he is about to freeze her as a ploy to fool a villain holding his adoptive parents captive. It is at that moment Lois realizes it was Clark. In Smallville, however, the touch is on Lois' left shoulder. This is probably because in Lois and Clark, Lois actually sees Superman's face, while on Smallville, Lois has never seen the Blur's real face (at least she thinks not).
  • This is the second season finale in a row to feature or mention James Bartholomew Olsen.
  • This is the second season finale to feature John Jones after Season Six's finale Phantom (although this time, he's uncredited).
  • This is the second season finale in a row to feature Dinah Lance.
  • This is also the second season finale in a row to feature the Justice League.
  • The lines on the floor the hallway outside Tess' room in the hospital are the three classic Superman colors (red, blue and yellow).
  • The kryptonite knuckles that Tess uses on Zod is similar to the weapon that Lex Luthor uses on Superman's clone in the 2007 animated film Superman: Doomsday.
  • This is the fifth time Lois has found out Clark's secret: the first time was in Season Four's Blank, the second was in Season Six's Crimson, the third time was in Season Eight's Infamous, and the fourth time was in Idol. Lois also finds out his secret in Season Seven's Apocalypse but that was an alternate universe. In most of these occasions she merely found out that he had abilities as opposed to learning his full secret. He did however reveal his total secret to her in Infamous but had to go back in time and reverse that event.
  • At the scene where Zod throws Lois, you can see that Zod first puts his arms down after throwing. However, in the next scene when Clark is about to punch Zod you see his arms are in a different position.
  • In Hostage it is revealed that all Kryptonians will be exiled to New Krypton if Clark uses the Book of Rao. As Kara Kent later appears in Season 10, it can be inferred she was still off-world and had to complete her mission locating Kandor.
  • According to Al Septien,[citation needed] Clark's dream wasn't just a dream, but a depiction of the future seen by Doctor Fate when he was touched by Clark in Absolute Justice, Part 1. However, the dream contains several continuity discrepancies:
    • LuthorCorp was rebranded LexCorp in 2011.[1] However, the 2013 sequence shows LuthorCorp Plaza still being labeled as "LuthorCorp".
    • The Watchtower building is still standing in Clark’s dream, while it was destroyed in 2012 and replaced by a park.[2]
    • Clark and Lois still work in the Daily Planet bullpen, when the former got her own office in 2011[3] and the latter in 2012.[2]
    • Lois mentions a Daily Planet photographer named Olsen. However, Lois' 2018 dialogue with him indicates that James Bartholomew Olsen only recently started working there,[4] rather than having been there for four years.
    • It may just be a goof, but a 2013 newspaper (that Jeff Hage gives to Lois) have an article about the recent deaths of Jason and Genevieve Teague, who both died May 18, 2005.[5]
  • The armbands that Zod's army wear have a striking resemblance to the armbands the Nazis wore during World War II.
  • In the scene where Lois' elbow breaks the glass of the phone booth, the CGI glass completely shatters and falls away. When the shot changes angles as Lois opens her eyes, most of the glass is intact with only a jagged hole missing.
  • Lois realized that Clark was actually "The Blur", when he kissed her as "The Blur" in this episode. However, she still hasn't recognized that Clark also kissed her in Season Six's Hydro as Green Arrow when he was covering for Oliver (even though they kissed in Crimson, and Lois recognized him until she forgot) - although it's possible it was too long ago for her to remember the fake-Arrow's kiss.
  • Before Clark wakes up from his dream, the House of El Symbol flashes in its correct coloring.
  • This is the 2nd and last season finale not to feature Lex.
  • This is the 3rd and last season finale not to feature Lionel.
  • This is the 5th and last season finale not to feature Jonathan Kent.
  • This is the first and only season finale in which the Luthor Mansion does not make an appearance.
  • When Tess is burned, she resembles her the Batman character Two-Face, as both characters get burned on the left side of their face.
  • During the moments in which Clark, in his dream, saves the helicopter, something similar to the Superman theme is played.
  • Super Hearing was used the most in this episode when all the Kandorians to eavesdropped on Zod's confession, and Whisper.
  • This episode also has several similarities with this season's premiere Savior. Due to these numerous similarities this season kind of goes full circle.
    • Both episode titles have similar definitions (both are about saving).
    • Both feature Clark falling from a tall building
    • Both have glimpses of the future
    • Both have Clark and a Kryptonian fighting as humans due to blue kryptonite
    • Both feature Clark saving Lois due to the careless/dangerous/unthinking actions of a Kryptonian
    • In both, Clark is seen in his Blur costume minus the coat in one scene in each episode
    • In both Tess and Zod have a physical confrontation where Zod is victorious
    • In both Chloe and Clark have a falling-out
    • In both Chloe is left alone in Watchtower cut off from the rest of the Justice League
    • In both people are teleported
    • In both Zod says his famous "kneel before Zod" line.
    • The season both starts and ends at night with something falling from very high up



