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Precognition is the ability to perceive information (sometimes coherent or indicative) about the future before it happens.

Known Precognitives


  • Two out of the six precognitives are known to have gained their powers from kryptonite exposure. Both of these precogs need to touch people in order to see the future.
  • It is unknown how Ezra Small gained his ability to see the future.
  • Precognitives have only been used for evil once by a villain; in the online comic Smallville: Visions, Lex Luthor attempted to prevent his eventual death by forcing Jordan Cross to see his future.
  • Lex Luthor's future is so horrifying that it has caused death or unconsciousness in both precognitives that he's touched: Jordan Cross and Cassandra Carver.
  • According to Jordan, Clark Kent was one of the only people who could change a future once Jordan had seen it.
  • Jor-El (as an artificial entity) was able to show Clark Kent what his future would have been like, if his ship had not made it to Earth. While not technically precognition, it displays an ability to manipulate time and the future that goes well beyond precognition.
  • Clark Kent appeared to have a precognitive dream predicting the 2005 meteor shower in Commencement.

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