Raymond "Ray" Sacks is the corrupt former District Attorney of Metropolis.

Season Nine

Sacks was highly against the actions of the Blur. After noticing the capture of undercover cops, he reached the boiling point when The Blur seemed to have caused the power to go out all over Metropolis. When the power did come back, he issued a press conference demanding the Blur to revealed himself and show he truly is a vigilante. However, just as Clark Kent was about to step forward, Lois Lane interrupted the DA's speech and gave the citizens a heartfelt message that the Blur needs to stay confidential knowing who he really is and telling him the best way to the city's light is to stay under secrecy.

Sacks holds a press conference.

Feeling outraged, Sacks coerced Lois into believing the Blur had sent her a rose to meet her on the rooftop of the Daily Planet. Lois was shocked to discover that the message was from Sacks, and he insisted that she tell him the identity of the Blur. Lois refused, and Sacks decided to fix the problem and tried to kill her. Lois believed the city would never believe him, yet Sacks quickly said that the Blur would be at fault after spray-painting the rooftop with the Blur's symbol. He called out to his henchmen to grab Lois and throw her over the roof. He believed she was dead, but Lois had grabbed hold of the flagpole of the building. Eventually, Zan and Jayna helped Clark save Lois after she had lost her grip and also stopped Sacks from escaping as Janya turned into a dog.

Sacks at his "Welcome Home" party.

Afterward, Lois mentioned to Clark that the corrupt Sacks was locked behind bars.

Sacks was released from his life sentence in prison, which prompted an investigation from the Daily Planet. Sacks was still out to expose The Blur so he offered a two million dollar reward for anyone who could get him a picture of The Blur. He was later confronted by Lois Lane outside his favorite pizza joint, who threatened to have him locked up once again for her attempted murder. He then told her that he would be fine, because this time no one would find her body, and he wouldn't be the killer, one of his men would do it. He then left in a limo, not knowing that Lois was saved by The Blur. While holding a welcome home party at Maxwell's, a photographer arrived with a picture of the mysterious hero. But before Sacks had a chance to see the picture, Lois Lane staged a fake fight, with the unknowing help of Clark Kent, and destroyed the picture. Later, it was revealed that Sacks was working with the Black King of Checkmate, Maxwell Lord, to abduct witnesses of The Blur and use their memories to uncover his identity and eliminate him, along with every other metahuman in Metropolis. Sacks was given the Black Knight chess piece as token of his initiation into the government Agency and while examining it, he was knocked out by Clark Kent, who crushed the chess piece. His fate after that is unknown.


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