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The Queens

The Queen family are a prominent American family from Star City, who own the powerful Queen Industries. The Queens are very influential in both the business world and upper class society due to their corporation's technological and financial prowess.

Known Members


  • Robert Queen was the husband of Laura Queen, father of Oliver Queen, and paternal grandfather of Jonathan Queen. He was the founder of Queen Industries and a founding member of Veritas. He died in a plane crash in 1989 along with his wife.
  • Laura Queen was the wife of Robert Queen, mother of Oliver Queen, and paternal grandmother of Jonathan Queen. She died in a plane crash in 1989 along with her husband.
  • Oliver Queen is the son of Robert and Laura Queen, husband of Chloe Sullivan-Queen, and father of Jonathan Queen. He is the current CEO of Queen Industries, the founding member of the Justice League under the alias "Green Arrow", and was once briefly a majority shareholder of LuthorCorp through a merger.
  • Chloe Sullivan-Queen is the wife of Oliver Queen, and the mother of Jonathan Queen. She was also once a core member of Oliver's team of superhero vigilantes under the alias "Watchtower".
  • Jonathan Queen is the son of Oliver Queen and Chloe Sullivan-Queen, and grandson of Robert and Laura Queen.

Extended Families

  • Sullivan family is the parental family of Chloe Sullivan-Queen.
    • Gabe Sullivan is the father of Chloe, father-in-law of Oliver Queen, and maternal grandfather of Jonathan Queen.
    • Moira Sullivan is the mother of Chloe, mother-in-law of Oliver Queen, and maternal grandmother of Jonathan Queen.

Other Realities

  • Oliver Queen was a native of Earth-2 and husband of Lois Queen.
  • Lois Queen (née Lane) was a native of Earth-2, the widow of the Oliver Queen of her Earth and the cousin of Chloe Sullivan.
  • An Unnamed woman was a native of Earth-2. She was the mother of the Oliver Queen of Earth-2. With Oliver's father, she was murdered by the Lionel Luthor of Earth-2.
  • An Unnamed man was a native of Earth-2. He was the father of the Oliver Queen of Earth-2. With Oliver's mother, he was murdered by the Lionel Luthor of Earth-2.


A prominent and wealthy family. Robert Queen married Laura, prior to the birth of their son Oliver in 1980. Both Robert and Laura were involved with Dr. Virgil Swann's Veritas Society along with the Luthor family and Teague family. Their dedication to welcome the prophecied Traveler resulted in their deaths in a plane crash plotted by Lionel Luthor in 1989,[1] which left Oliver an orphan.

Upon returning to Star City after being marooned on a remote island and presumed dead for years, Oliver re-obtained the ownership of Queen Industries and assumed the image of a billionaire playboy, all whilst secretly patrolling the night streets and fighting crimes under the disguise of a green leather-clad archer. After Dark Thursday, Oliver came to Metropolis to surveillance the activities of Lex Luthor, resulting in the formation of a vigilante team including Bart Allen, Arthur Curry, Victor Stone and Dinah Lance, whose interventions significantly hindered Lex's Level 33.1 operations.

After Lex's apparent demise in 2008, Oliver attempted a merger to acquire LuthorCorp through collaboration of his old flame Tess Mercer, though it was disrupted when a disgruntled former employee bombed the board meeting. Oliver's Queen Industries assets were instrumental in fighting Zod's alien invaders in 2009, but it also put him directly within the United States Government's crosshairs, resulting in multiple kidnaps throughout 2010 first by Checkmate and then by the Suicide Squad and DDS's VRA enforcers under Wilson and Trotter. After publicly revealing his Green Arrow identity in 2011, Oliver married his colleague Chloe Sullivan,[2] and moved back to Star City. Together they had a son named Jonathan Queen a year later after the Crisis ended.[3]

In the Comics

In the continuity of DC Comics, Oliver's parents are named Robert and Moira Queen, and first appeared in Green Arrow Annual Vol 2 #7 (November, 1995). With Shado, Oliver Queen have a son named Robert, who first appeared in Green Arrow Vol 2 #21 (August, 1989). Oliver also have a son named Connor Hawke (with Sandra Hawke), who first appeared in Green Arrow Vol 2 #0 (October, 1994). After the death of Oliver Queen, Connor Hawke took up the mantle of Green Arrow. Futhermore, Oliver adopted Roy Harper (the original Speedy), who first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 (November, 1941). Roy Harper has a daughter, named Lian, who first appeared in New Teen Titans Vol 2 #21 (June, 1986).


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