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Clark admiring the cape.

A red cape alluding to Superman's eventual outfit has been shown or hinted at several times over the course of the series.




Clark: Pete, did you see that guy?
Pete: What guy?
Clark: How could you miss him? He had a big red cape on!
Season Three, Slumber

Rachel: I wanted to say goodbye. But don't worry --I'll be back for the sequel. (gives Clark a red cape)
Clark: What's this?
Rachel: Thanks — for showing me Smallville had more to offer than a tax break. It's a little something from the movie. Every hero needs one. I signed on to Warrior Angel for publicity and a paycheck, but after meeting you, I'm starting to believe that heroes really do exist.
Season Seven, Action

Clark: Oliver, I have no doubt that your parents would be proud of the person you've become. Except for one thing, and it's just a piece of friendly advice. Don't even wear that cape again... It looked ridiculous.
Oliver: Really? I kind of liked it. Sure helped with the aerodynamics. You should give it a try.
Clark: (chuckling) Not in this lifetime.
Season Eight, Identity


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