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Alan Scott's power ring.

A power ring is a piece of jewelry that bestowes the wielder special powers.

Powers and Abilities

All known variations of power rings can create solid constructs out of energy. It allows the wearer to create force fields, fly and even travel through space.[1][2]

Alan Scott's ring


Alan's mask, ring and power battery on display.

In his youth, Alan Scott acquired a power ring under unknown circumstances. With it, Alan become a costumed vigilante known as the "Green Lantern". After he decided operating as the Green Lantern, Alan left his ring at the JSA Brownstone.[3][4]

Green Lantern Corps rings


Created for the members of the Green Lantern Corps. After a member perished, the power ring would automatically seek out a new wearer, regardless if the wearer consented. In 2012, Clark Kent was selected as the Green Lantern of Sector 2813. However, S.T.A.R. Labs scientists Adam Strange and Jessica Palmer found a way to reboot the power rings. Liberating any Green Lantern who no longer wished to be a member of the Corps.[1]

Yellow Lantern Corps rings


The rings were created by the Guardians of the Universe, during the Parallax War. While the Green power rings were powered by will power, the yellow rings were powered by fear.[1]

After the war, several Manhunters incorporated the yellow power rings into them. Those Manhunters proved nearly unstoppable to the Green Lanterns, but Clark Kent (with his Kryptonian powers) managed to destroy them. When Parallax attacked Earth, he sent numerous yellow power rings to the planet, seeking out suitable hosts. When Jessica Palmer and Adam Strange rebooted the Green power rings, they also rebooted the yellow power rings, deactivating them.[1]

However, several were acquired by Lex Luthor, who tried to create his own force with them. In the end, Lex's men turned on him, so Lex made the yellow power rings self-destruct and killing the men.[5]

Blue Lantern Corps rings


Little is known about the history of the Blue power rings. Powered by hope, at least one existed by 2012, when the Blue Lantern Saint Walker came to Earth to help in the "Crisis". After he was killed, Barbara Gordon was selected as the new wearer of his ring.[2]

In the Comics

The power ring wielded by Alan Scott was the Starheart. An item created by the Guardians of the Galaxy, to contain magic that they had collected. It became self-aware and made its way to Earth, where it eventually was fashioned into a lantern, that ended up in the hands of Alan Scott. Alan used part of it to create a power ring, becoming the Green Lantern. His prolonged exposure to the Starheart resulted in Alan's twin children being born with metahuman abilities.

The Green Lantern Alan Scott producing a force-field with his Power Ring's aura: New 52.


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