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The Rocket Red Brigade is a Russian superhero team.


  • Alexi (leader)


Season Eleven

The Rocket Red Brigade welcomes Lex and Clark to Moscow.

While Lex Luthor along with the reporter Clark Kent travel to Russia, Lex's jet gets into a big storm and because of a lightning they lose an engine so Clark prepares to take action but surprisingly someone else catches the jet from its fall. At first, Lex thinks that Superman might have saved them, something that makes him clearly irritated but it is revealed they were saved by a Russian team of superheroes, called the Rocket Red Brigade, who welcomes them in Moscow.

Alexi of the Rocket Reds meets Clark Kent.

Alexi says that his team has saved their country several times from meteorites.

Alexi talks about the thing that fell from the sky.

Clark thanks the Rocket Red Brigade for saving them earlier and recognizes one of the team members as being one of the astronauts who was in the Guardian rocket months ago, Alexi. Alexi tells Clark that the government offered him the opportunity to form a team to fight against internal and external threats to Russia, all inspired by Superman, and in fact they already have prevented many meteorites from hitting the country. Alexi also reveals that the thing that fell the other day from the sky was not a meteorite but a man, which makes Clark ask if he thinks it seems right to keep the man captive. Alexi replies that his opinion is that if someone does not want to say why he is here, he does not hide anything good.

Ray-Lan attacks the Rocket Reds.

Alexi and the Rockets leave to recapture the prisoner.

Later, Clark arrives at the door of the premises where the Monitor is in, which is also the base of the Rocket Reds and he says goodbye to Alexi, who asks him to thank Superman from his behalf for saving his life. Suddenly the alarms of the facility are activated and Clark, removing his glasses, uses his X-ray vision to see what happens. The warning is fully justified as the Monitor has somehow been freed from his chains and makes a hole in the wall, killing a member of the Rocket Reds. Alexi says he does not want to hurt him, but Ray-Lan says he will have to.

Many of the Rochet Reds get hurt during the battle with the Monitor.

The freed Monitor attacks the members of the Red Rocket Brigade, wounding them and even killing many soldiers on his way out of the facility.

After the fight, the hurt members of the Rocket Red Brigade receive medical support and due to the orders of the Russian Prime Minister, they stand down and coordinate with the rest of the military rather than follow the Monitor to Chernobyl.

Alexi invites Otis for a drink with his team.

Alexi and Otis talk about Otis' life before working for Luthor.

Otis Berg is trying to reach Lex by cell phone, but it's not working. While talking with Alexi of the Rocket Red Brigade, Alexi offers Otis a drink but he says that he never drinks while on duty so when Alexi asks him how often he is on the duty Otis says always. He then indicates there's some hidden shame in his past that relates to his unwavering loyalty to Lex.

Otis remains concerned about his boss when he suddenly sees one of the armors of the Rocket Reds and an idea came to his mind. Later, Otis, wearing an armor of the Rocket Reds that he "borrowed", saves Lex Luthor from an explosion.

Alexi after he got in touch by Superman with Emil Hamilton, agreed to help Emil get certified in space travel so that he would be able to visit Tess Mercer in the new base of the Justice League on the moon.

In the Comics

The Rocket Red Brigade in the comics.

Originally created for the Soviet Union by Green Lantern (Kilowog), the Rocket Red Brigade, also known as Rocket Reds, proudly defended the USSR. They wore super strong armour, which was equipped with a solar powered propulsion system. Kilowog was able to make the design of the Rocket Red suit greatly increase strength. He also fitted the suit with the latest high tech weapons.

The Rocket Red Brigade was not highly respected until one of their heroes was added to the Justice League International. Unfortunately Rocket Red #7 turned out to be an undercover Manhunter and betrayed the league. He was stopped by the Rocket Red Brigade who also saved the Justice League International at the same time.

After the Soviet Union collapsed, the other Rocket Reds fell on hard times. Several were brainwashed to serve as agents of the super-criminal Sonar. Many of the suits ended up on the black market. Also some of the more unscrupulous Rocket Reds began working for the Russian Organizatsiya Mafiya in order to feed their families.

Later four of the suits came into the possession of Vandal Savage. He imprisoned four of the Titans in them and used them as missiles. Fortunately the Titans were saved before their respective suits could detonate.

Surviving members of the Rocket Red Brigade took their armor back from the Russian Army to fight the world prison break during the events of Villains United. They also appeared protecting Russia's border in 52, wearing new, more advanced suits of armor. They were seen again in One Year Later protecting Russia while hindering Hal Jordan's attempt to apprehend an interstellar criminal. The new group has been acting in accordance with the Global Guardians and has been defending their borders and allies valiantly, even going so far as to attack the Justice League when they violated Russian air space. After the ensuing situation was resolved, the current Rocket Red #1 is even promoted as a possible Justice League member in the future, as he kept a cool head during the altercation. Ice was also hidden in a suit of Rocket Red armor during her regeneration.

In Justice League of America #45, the League meets the German Rakete-Auslese, or "Rocket Elite", who Batman notes are the German equivalent of the Rocket Reds, and use some of the same technology in their flying battlesuits.

During Mon-El's tour of the earth, he visits Moscow and helps the Rocket Reds during a battle with Georgian terrorists.

During the Blackest Night, one of the original members of the brigade was resurrected as a Black Lantern. He is shown briefly attacking the rest of the Brigade in Moscow.