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Reeves Dam is a man-made dam in Kansas, which appears be located near Smallville. Smallville has its own dam (Smallville Dam) which holds back Morley Reservoir.


A leak in Reeves Dam begins to cause it to collapse.

Lex tries to leave the dam through the bridge, but is confronted by police.

33.1 Lab

Reeves Dam was the location for several important scenes in Season Six and Season Seven.

  • Kara Kent's ship crash landed in Reeves Dam during the first meteor shower.
  • There was a Level 33.1 facility inside of the Reeves Dam. Lex Luthor used the facilities to store a clone of Lana Lang called Model 503.
  • Lex Luthor was trapped with Clark Kent in a series of underground tunnels that led to Reeves Dam.
  • The phantom wraith who becomes Bizarro first encountered Clark Kent at Reeves Dam. Once he created a physical body by taking a copy of Clark's DNA, Bizarro and Clark fought inside of the dam - eventually destroying it.
  • Kara was in suspended animation inside of the lake in front of the dam for 18 years, until it was destroyed in the fight between Bizarro and Clark Kent.
  • Before Wes Keenan died, he gave Lois Lane some numbers which turned out to be the latitude and longitude coordinates for Reeves Dam. When Lois arrived at the dam, she was confronted by a guard who stabbed her in the stomach. She called Chloe before she passed out, who came to Reeves Dam and used her meteor power to heal Lois.


  • The name Reeves Dam may refer to two former Superman actors, Christopher Reeve and George Reeves, stars of the first four Superman movies and Adventures of Superman respectively.
  • The spelling of "Reeves Dam" has been established in two ways. The mobile GPS on Lois's phone clearly says "Reeves Dam" in the episode. In addition, the CW promotional materials for the episode Phantom reference a "Reeves Dam".[1]
  • Reeves Dam is located at coordinates, as Lois Lane discovers, at 38°52' N, 95°32'W. This location in real life is in the extreme northeastern corner in Osage County, Kansas.