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"Redux" is the sixth episode in the second season of Smallville, and twenty-seventh episode overall. It aired on October 29, 2002.


Martha realizes that the Kent Farm faces financial trouble. She asks her estranged father, William Clark for assistance. Clark is thrilled at the prospect of meeting his grandfather, but Jonathan hates the idea. Clark arranged their reunion. Meanwhile, Lana discovers an old photograph that suggests her biological father is Henry Small. (A recurring theme in the episode is history repeating itself.)


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206 William Clark

William Clark, Martha's father

In gym class during a swim race, Clark faces off against Troy Turner for the bragging rights to being the fastest in the school. Troy kisses his girlfriend Chrissy Parker for good luck before diving in. When he begins having trouble, Clark pulls him from the pool; everyone is shocked to see that Troy is suddenly 60 years older.

Martha and Jonathan are discussing the farm's financial problems, and Martha suggests she ask her father for help. Jonathan is resistant, and Clark loudly asks why he's never met his grandfather, and complains that every time he is mentioned, it is met with uncomfortable silence. Jonathan vaguely says there is too much bad blood between them.

Clark delivers muffins to Lana at the Talon. She is going through old boxes and finds a photograph of her mother hugging an unidentified man. The photo is dated after her parents were married. Lex shows up and gives Clark a ride to school. (Lana has the first two periods free.) As he exits Lex's Porsche, he encounters Terrence Reynolds, Smallville High School's new principal. He takes Clark to task for being tardy and expresses disdain for Lex. Lex reveals that Mr. Reynolds was headmaster at Excelsior Academy when Lex attended. Principal Reynolds also approaches Chrissy Parker and asks her for missing transcripts for her student file.


Lex and Clark meet the new principal.

Clark tells Chloe and Pete about his run-in with the new principal, and Chloe reveals that Mr. Reynolds has an impressive résumé, and they wonder why he ended up in Smallville.

After school, Clark is helping Lana prepare for a school spirit week activity in the theater section of the Talon. They talk about Clark's family problems. Lana is still wondering about the mysterious photograph. When Nell shows up, Clark suggests she ask her about it. When she does, Nell merely says that Lana's mother loved her family. Later, Lana asks Lex to investigate who the man could be. Lex cautions that Lana might not want to hear the truth.

William Clark visits Martha at the farm, and she reveals that she asked William without Jonathan's permission. They talk about William's dissatisfaction with Martha's choices, but she maintains that she likes her life. Clark interrupts them and is introduced to William for the first time. He is disappointed when William does not stay. When Jonathan returns, Clark continues to question, and Jonathan finally reveals that William was resistant to Martha's decision to marry a farmer. Jonathan hit him, and they haven't spoken since. Despite this, Clark is optimistic that William wants to put it in the past.


The Kents discuss William and Jonathan's feud.

At school the next day, Clark and Chloe discuss what could have caused Troy Turner's death. Chloe has a report from the medical examiner, which states that his pituitary gland was empty. She says it was like the youth was sucked right out of him, but their conversation is interrupted when Principal Reynolds calls Clark into his office. He asks about his friendship with Lex. He drills him on what direction Clark wants to go in and assigns Clark an essay on where he thinks he will be in five years. After school, Clark works on the essay at the Talon when Chrissy asks him to help out for spirit week. She talks about how the future is unimportant because high school is the best time of your life. He declines, and Lex arrives. They talk about Principal Reynolds, and Lex says he respects his strict discipline. Later, Lex goes to visit Reynolds, and Reynolds reveals that he was fired by Lionel Luthor after Lex was almost expelled.


Clark gets called to the Principal's Office.

Chrissy is working backstage when she seduces Troy's best friend Russell. She delivers a kiss that seems to suck the life out of Russell.

Clark invites William to the farm again but Jonathan and William argue while Clark looks on in dismay. At school, he doesn't tell Pete and Chloe what's on his mind, but when Chloe announces Russell's death, Clark realizes that Chrissy was with both boys just before they died. They decide to investigate Chrissy and find aliases for her for various high schools dating back to the 1920s.


