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Clark is connected to Lex by a Project Intercept apparatus.

Project Intercept was designed to find a way to retrieve information from others' memories without the consent or knowledge of the person from which the information was retrieved.

Powers and Abilities

The exit.

LuthorCorp was successful in creating an apparatus which connects an interrogator to the host's mind. However, when the interrogator is engaged, his health is also connected to the host's. The apparatus creates an interface in which the interrogator experiences the connection by perceiving the host's mind as a building inside which he or she is. When the interrogator enters a room, he experiences one of the host's memories as if he was there when it happened. The interrogator can change his point of view by moving, but people in the memory can not see the interrogator. To exit the host's mind, the interrogator must go through a red door.

Season Seven

Clark in Lex's mind watching Lex and Kara

Clark Kent used this apparatus to enter Lex Luthor's mind to find out the location of his cousin, Kara Kent.

While inside Lex's mind, Clark met a boy who called himself Alexander, Lex's good side. He told Clark that the evil side of Lex was trying to kill him. Alexander took Clark downstairs to the basement and hid him in a room that Lex never visited, which suggests that Lex has suppressed memories from traumatic events.

Eventually Clark found a room with a memory of Kara and used the knowledge he gained to rescue Kara from Finley.

Season Nine

Tess using Project Intercept to enter Lois's mind

Tess Mercer used this apparatus to enter Lois Lane's to find out what she remembered from her trip into the future.

Tess learned that Zod had lied to her about the true meaning of the Solar tower she was about to have build, and that she would be shot by Chloe due to her cooperation with Zod. When Tess left Lois's mind, she ordered Stuart Campbell to erase Lois's memory. He refused to do so, and Tess shot him.

Clark came to rescue Lois, but accidentally connected himself to Lois's memories and learned what would happen if he did not prevent the solar tower from being put into operation. He and Lois were then attended by Dr. Emil Hamilton.

Season Eleven

Lex later uses the machine in order to tap into the memories of his sister Tess' consciousness trapped in his own mind to determine what she knows about Superman. He appears in the memory of the moment Tess was left in the care of Granny Goodness by their father. The grown Tess materializes to help young Lutessa run from their brother down a long hallway. They manage to barricade themselves behind a door. As Lex approaches, he is called to a red door to exit the procedure. Otis informs Lex of an attack on the city that would interest him.

Later, Lex employs the machine to confront Tess and reveal that his team of neurosurgeons has discovered the area of his brain where her consciousness resides. He makes her an offer: tell him everything she knows about Superman or he will have the doctors damage that part of his brain, effectively killing her off. Tess rejects his ultimatum. Lex awakes and tells the doctors to prepare to perform their procedure the next morning.

Meanwhile, following the arrival and subsequent death of her doppelgänger from Earth-2, Chloe Sullivan is concerned with decrypting an ominous warning by her counterpart of "the Crisis" that is coming. Recalling Clark's use of the Project Intercept machine to locate Kara, Chloe devises a plan to use the device to tap into her counterpart's mind for answers. She enlists Emil Hamilton's help to steal the machine from LexCorp. After bribing LexCorp's guards, Oliver and Lois steals the components and plans of the device. After Hamilton put it together with upgrades using technologies from Clark and Victor Fries, Chloe links her mind to her deceased counterpart's, resulting her possesses some of her double's memories afterward.