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Lex examines Project Scion.

Project Scion is a LuthorCorp project that researched and studied alien activity involving a mysterious black liquid, later revealed to be a primordial version of Brainiac. The headquarters of the project were at LuthorCorp Plant Number Four.

Lex Luthor created this project because he believed the project would protect Earth from upcoming threats, particularly aliens.[1] [citation needed]

Season Six

The liquid was formed from the ashes of the Kryptonian black box. According to the head of the project, Dr. Jansen, the liquid was alive and it wanted to escape from the vial it was in. To prevent the liquid from escaping, the vial also contained meteor rock. Lex hid the project in a vault concealed behind a picture frame, but Lana was watching from her surveillance system.

Season Seven

With her newly acquired superpowers, Lana broke into the vault with her heat vision and stole a file on Project Scion. She attempted to expose the project by having the Daily Planet write an article about it, but Grant Gabriel refused to accept stolen evidence. Enraged, she strangled Gabriel and kicked Lois through a window. Lois told Clark and Chloe about Lana's mention of Project Scion, but they couldn't seem to find any information about it.

The liquid flows into a lab technician.

Lana tracked Lex down demanded to know the location of the Project's headquarters. He took her and showed her the Project, but Lana tried to kill him. Clark stopped Lana from killing Lex. During their battle, the vial containing the black liquid and meteor rock fell, and Clark smashed it. The liquid seemed to slither away on its own. Lex tried to find the missing liquid, but after he left it appeared to enter a female lab technician, Casey Brock.

As a result, Casey Brock was incapacitated. She showed symptoms of all the trace metals drained from her body and remained in a trance-like state, muttering strange sounds, later identified by Bizarro as Kryptonian. She eventually died as a result of the liquid inhibiting her body.


  • In Season Ten, there's an episode named Scion; however, it has no association with Project Scion.


  1. Referenced numerous times by Lex Luthor throughout Season Six and Season Seven.