Chrissy Parker begins to age as she searches for a new victim.

Principal Reynolds again asks Chrissy for her missing files and she tells him she will give them to him that evening at the spirit week performance. That night, Chrissy attacks Principal Reynolds, but Clark and Pete intervene. Clark is able to stop Chrissy and knock her out before she can kill Mr. Reynolds. Without a victim, she ages rapidly and dissolves into dust.

Clark goes to see William, bringing with him a photo album and urging him to see his family how they really are. William just gives him the check to deliver to Martha. Clark admits that he went to visit him, and says that William told him that he tried to get involved after his adoption, but Jonathan and Martha wouldn't allow it. They admit that they didn't know if they could trust William with Clark's secret when he was too young to control his powers. Clark is crestfallen to discover that he is the cause of their family rift.

Lana goes to visit Clark in his loft, who is finishing his essay. He tells her that he likes to find out the truth and will probably study journalism in college. Lana reveals that her parents were legally separated for over a year, and the man in the photograph could be her real father.



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  • "Boom, Boom, Boom" - The Outhere Brothers
  • "Be Aggressive" - The Jockjam
  • "I Don't Know" - Tom Racer
  • "All My Life" - Foo Fighters
  • "Mickey" - B*Witched
  • "U Girl" - Sophie Agapios
  • "You Ugly" - The Jockjam
  • "Can I See You" - Buva
  • "I Feel Fine" - Riddlin' Kids
  • "Ivanka" - Imperial Teen
  • "Somewhere Out There" - Our Lady Peace


  • Redux is a Latin adjective meaning "brought back".
  • In this episode, both Clark and Lana deal with things brought back from their past: Lana discovers for the first time a man that may be her biological father, and Clark meets for the first time his adoptive grandparent.
  • Chrissy Parker is literally reliving her past, using her metahuman ability to suck the youth out of others.
  • Chrissy Parker is similar to the character Pamela Dare, from the Superboy TV series (1988-1992). Her character was as old as ancient Egypt and she stayed young, by sucking the youth of young men. When absorbing Superboy's lifeforce, she reduced in age to her original form; of white diamonds.


Redux 604

Chrissy Parker stares into a glass.

In Other Media[]


  • Troy Turner is also the bully that made mean comments to Amy Palmer in the first season episode Shimmer.
  • The first episode filmed for season two was actually the sixth episode aired; "Redux" finished principal photography shortly after filming for "Tempest" ended, which was just before the crew went on their summer break. With "Redux" filming directly after the season one finale, the cast and crew were required to forgo the immediateness of their summer break so they could film; it was not aired in season two until the sixth scheduled airdate because of complications that arose after filming had ended. This is probably why Clark sends Pete away before he goes to fight Chrissy; at that point in the show's storyline, Pete is still unaware of Clark's abilities.
  • The episode's intro takes place on June 20, 2002.


  • Lana learns in this episode that Lewis Lang might not have been her biological father, later to be confirmed with the introduction of Henry Small.
  • The scene in which Chloe shows Clark all of the pictures of Chrissy dating back hundreds of years is later paralleled five years later in the episode Cure, when Lex shows Clark all of the pictures of Curtis Knox dating back centuries.


  • Principal Reynolds requested Clark "to write a five-page essay on where he is gonna be in five years". Five years from this episode, Clark will run the Kent Farm single handedly after his mother's departure to Washington in May 2007.
  • Clark writes in his essay that he sees himself pursuing journalism. This hints at his future reporter job at the Daily Planet, which will indeed come into play several years and seasons later.
  • Clark distracts Pete before using his powers at the end of the episode despite having already told Pete his secret in an earlier episode.
  • Aunt Nell Potter was last seen in Duplicity.
  • Principal Reynolds notes that Clark quit the football team before his first game, which occurred in the season one episode Hothead.



Clark: My mom's been kind of secretive the last couple days.
Lana: A Kent secretive. That's shocking.

Lana: All these years, I've had this image of the Kents as the perfect family.
Clark: I guess we're just as dysfunctional as everyone else.

