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"Rage" is the seventh episode in the sixth season of Smallville, and the one hundred-seventeenth episode overall. It aired on November 9, 2006.


Clark discovers the Green Arrow was shot while trying to save a couple from a carjacking, but when he goes to investigate, Oliver denies he was injured.


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Clark is stunned at Oliver's change in behavior.

Lois and Oliver are in his apartment making out when she ducks away for a few minutes to change her clothes. While she is gone, Oliver hears a couple being carjacked and changes into his Green Arrow gear to go rescue them. He fights the thugs, but one of them sneaks up and shoots him in the upper chest. Lois is confused when she can't find Oliver.

The next day, Clark and Martha are getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner. Clark is sad because it was his dad's favorite holiday. Martha assures him that they will still have plenty to be thankful for because they are inviting their closest friends. Lois arrives and says she is breaking up with Oliver because he disappeared on her again last night. She also announces that the Green Arrow was shot last night; a witness saw him bleeding in the street. Clark goes to check on Oliver, but he denies being injured. His behavior is erratic and short-tempered and he tells Clark to leave him alone. As he is standing in the elevator, Clark uses his X-ray vision to see through the door and witnesses Oliver injecting something into his arm.


Dr. Black tries to warn Oliver to stop taking the drug.

Lana tells Lex that she wants to donate volunteer time to a halfway house sponsored by LuthorCorp. Saying he is concerned for her safety, Lex is resistant to the idea and tells her to pick another project.

Clark goes to tell Chloe about Oliver's potential drug use. He leaves quickly when he inadvertently runs into Lana, who is meeting Chloe for lunch. Lana explains how Lex has been secretive since they move in together and she correctly starts to wonder if the honesty was just a facade to win her trust and loyalty, but she faints in the middle of their conversation. She wakes up immediately and asks Chloe not to worry or tell anybody. Chloe reluctantly agrees. Lana later goes to the doctor and tells him her symptoms.

Oliver is seen visiting a woman, Dr. Pamela Black, who has been working on a drug called RL65, which Oliver has been taking to speed up healing properties. She tells him that she is through with the project because the results are dangerous and the test mice are showing adverse side effects. He tells her that he is paying her, so she is not allowed to quit.


Lionel and Martha have an awkward moment.

Clark goes back to Queen Tower and finds a vial and takes it to Chloe for analysis. Lois also goes, looking for Oliver, but instead finds the Green Arrow. He knocks her back into a glass table, then runs off. Lois calls 911 and is taken to the hospital. Oliver encounters one of the thugs again and he admits that he got the drug from a doctor at the halfway house that LuthorCorp sponsors.


Oliver and Lex shoot each other.

Lionel goes to tell Martha that he will not come to Thanksgiving dinner and they discuss what is happening between them. Lionel impulsively leans in to kiss her and Martha is surprised. Embarrassed, he leaves abruptly. Later, Martha goes to Lionel's office to discuss what happened. She tells him that she knows there is something between them, but she is not ready to figure out what it is. However, she values their relationship and really wants him to join them for dinner. Lionel accepts.

Clark goes to visit Lois and she remarks that she is worried about Oliver. Clark is, too, and with Chloe's help, they track down the maker of the drug. They find Dr. Black dead and realize that Oliver and Lex are at each other again, fighting over the drug. Chloe thinks the Green Arrow killed Dr. Black but Clark does not want to believe this. Thinking Lex is Oliver's next target, he goes to the mansion to find him. He only finds Lana, however, who is sitting by the fireplace trying not to cry. They share a tender moment and Clark pleads with her to tell him what's wrong, but she doesn't.


Lana confesses her secret to Chloe.

Oliver finds Lex in his office and they argue. They wind up shooting each other, but Oliver has a vial of the drug and cures himself. Clark arrives and is horrified to see Lex seriously injured at Oliver's hand. Oliver tells him to just let Lex die and Clark finally knocks him away, hard. He injects Lex with the drug, but it doesn't seem to work. However, to Clark's relief, Lex wakes up. In the meantime Green Arrow silently leaves.


Thanksgiving at the Kents'.

Clark goes to visit Oliver in his penthouse to see if he is all right. They discuss Oliver's addiction. At the end, Oliver says he is thankful about who he is and the abilities he has; Clark says the same thing.

