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"Rachel Davenport is not just a star. She's practically her own constellation."
Chloe Sullivan

Rachel Davenport is a famous Hollywood actress who starred in the Warrior Angel movie filmed around Smallville, including at the Kent Farm and the Talon.

Early life

Rachel began her acting career on a medical drama (which she described as "two seasons of bad memories"), and quickly rose to A-List status. She was later casted as the female lead in the new Warrior Angel movie based on the popular comicbook series, playing the superhero protagonist's tragic girlfriend Penelope, who was killed by the supervillian Devilicus in the comics but survived in the movie script.

Season Seven

"I've only seen love like that once in my life."
— Rachel Davenport

During her visit to Smallville for the Warrior Angel film shooting, Rachel notoriously refused to do any press interviews, but was followed by many eager journalists (among them Chloe Sullivan) hoping to change her mind.

The Warrior Angel filming took place all throughout Smallville, including the Kent Farm and the Talon. Clark Kent agreed to let the production company use his family farm for filming, and although he disliked the publicity, he was polite and attended the filming of some of Rachel's scenes.

Clark saves Rachel from Ben Meyer's first attempt.

During one film scene, Rachel was shown making a phone call and then speeding away in a car, when the accelerator surged and the brakes failed. The directors yelled cut and didn't know why Rachel drove so far out of sight. Using his super hearing, Clark heard Rachel call for help. Just as her car flipped over and she was thrown out, he super-sped in to catch her safely and save her life from the ensuing explosion.

Rachel later requested Clark's presence on the set at the Talon to formally thank him for saving her life. Clark brought Chloe along and asked if she would be willing to give her an interview. Rachel accepted as a token of appreciation, but Chloe instead informed her that there had been more than a mere mechanical malfunction on the set the previous day; the brake line had been cut and the only "accident" was that Clark saved her life.

Clark and Rachel are interrupted while "rehearsing lines".

After learning that there was somebody trying to kill Rachel, Clark offered her a safe getaway from the media and, hopefully, from her would-be-assassin. While staying at the farm, Clark watched over her. Rachel seemed comfortable at the farm, and even used the time alone with Clark to attempt to seduce him by rehearsing lines from a romantic scene together. The two were interrupted, however, by Lana Lang.

Clark continued to watch over Rachel and saved her from being shot with a live bullet rather than a blank during the filming. Though he used his super-speed, to stop the bullet, he opened his palm in plain sight to reveal the bullet and was spotted by Ben Meyers, a production assistant for the film.

Rachel had to move out of the Kent Farm after the paparazzi located her. She next stayed at Queen Tower and Lana Lang kept her company.

After Chloe did some research, she came up with a lead in the car accident. She tracked down an angry blogger who was upset that the film-makers were not being faithful to the comicbook's storyline concerning Warrior Angel's girlfriend, who died in the comics.

Using a taser, Ben knocks Rachel unconscious.

After receiving a threatening letter from the assassin, Clark realized that he would attack Lana to try and force Clark to expose his own powers. He then rushed to Queen Tower to find Rachel unconscious, but alive. After checking on Rachel, Clark saved Lana from falling to her death.

Once the assassin's identity was revealed as Meyers, Rachel was safe and the filming crew wrapped up their work. Before leaving, Rachel gave Clark a red cape from the film as a parting gift and a token of her appreciation, and said that she was grateful to have met Clark, because he made her believe that "heroes really do exist". She also said that she would return "for the sequel", and told Lana that "there is something special about this one... Hold on to him".

Season Eleven

In the television program Good Morning Metropolis, the male host asks how Rachel "lost all that baby weight?", indicating that she had had a baby recently.


  • Rachel states that she "signed onto Warrior Angel for publicity and a paycheck". It is well known that Marlon Brando, who played Jor-El in the first Superman film, signed onto the film for the same reason.
  • Cristina Milian is a huge comicbook fan and lobbied for the role of Wonder Woman to director George Miller in Justice League: Mortal[1], which fell in development hell and would be the live-action debut of the team. She also was reportedly unaware that the gift Rachel would give Clark at the end of the episode was a red cape.