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Richter Maddox was a director at Belle Reve who ran an underground fight club between super-powered patients from his hospital. The fights were broadcast on the internet for an extremely high fee, and participants could vote if each match should end in death for one of the opponents; if death was chosen, the fight would continue until one of the combatants was dead.


While his "respectable" public guise seemed rather timid, his ring announcer persona was flamboyant and loud.

Season Six

Maddox found the Zoner Titan in a bar in Omaha and recruited him for the club. Titan proved to be ready and willing to fight just about anyone and soon became Maddox's main event. Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan were tipped on the existence of the club by Oliver Queen and began to investigate. However, Lois Lane also started her own investigation and was accosted by one of the club's security guards, Athena. After seeing Lois and Athena spar, Maddox was impressed and put Lois in the next battle.

Clark realized that Titan was not a metahuman, but a Phantom Zone prisoner, and sought out Maddox's club in order to defeat him. He located Maddox and showed him his ability to catch a bullet with his bare hand. Maddox allowed him to fight, but his first opponent was Lois. However, Titan's target was indeed Clark and he interrupted Clark and Lois' fight to take Clark on. Maddox was upset that Titan was ruining his show and tried to stop him. Titan responded by throwing Maddox across the arena, killing him instantly.


Richter: You scared me. Where did you come from?
Clark: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Richter: Uh, you must have me confused with someone else. It happens, I have that kind of face.
Clark: Come here. (he pushes Maddox against his car) I know about the fight club. I know you're not only using patients from Belle Reve. I want in.
Richter: Ow. Okay, look. The only place I could get you into is a psychiatric facility.

Richter: Hey, what do you think of the name "The Man of Steel"?
Clark: "Man of Steel"?
Richter: Yeah, I give all the fighters their monikers. Trust me, kid, it's a name that no one's ever going to forget.