Lana goes to visit Chloe and confesses that she regrets all her decisions over the past few months, ultimately admitting that she is pregnant. Chloe looks surprised and sympathetic and hugs her tightly.

Thanksgiving Day, Oliver shows up at the Kent farm and asks for Lois' forgiveness and they get back together. Chloe avoids Clark's questions about Lana and he avoids her questions about the Green Arrow. Clark takes over Jonathan's turkey-carving duties and keeps the Kent family tradition of announcing what they are thankful for. They enjoy a pleasant dinner with family and friends.

At the Luthor Mansion, Lana and Lex dine with little conversation in a stuffy, overly-formal dinner. Lana looks miserable and Lex is seemingly oblivious to her discomfort.






Featured Music[]

  • "Cain and Able" - Josh Kelley


  • Rage refers to a fit of violent anger.
  • The title is a reference to the side effect of taking RL65 which causes the user to undergo fits of "rage".


  • Antagonist: The RL65 drug
  • Clark uses the following abilities: X-Ray Vision, Telescopic vision, Super-Speed, Super-Strength.
  • Oliver uses the following trick arrows: Electric
  • It seems odd that Oliver, as a man of considerable wealth, would not have incorporated some type of protective body armor to help shield him in case he is shot and/or killed during one of his nights fighting criminals, as happens in this episode. Instead, his Green Arrow suit seems to offer little or no protection for its wearer in combat situations, forcing Oliver to rely on the RL65 to keep himself alive while fighting.
  • Oliver compares himself to Clark, saying that Clark would never take another's life, while he came in an inch of doing just that, after which he says he's not even in the same league as Clark. Clearly this is a reference to later being in the Justice League together.
  • Chloe is happily sitting next to Lionel Luthor at the dinner table, despite the fact that he tried to kill her and her father in Covenant, and later sent an assassin after her. The changed nature of their relationship is considered a plot-hole which is never addressed in the show. However, this may be a result of the protection Lionel tried to offer Chloe on Dark Thursday and how both Lionel and Chloe have worked together to help Clark in the recent year.
  • A shot of the Luthor mansion at night shows a shooting star flying behind the house.
  • This episode marks the 44th appearance of Clark's red jacket and blue shirt outfit, which he wears frequently throughout the series.

In Other Media[]

  • Oliver's addiction to a super drug is a reference to his sidekick Roy Harper/Speedy's heroin problems in the comics.
  • The healing factor may be based on Connor Hawke/Green Arrow II, son of Oliver Queen/original Green Arrow.


  • The working title of this episode was Indestructible.[1]
  • This is Smallville's first Thanksgiving episode.
  • This episode doesn't have a "Guest Starring" credit after the opening credits. Instead, there's just "Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen" followed by the regular episode production credits. Making this Hartley's only episode in the season as a series regular.
  • This is the first episode in which Lionel Luthor and Lois Lane have shared a scene since the Season Four premiere Crusade, aside from a brief moment in Season Five's Reckoning where they are both seen at Jonathan Kent's funeral and another such moment where they both attended a fundraiser in Arrow.


  • Jimmy tells Chloe he is spending Thanksgiving at his mother's house though he reveals two years later in Committed that his mother left when he was young and hasn't seen her since. It is possible that he spent Thanksgiving instead with his father and brother.


  • Lana asks Clark if he ever wished he could go back in time and everything would be different. Ironically, he did just that in Reckoning.



Lana: Do you ever wish that you could go back in time and... everything would be different?
Clark: All the time.

Oliver: Apparently, you were too busy using your powers to bale hay than to realize that there was a crime wave in Metropolis. Let me ask you a question: are you ever gonna get off your ass and finally do something for a change?
Clark: I didn't come here to be insulted.
Oliver: Well you know what? There's the door, Clark. I don't remember you being invited.

Lana: Chloe... I'm pregnant.
Chloe: ... Okay.

Oliver: (to Dr. Black) I'm not a mouse-- I feel fine.

Lex: What do you think is faster, an arrow or a bullet?
Green Arrow: There's only one way to find out.

Oliver: What happened to all the lectures about guys with secret identities not being able to handle relationships?
Clark: Truth is you and I are different, and Lois isn't Lana. If you two are meant to be together, then who am I to stand in the way?


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