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"Make a meal of it, Lane!" - Randall Brady to Lois Lane, Metallo

Randall Brady is the City Editor for the Daily Planet.

Season Eight

Randall refuses to publish Lois' story without proof.

Randall was coming out of his office when he was approached by Linda Lake. She offered him a story to publish but he was not concerned with her story, claiming that she should take up another career as hers as a journalist is over. She said it was about Clark Kent and he published the story, with it about Clark killing Lex Luthor He confronts Lois for not realizing the truth about Clark before anyone else and then handed a copy of the article of Linda in her desk.

When Lois tries to enhance her career, she takes him out of an important banquet of the Society of Press to give him his new article about a new heroine in town calling itself Stiletto. He gives her a small row on page ten of the newspaper, so Lois feels slighted. Randall refused to publish the story without a photograph or proof and recommends Lois to get one.

Season Nine

Randall turns into a Zombie

When an incident occurred at the Metropolis General Hospital, Brady intended to entrust the job to the new recruit John Corben. But after not finding him at his workplace, Randall decided to give it to Lois, who became upset for being his second choice. He told her to get a good story and left the office.

Later, Randall was infected with a zombie virus released by Kryptonians and attacked Lois at the offices of the Daily Planet when she tried to give him his new story about Tess Mercer.

Randall assigned Lois a story about The Blur after a series of botched saves by Zan and Jayna. (Idol) She told Randall that she was not his "Blur Girl" on this story, but he insisted on assigning her to the piece.



  • He became the City Editor of the planet following the death of Grant Gabriel.
  • In an alternate timeline, he promoted Lois Lane after the story she wrote on Clark Kent's alien heritage and time as the Red-Blue Blur.
  • Randall appeared again in Idol after being infected with the zombie virus in Rabid. This showed that he was cured along with the rest of Metropolis by the antidote created from Clark Kent's blood.
  • Stephen Lobo appeared as Jim Corrigan/The Spectre in the Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event.