Mr. Reynolds: A person is judged by the company they keep. In my experience, Lex Luthor doesn't have friends. He sees people as a means towards an end.
Clark: I don't think that's true.
Mr. Reynolds: Time will tell.

Lex: You pushed me, and in hindsight, I appreciate that. In some ways, you're responsible for the man I am today.
Mr. Reynolds: I'm not sure that's a burden I care to take on.

Clark: Whatcha got there?
Chloe: Do you remember my buddy Chad that works at the M.E.'s office?
Clark: Yeah, the guy with the black fingernail polish and lipstick.
Chloe: Aww, it's hard being Smallville's only goth. Anyway, he sent me the autopsy report of Troy. It's amazing what lending someone your eyeliner can get you these days.

Clark: What are those?
Lana: Clark, these photos are of my mom and some guy.
Clark: Maybe he was an old boyfriend.
Lana: (checks the date) They were taken when my parents were already married.
Clark: Maybe it was just a friend. (awkward silence)
Lana: I'm sure you're right.
Lex: (walks up) Right about what?
Clark: The mystery man with Lana's mother.
Lex: (sees the photos) Hey, they make an attractive couple.
Lana: (looks at him, then at Clark, followed by an awkward silence)
Lex: And there could be a million explanations. Who do you think it is?
Lana: I don't know, but I'll bet Nell does.
Lex: Then mystery solved. I wish they were all this easy. (looks at Clark)
Clark: Well, it's-- uh-- it's late, we should get to school.
Lex: You know I'm heading that way if you need a lift.
Lana: I'm okay, I got the first two periods off.
Lex: Clark?
Clark: No I was just gonna-- run.
Lana: (stares at him)
Lex: Well I don't think you can outrun my Porsche, Clark.
Lana: (laughs)

Lex: Hey. I got a message you wanted to see me? Is everything alright?
Lana: I was wondering if you could do me a favor.
Lex: I take it Nell couldn't identify the mystery man?
Lana: She could. She wouldn't tell me anything. I just-- I wanna know who it is.
Lex: Well, that shouldn't be hard to find, but coming to terms with it could prove to be more complicated.
Lana: What do you mean?
Lex: Come on, you know the story of Pandora. She was given a box by Zeus and warned never to open it. She couldn't resist the temptation.
Lana: I'm not afraid of the truth Lex.
Lex: Neither was Pandora, but once the box was opened, it could never be closed and all the misery she released could never be put back.
Lana: I appreciate the warning, and anything you can tell me.

Clark: (walks into the Torch) Hey Chloe.
Chloe: Hey Clark. Oh! Clark, you might want to disappear for the next hour or so.
Clark: Why's that?
Chloe: Because I'm about to interview your new best-friend, Principal Reynolds.
Clark: Oh. Thanks for the heads up.

Mr. Reynolds: That's quite an assumption, Ms Sullivan.
Chloe: (nervously) Uh, Principal Reynolds... I was just um-- running through various scenarios, you know, wild theories and stuff-- I'm shutting up now.
Mr. Reynolds: Well don't. I like my students thinking outside the box. I've been reading some back-issues of the Torch. I see a lot of creativity and insight there.
Chloe: (surprised) You're kidding.
Mr. Reynolds: Well I verify insight. But many has sprung from the seeds of wild theories. Just make sure you can back them up and that'll be the difference between writing trash for the Inquisitor and reporting for the Daily Planet.

Clark: (about Chrissy) It's like she's feeding off their youth to stay eternally young.
Chloe: It takes the Peter Pan complex to a whole new level.

Martha: Clark, you've had quite a week. Anymore fallouts from school?
Clark: Spirit-Week is officially over.
Martha: Aww, I'm sorry to hear that.
Clark: The Principal's going to be okay. He actually warned me about being late when they were loading him in the ambulance.

Clark: (sees Lana coming) Lana.
Lana: Working on something important.
Clark: Just finished my essay.
Lana: So where are you going to be in five years.
Clark: In college probably studying journalism.
Lana: You're kidding.
Clark: Don't tell Chloe but I think it's growing on me. I like to find the truth behind things. I'm tired of having secrets in my life.

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