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R.A.O. Incorporated was a leading company in solar energy created by Major Zod. Its stated goal was to change the world using solar technology striving for the future. In 2010, it partnered with LuthorCorp to form solar towers to power Metropolis.

Known Members

Season Nine

Tess introduces the solar Tower

Zod created R.A.O. Incorporated to use solar energy as a means to find a way to get his natural powers under a yellow sun. He planned for it to be bought by LuthorCorp so that they would be able to finance a project that Zod had planned: a self sustaining solar tower needing no outside energy sources.

The Kandorian soldiers masqueraded as construction workers and scientists to have this tower constructed with the help of LuthorCorp and Metropolis's construction crew. Faora and Alia were amongst them.

After Clark Kent recovered from the effects of gemstone kryptonite, he used concentrated power of his heat vision to bring the tower crumbling down. However, among the wreckage, a Kryptonian-like crystal console was found intact. Tess Mercer managed to find it in the ruins and took it to the crow's nest that Clark goes to to look over the city in Metropolis.



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