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PreClox was a company created by Lionel Luthor in 2011.

Early History

After his "daughter" Tess Mercer kicked him out of LuthorCorp, Lionel used his unlimited funds to start the genetic engineering company based from his "son" Lex Luthor's projects. Using PreClox, Lionel attempted to complete one of those projects of reviving Lex within the composite clone LX-Ø that Lex had created from his imperfect duplicates's best pieces yet lacked a heart. Originally, Lionel had hoped to use Conner Kent's heart for LX-Ø but couldn't due to Conner being hidden.

Season Ten

While Darkseid's planet was approaching Earth, Lionel's PreClox thugs kidnapped Tess. When she awoke after being drugged, Tess met Lionel in his PreClox lab where he revealed how he intended to use Tess's heart to restore Lex. However, Tess broke free, knocked out the doctors and the guards, shot Lionel in the chest and escaped. After Lionel desperately crawled to Lex, Darkseid appeared and offered again to make a deal with Lionel. When Lionel sold his own soul to Darkseid, Darkseid ripped out Lionel's heart and put it in Lex's clone. After Lionel's deal with Darkseid went through, Lex awoke restored within the composite clone in PreClox's lab.


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