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Queen Tower is the Metropolis headquarters for Queen Industries and the home of CEO Oliver Queen. It is also the base of operations for Oliver's crime-fighting as the Green Arrow in Metropolis.

Oliver lives and works in the loft of Queens Tower. He has his offices in the loft itself, and his personal apartment in an upper level accessed by a staircase and elevator. He has a hidden chamber behind his office where he keeps his arsenal of arrows and weapons, along with his Green Arrow outfit.

The loft can be accessed by an elevator, which is commonly used by Oliver's visitors. Oliver frequently performs strength training at his loft in order to be more successful as Green Arrow. Clark Kent used to come around whenever it was necessary to talk to Oliver, and Lois Lane would often stop by when Lois and Oliver were dating.

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The Loft

Oliver's loft was the tower's largest room, and the room most frequently seen on the show. The loft was usually entered by the elevator and arranged with various items of furniture. Oliver's desk had stairs behind it to reach the second level and the balcony. Up the stairs was a platform, and to the back of the platform was a large glass clock, behind which was Green Arrow's equipment. Monitors were stationed all over the loft and are retractable, as seen in Justice.


Season Six

  • Lionel visits Oliver at Queen Tower to find out if he was involved with Lex's disappearance (Sneeze)
  • Lois visits Queen Tower to apologize for her rudeness (Wither)
  • As Oliver and Lois grow closer he takes her back to Queen Tower after a night out (Arrow)
  • Shortly after a class reunion in 2006, Duncan Allenmeyer tried to kill Lex Luthor and Oliver Queen at Queen Tower. Luckily, Clark managed to intervene in the very last second and the astral projection of Duncan Allenmeyer disappeared (Reunion).
  • Oliver becomes addicted to a drug that heals his wounds, which Lex discovers and wants it for himself so goes to Queen Tower to confront him. They shoot each other but both use the drug to cure themselves. (Rage)
  • Oliver teaches Lois yoga in his loft and then they start making out until Lois discovers a healing wound on his arm and begins to suspect a connection to Green Arrow (Hydro).
  • The Justice League meet at Queen Tower (Justice)
  • Kal also jumped from the rooftop of the Daily Planet to the rooftop of Queen Tower, while holding Lois Lane (Crimson).
  • Clark hid Moira Sullivan from Lex Luthor at Queen Tower. Clark told Moira all about her daughter Chloe as she slowly slid back into her coma (Progeny).

Season Seven

  • In October 2007, Lana Lang used the tower as a hideaway for herself and Rachel Davenport. They were eventually found by Ben Meyers who pushed Lana off the far edge of the balcony. Lana would have fallen to death, if Clark hadn't leaped after her and caught her (Action).
  • Clark hid his biological mother Lara-El here, in the hopes that Zor-El wouldn't be able to find her. Lara gave Clark Jor-El's victory ring, and he put it on in Queen Tower, losing his powers. Kara told her father Zor-El where Lara was hiding, and Zor-El came to Queen Tower to kidnap Lara and attack Clark and Lana (Blue).
  • Lana hid here from Bizarro when he returned, but he found her anyway and tried to convince her that he was the real Clark and to leave with him. Lana realized he was Bizarro when she saw his face change to stone in the sunlight. She text messaged Clark that she was in trouble and he rushed there with blue kryptonite. Clark got knocked out and Lana used the Blue K to overload Bizarro and destroy him, while his last words to her were "I love you." (Persona).
  • Oliver returned to Smallville and fought Black Canary, who then becomes his ally (Siren)


  • Since Oliver left Smallville to head up his hero team assault on Level 33.1, he has apparently given access to Queen Tower to his friend, Clark Kent. Because not many people know of the connection between Oliver and Clark, Clark has often used the apartment to hide people and keep them safe. (Crimson)
  • Oliver's penthouse apartment was re-dressed for the Ace of Clubs set.
  • Despite not being seen for nearly 2 seasons, Oliver's loft was mentioned by Clark in Roulette when he and Lois are looking for Oliver at his new office (and assumed home) at LuthorCorp plaza Clark says they checked his jet and loft.


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