  • Zod's exclamation of "Better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven" is a reference to the famous line "Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven!" in the epic poem Paradise Lost by John Milton, said by Satan after he and his angels' nine-day fall from Heaven. Zod and his soldiers could be a possible reference to Satan and his rebel angels.
  • As Oliver is crawling around the ventilation shafts to activate the Watchtower satellite, Chloe calls him a "Mole Man." This is a direct reference to the 1951 film Superman and the Mole Men starring George Reeves.
  • The woman knitting and then abruptly stopping when Tess dies is similar to the three Fates who spin, measure and cut the threads of life.
  • Clark having to go up against an entire army of Kryptonians mirrors the premise of the unproduced George Reeves film Superman and the Secret Planet. Had the film been made, it would have had Reeves' Superman battle an army of Kryptonian criminals. Ultimately, the film was never produced due to how expensive such a live-action movie would have been to make in the 1950s.[6] Years later, Christopher Reeve's Superman got to fight Kryptonians in the live-action film Superman II (1980). However, the Kryptonians were limited to three people (Zod, Non, and Ursa), as opposed to the army envisioned in the unproduced Superman and the Secret Planet.


  • On the envelope Lois receives from Perry White, the ship date is shown to be May 13, 2010.  It was sent priority overnight and would have arrived on May 14, 2010, the original air date of this episode.
  • The actual weight of the package is listed at 65lbs, implausible since it is a 9 x 12" envelope and Lois was able to clearly lift it with one hand.
  • After Zod throws Lois towards the phone booth and Clark uppercuts Zod and begins to run toward Lois, you can already see the broken pane of glass where her elbow strikes the phone booth. When the camera changes angles and he has caught her, you then​ hear the sound of glass shattering, although this could be because he is moving faster than the speed of sound.
  • When Zod and Clark are fighting on the rooftop after the other Kryptonians have ascended, Zod's first slash at Clark with the blue kryptonite dagger leaves a diagonal cut across his chest although the swing was clearly horizontal from right to left.




Lois: (to Perry White) If you remember, I'm the one who said 2012 would just be another Y2K scare, and I was right. Not to fear, White... If there's a scandal in the Pentagon, yours truly will be the one to find it.

Zod: (to Lois) I guarantee you'll find that Clark Kent is not who he says he is.

Clark: I know my destiny.

Clark: There is something I need to tell you.

Oliver: Clark, you owe her the truth.

Clark: (to Lois) Look, my whole life has been full of relationships that have ended too soon. And then when I went away last fall, I... Lois, I felt so lost. When I came back to the bullpen... you were there waiting for me. You jumped out of your seat, you threw your arms around me, and the way that your eyes sparkled when you smiled, I just... I knew. I just knew that you were the one that I've always needed. And I needed you to know that.

Hawkman: All I found in Giza are mummies. We need to flush these aliens out. Now I've been around long enough to know to win a war is to strike first.
Oliver: No, that's the best way to win a bowling tournament, Tweety. We're dealing with super-powered soldiers here.
Hawkman: Just as expected, Mr. Green Jeans has gone yellow.

Lois: You're not really him.
Zod: I should've known better than to deceive the Blur's most devoted follower.
Lois: Just who the hell are you?
Zod: Unlike the Blur, I'm someone who doesn't care whether you live or die.

Clark: You knew the blue kryptonite would prevent you from ascending like the others!
Zod: Better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven. Seeing as you love the humans so much, let's see if you fight like one!

Clark: Jor-el! I know that you told me to save Zod, but I won't! Not if means leaving everyone I promised to protect. My destiny is here on Earth; if everything that you've trained me for was for another purpose then it was a waste,  'cause I'm staying!

Zod: Unlike you, I will lead from a throne, not from the shadows. Every human, including the woman you love, will kneel before Zod!
Clark: You already destroyed my first home. I won't let you take this one!

Zod: (to Tess) You touched the sun when you freed me from the Orb, you're about to learn what it feels like to get burned.

Lois: How can you be the Blur? That alien snatcher Chisolm shot you. I saw the wound.
Zod: My powers cured me.
Lois: Clark Kent's mild-mannered FBI friend is the guy who's always saving my butt?
Zod: You were willing to risk your life to save me, Lois. You are my hero.
Lois: My hero told me not to trust anyone that said he was The Blur.

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